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Subject: October surprise - wacking McCain?


I've had a sudden epiphany on how Dubya will "cancel" the elections for this November ... 
he's gonna' pre-November Suprise, "false-flag" wack John McCain!  This is why the other 
rePug candidates (those in the know, anyway) literally chose to implode out of the rePug 
Primary picture in order to leave a lone, tired, pitiful shell of a one-time "maverick."

Now, WE ALREADY KNOW that McCain is a hand job AND a basket case. 
Against Obama, he just can't win.  Even long-time, hard-core, died-in-the-wool Republican 
talking heads are admitting as much.  If you really look at the guy, you can see that he's 
already melting, both physically and psychologically.

So, what can you expect Bushtyrant to do WHEN McCain is oh-so-suprisingly micro-nuke 
assassinated along with his own hopelessly unpopular and comparatively small cadre of worst 
of the worst during the Republican National Convention?  Well (while also taking out many of 
those summer-rePugs who had pissed Bush off by unnecessarily acting just a little too independent), 
WITHOUT A DOUBT Bush immediately declares wholesale MARTIAL LAW.  

Next?  He quite autocratically "suspends" the November elections until -- of course -- the rePugs 
can replace their false-flag-evaporated candidate with an acceptable alternative.  Now, this 
happens suprisingly fast (like within 48 hours) and keeps everybody off-balance.

Somewhere in the mix of course, Iran will be "found guilty" of sponsoring the assassination.
In the meantime, because it is such an "unprecedented" time of terrorizing instability, by using 
his (Congressionally unendorsed and Constitutionally criminal) preznitdenshul war powers, 
Bush chooses to war-time "suspend" the Twenty-second Amendment and -- along with his
Diebold brethern -- he variation-pulls a "Cheney" on us and decides that he must run for a 
third term in office.  THEN, in Blitzkreig style, within the next month or so his handlers 
stage-manage a really low-rent, "Rethuglican-winner-only" national election.

By way of an electronic-voting-machine-only canvass, Bush wins his election by a landslide 
along-side with most of the rePug ticket (of course), and is coronated toot-sweet.  The other 
presidential opponent (you know, the "nigger") is then arrested and while being transported for
interrogation, is summarily shot by a lone gunman after being accused by Bush of inciting treason 
against the "officially" re-elected preznitdent's authority.

Yeah, I know it sounds like a really bad JFK/R.Kennedy/MLK/Oswald rehash of 
same-old-shit "history," but the rePugs really do revel in using tried-n-true formulas.

So go ahead BC, tell me I'm just composing a "bad-drugs" fantasy ...please!

DanD, you for got the part where the Democrats just stand there 
and let them get away with it "so as not to split the country.".

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