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Voting with your Penis

One thing I like to do is anticipate trouble - that makes a big difference.
I hope we don't have a problem here, but the evidence is disturbing.

A few issues ago, I pointed out the obvious, that a pretty model
will grab more attention and translate into more sales for a product.

I said that Hayden Panetierre would sell more products for you than, say, 
Cloris Leachman because it's bene proven again and again that it works.

Why else would Verizon give Catherine Zeta Jones $10M to say, "This is a good phone?"

So, we have to keep in mind that as backwards a cavewoman as she is, Sarah Palin is 
easy on the eyes, especially for low self-esteem men. For some men, voting for Sarah Palin
is the closest they'll ever get to sex with a movie star and I wonder - is that a problem?

Watching last night's debate on CNN, they had this meter that "undecided" Ohio voters could 
use to express approval or disapproval, and whenever Grumpy mentioned his long-legged 
running mate, the women's graph stayed even but the men shower the mention of Palin's 
name with atmospheric levels, I'd say 90% approval or more.

The f-ing idiot men - who usually vote GOP - are head-over-heels in love with Palin.

Men often think with the wrong head, and if they let Sarah Palin sway their vote like they'd 
let Catherine Zeta Jones sway their choice for a cell phone company - we got trouble.

I haven't seen much post debate comment, so I don't know if anyone else picked up on this,
but those f-ing idiot men could swing a close election - all for a goof  just to have a hot VP.

The evidence was unmistakeable, but let's hope it doesn't translate into action.

And isn't this proof that women (not Palin) would probably do a better job in office than men?
Most men are off-the-charts sex crazy anyway, but let's hope they can keep it in their pants 
long enough to elect a team that will change the wrong direction America is stuck on.

F-ing men - should they even be allowed to vote?

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