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Subject: Wall Street owns Obama 


Wall Street knew a Dem would be elected and the strongest candidate was Hillary. 
They didn’t want the Clinton’s back, because the Clinton’s saw the balance sheet when they left the White House. 

After Obama met with Michael Bloomberg, Wall Street banks laundered ? of a billion dollars through the Obama campaign. 
Then when he won the phoney baloney “caucus” in Iowa they thought they could just steam roll Obama in.  But hard working 
Hillary won the hearts and minds of the people and continued to win primary “elections” even though she was way behind in money. 
The crooked democrats, who hate the Clinton’s then decided Michigan and Florida wouldn’t count, because Hillary won those. 
They said they wouldn’t count the votes just the delegates. 

Hillary won Massachusetts by 15 points but delegates Kerry and Kennedy pledged their votes to Obama.

Well when McCain picked Palin he was beating Obama even though he had to go with public financing.  Then in October when 
Paulson said the entire financial system was collapsing, Obama had his best fund raising month ever.  He racked up over 300 million 
dollars in donations on untraceable, unreportable, prepaid credit cards in increments of $200 or less.  There’s only a little over 300 
million people in the US.  Who do you think had the capability to produce 300 million dollars in $200 or less prepaid credit cards. 
Then before Obama took office, Geithner (Federal Reserve), Summers, and Rubin (Goldman Sachs) and Paulson (Goldman Sachs) 
were given the keys to the treasury with the mandate that no new rules would constrain Wall Street. 

Not one new rule has been put in place to regulate these criminal abuses that are still occurring.

On healthcare, when they say that 1/5 of the economy is the health insurance industry, what they are really saying is that 1/5 
of the obscene profits on Wall Street come from your health insurance premiums and co-pays and they don’t want anyone 
messing with that.  United Health’s CEO received 1.3 billion in retirement along with 500 million in stock. 

Obama is not for universal healthcare or a public option.  He doesn’t tell Wall Street what to do – they tell him.

Had Hillary been in charge of healthcare as president, I believe she would have spoken to the people and explained the problems, 
the solutions, how we would get there and what the cost would be and then she would have got down to work to make it happen. 
Not say, congress put something together for me to sign.  If you need me, I’m on the golf course.

So we got rid of one incompetent, self aggrandizing, shiftless, lazy man with a sense of entitlement for another.   God help us.
 Pat B, Anti-Money Laundering/Bank Secrecy

I don't have enough knowledge to make an intelligent comment on your points,
but there is no God and looking back, I'm glad Hillary didn't win that election.

All that hate that's hitting Obama would be pointed at Hillary had she won,
plus the millions of Democrats who hate the Clintons would be piling on, too.
Plus the media would be piling on and that would be an impossible situation.

I suspect she'll have a successful run as SoS and she'll be "Madame Secretary" for the rest of her life.

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