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Volcano Talk


I bought a Vapir Vaporizer and I'm really happy with what it's doing in a medicinal way. 
Of course, I do have a strain that seems to be very beneficial for my arthritis/gout and I know
other people up in Humboldt who have experienced the same with this strain. 

The Vapir does deliver, but whether it's the med benefit outweighing the high benefit,
I am missing something with it.  I do like the exact temp setting feature.

I've used the Volcano, and I like it for the high benefit.  The best feature is the easy filling
turkey bag that can be 20 ft long if you want .  Lots of fun when the whole crowd comes to visit,
or just make up a 2 ft long bag for sitting around in the evening.  In my experience up in Humboldt,
the Volcano probably wins for high tech, but the good old bong is still king.

I do have a Vapor Bros, that I occasionally use when I just looking to get all hopped up,
but the Volcano was better.  I might have bought the Volcano when I bought the Vapir,
but I was looking to save a few bucks and the Vapir had a smaller footprint.

Overall, I prefer the Vapir, VB, or Volcano due to its less harsh delivery.
  Eric X

I'm confused because the Volcano and the Bong don't comptete.
They are two entirely different THC delivery systems.

One involves the inhaling of burnt pot fumes,
while the Volcano extracts the essence of the THC and delivers that.

I admit, now & then one gets that urge to feel that old-fashioned lung burn,
but logic says the Volcano has to be much better for the health of your lungs
and the bang for your buck makes the Volcano essential, IMO .

Some might say, "I can't afford $600 for that luxury toy" but if you're paying
$300 an ounce, I submit you can't afford NOT to get the Volcano.

Volcano Talk

Never having tried a vaporizer before I was a little leery handing over more than $300
for the Volcano and decided to go with the cheaper $80 model vaporizer.  

In theory it should work.  I mean, the only thing any of the vaporizers do is to heat
the herb to a specific temperature and capture the vapor for your enjoyment. 
Seems simple enough.  But, the $80 vaporizer didn’t seem to work that well.

When I re-visited my local retailer to discuss my experiences he told me that it was the low
quality of my herb that was responsible for the lack of results.  I didn’t buy into that explanation
because, quite frankly, the quality is just fine when consumed using traditional methods.

I would be thrilled to shell out $300 for a Volcano – IF – it came with a money back
guarantee because, at least so far, vaporizing hasn’t delivered the goods.
  Dennis in DC 

Dennis, first, the Volcano comes in at $550 or $650.
You don't need a guarantee - you just need a friend with a Volcano.

If you were to drop by Casa de Bart say, at 3 PM, by 3:30
I predict you'd be wanting to invest in Volcanoes, too.

I had the opposite "problem" that you had.
The stuff I had sitting around for a year became super-potent!

<>If you hit the Volcano with some enthusiasm, you find yourself worrying,
"What happens in a plane crashes into my house?"  that kind of high. 

I'm excited that, after 36 years of the same old, same old,
there's something new and exciting that's shaking up the old methods.

Does anyone know if the Volcano beats a urine test?

Volcano Talk

Hey Bart,

I've checked in on your site many times over the past several years. 
I like your consistently great site.  When you first brought up the Volcano
is was tempted to write in, and now that you said they are dragging their feet
on you becoming an affiliate I thought now I really should write... to tell that
I considered getting a Volcano but couldn't afford it. 

Then I went to the cannabis expo in SF and bought a Zephyr vaporizer for less money. 
I've been 110% happy with it.  I hope you will check it out with the links below.   available on  Amazon

I bought another portable one you should be aware of...  the Magic Flight

Best wishes,
SF Bay area, CA

We need a Vaporfest so we can get together and try the different machines.


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