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Locations of visitors to this page

Subject: MM  take that! you bart monkey!

Bart, I don't understand your page. Why is it you refute all that is sane? 

You have made an unsusbstatiated claim with no foundation.
You will have to be more clear before I can straighten you out.

Normal people don't need fancy websites with cartoons to discuss political discourse. 

Thank you - I always knew I was special.

It's flagrantly true that bad people are trying to kill us and now the socialists have ruined 
the minds of Americans and made them vote in this Trojan horse, all smiles and wishes, 
but instead is going to just hand us over to the most vile and treacherous people on the planet. 

Your gobbledegook isn't even light years close to making sense.
Yes, because of the Bush bastards we have Al Qaeda to worry about.
Damn, I wish Bush hadn't trained them and then pissed them off.

"The socialists" haven't done anything to anybody.
Are you getting your "facts" from Rush or Glenn Beck?

Nobody is handing anything over to anybody.
What color is the sun on the planet where you live?

Obama....Osama.... same thing with no beard. 

So - niggers and sand niggers - they're all the same to you - I get that.
But what are you so afraid of?

You're certain that some unspeakable thing is about to happen - but you don't know
what it is and you can't understand why others aren't as afraid of the future as you are.

Let me guess - you're Catholic?

His plan is to tax everyone into submission and sell everybody to the Chinese 
where we will be forced to buy their products at inflated prices! 

Dude, who told you that and why would you believe him or it?
Why don't you point to a FACT in Obama's past that can be verified that proves how dangerous and evil he is?
All you have is some absurd fear of the future and there's no logical reason to think that way.

He's taxing the super-rich at Reagan levels - are you saying Reagan was a tax-raising cocksucker?

I'm you make over $250K, then be as angry as you want.
But if you make less than $250K, why are you fighting to make things better for the super-rich?
Why not fight for you and your family, instead?

What's worse is that funny little countries will laugh at us and we will have to watch only their TV programs. 

How will I know when you say something sarcastic when every word from you is total horseshit?
Making health care work is going to ruin the TV industry?  Where do you get such hooey?

When will it end? The indignity. And what do you do? 
Make a mockery of people like me telling you that you are wrong? 

Your mental problems preceded your e-mail to me.
Tell me - did Clintons eight years of peace and prosperity piss you off, too?
Did you really like the Bush years more than the Clinton years?

Why is that? Are you a weird little man with a poodle that has mange? 

Did the orderlies give you permission to use the clinic's computer? 

Is it that bad in Okie? 
Dose the sun shine too hard on your house and cook your brains? 

It's very hot in Oklahoma.
The air conditioners can't keep up.

No, you should come to the Big City (tm) and learn the ways of the world. 
Lots of busybusybusy. 

Big cities always vote Democratic.
It's the small towns that give us deadly headaches like Reagan and the Bush bastards.

I tell you what, and how. Don't be like that Bart! I'm trying to help you. 
Ah, that face again! Keep doing that and it'll freeze like that! 
And turn that blasted TV down. You kids today dagnabit. 
Are you listening? 

Because of your wild-ass, nutty assertions, I can't tell if you'tre being funny or serious.

You hate Blacks and democracy - that's pretty obvious.

You're afraid of the future because the talk radio Nazis keep screaming "Obama is ruining our country" 
after Bush broke the military, ruined the economy and used murder, rape and torture to turn America into 
the most hated country on Earth.

Seriously - instead of telling us about Obama's secret plan to join Al Qaeda,
show me some cold, hard facts from the past or present that can't be ignored.
It's my experience that logic-hating handjobs are pretty bad at predicting the future.

Heck, I might join you if you can prove your point.

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