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Voyager I Makes History
  by Marc Perkel

Dear Church of Reality Members,

As many of you know the Voyager 1 spacecraft is on the verge of leaving our solar system for interstellar space.
Although it has yet to cross that official line this is now going to be the first object created by humans to leave our solar system.

To me this is an extraordinary event in human evolution to actually send something out of our solar system.
And the spacecraft is still working and sending back information after all these years. It's twin spacecraft Voyager 2 is out there too.

What is important to realize is that this makes the reason to continue to exist that much more important.
If humanity goes extinct, or even fails to continue to evolve, then eventually the sun will grow consuming
the Earth and completely destroying even any evidence that we ever existed. If humanity goes extinct then
the only trace of our existence will be these two spacecraft - 3000 pounds of metal - that represents all that
is left of who we were.

In order to exist we have to live in right relationship to reality. We need to figure out who we are and what
our place in the universe is. But to start with we have to establish an agreement in humanity that our continued
existence is important and has value. I would like to see a future where our decedents will be able to leave the
solar system as we move out into space and explore the universe.


I found a great online course on critical thinking that everyone should see.

It's 12 hours of video and it's fantastic. The teacher is a brain doctor and he first destroys any confidence you have
in your ability to perceive, remember, and reason. After completely humbling you he then goes into the disciplines
of science to explain how we humans can understand reality even with our severely flawed equipment.

The course is somewhat expensive but if you get on their mailing list it often goes on sale for a fraction of today's price.
I paid $60 for it. But it's worth more if money isn't a problem.

I am still struggling with moving reality into the mainstream. It continues to mystify me that this isn't just plain obvious
and that - first - they should already know it - and second - it should be obvious once I point it out. Yet even Atheists
don't seem to get it. And I'm mystified by that and not sure how to get past that. The more I learn about the human mind
the more discouraged I become. But when I see that we managed to launch something that is now leaving the solar system
I can't help but to have some "faith" that we are going to make it after all.

But I'd sure like to have a better plan.

Marc Perkel
First One
Church of Reality
"Existence is worth the effort"


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