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Volcano talk

Last night was my first experience with a vaporizer and I must say I came away very impressed.
It's a much easier method to use and a heck of a lot easier on the body. You're not inhaling smoke,
just the vapor of the weed just below the point of ignition (310 - 320 degrees).
The model I used had a ceramic heater instead of the cheaper wire coil heating element.

    Click  to  Order  $189

My experience goes all the way back to the mid 60's smoking Acapulco Gold on the beach
near Big Sur with Joan Baez. Afterwards LBJ sent me on an involuntary tour of southeast Asia
where I discovered many exotic forms of the plant, Thai, Cambodia Red, etc.
I've lived in Hawaii and enjoyed it's regional delights, Maui Woowie and Kona Lola.
Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you, no matter if it's tobacco or whatever.
This new method is much easier on the body. It doesn't feel like smoking.
If feels like the body is absorbing the essence of the plant.
I hope this was the kind of information you were looking for. Glad I could help.

Archie, thanks for that.
I'll bet you have some good stories you could tell  :)

I'm surprised I haven't heard from more people about vaporizers.
Is it possible that only a small percentage of people know about/have experience with a vaporizer?

If you haven't tried it, you need to see what all the buzz is about.
If you enjoy God's flowers, you should enjoy them the way God intended :)


Thirty years ago [May18] - I got the call 'anyone not on the LZ in three get's left behind...
I'm runnin' hell-bent fer election down this ridgeline... adrenaline is up there in the red zone...
the plume just over my right shoulder just starting to look like a hose pumping foam...
and I run-jump over this log and scare up a roosting grouse... whaooblubububu...
scared me more than the damned volcano... scared me out of half my ancestral tan.

Oh, you weren't talking about real volcanoes?

                                     Mount St. Helens, May 18, 1980

You pal,
Ten Bears

Hey Bart,
I'm currently scrambling, trying to get together the bucks for a Volcano, but until then, here's a cool tip
for anyone else still bonging it: I always use the HOTTEST water my tap will put out.

The smoke contains vaporized resin, which is the good stuff, and the smoke you get from burning leaves.
The resin is insoluble in water, so the colder the water, the more of it gets trapped as condensed droplets
as it passes through the water. The smoke, on the other hand is water soluble, so the colder the water
the more of it gets through to your lungs.

With super hot water the maximum of resin vapor gets through and the maximum of smoke gets
dissolved in the water. So, with super hot water what you get is vapor but no smoke. Yes, you lose
some efficiency, but that really doesn't matter, the loss is so negligible. Added bonus: with hot water
with each use, you bong stays sparkly and fresh; it doesn't accumulate that nasty bong reek.
It may sound counter-intuitive, but I speak the truth.
 Your friend Bob in Prague


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