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Locations of visitors to this page

Subject: Alternate pokerfest locations

Hey Bart!

These fests seem to be happening in even numbered years.  
So we better do something this year or we might have to wait until 
pResident Moosellini is large and in charge (you betcha!).  

Could you ask another NORML lawyer why their site shows Colorado 
as one of the states that allows medical mary jane?  

They do have that - but you could be arrested without a prescription.
You'd think they'd make pot smoking their last priority but some cops
still want to be the hall monitor from grade school

Why would the cops try and pull that sort of thing in Breckenridge anyhow?  
Plus - I looked up the laws from the state by state chart, and it looks to me 
like Colorado's laws are not nearly as bad as most of the rest of the country.

The lawyer said it's possible that we would only be fined if we got caught
but as much as I like to gamble, my freedom doesn't go in the pot.

If Breckenridge is out, my suggestions:


Any state that allows medical merry wanna (but that includes Breckenridge).
Any city that has legalized bud (but that includes Breckenridge, and Denver, in Colorado).

LA or San Fran area or Humbolt County CA

Just let's go somewhere!  Keep on swinging the hammer...
  (: Tom  :)  the Pillar in Pontiac who loves to drive his Honda

Of those, Vegas would certainly be the least expensive. says Vegas has 75 hotels with rates starting at $19

Plus, in Vegas they don't care what you do to have fun.

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