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Sidebar: This Wall Street "crisis" is just like a dope deal

Let's say you're a pot dealer in a college town.
You have an unlimited supply of low-grade pot that you sell for $100 an ounce
But then they announce that the Rolling Stones are playing a surprise concert in 3 days.

First thing you do is raise your prices to $400 because you know the demand for pot
is going thru the roof because everybody wants to get high at the big concert.
Business is great and you sell hundreds and hundreds of ounces of bad pot for $400.

But once the concert is over, people get home and they see that they have a half-ounce
of crappy pot left and they wondered why they spent so much on some crappy weed.

MEANWHILE, you have made $100,000 profit and you love it!

But the people are angry that you charged them $400 for $100 pot so they lobby congress to 
give them their money back while the dealer keeps all that profit.

The super-rich made gazillions from the housing boom and they want to keep it.
The money isn't missing - it's in the pockets of thye super-rich.

If Obama wins, he's promised to raise taxes oin the super-rich and that's a good thing.

Don't you wish YOU were super-rich and all you had to do in life was bitch about 
how terrible it is that you're rich and you have to pay your fair share of taxes?

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