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Subject: Outrage from welcome-to-pottersville

I never realized that a fellow "liberal" such as you culd be such a major league 
asshole and not see the corrupt Clinton clan for what they are, not to even allow 
someone else to criticize them for good reason.

You have the right to criticize anyone you want - as do I
By the way, it's so nice to meet you - my name's Bart!

I don't see how I could've misquoted Clinton. 

If you had introduced yourself, I might have a clue who you are.

He did indeed say that it's undertsnadable that people vote along gender 
and party lines, as if those are all the things that women and blacks need 
to make their voting choices. How do *you* spin it, Bart?

I guess I'm a racist pig and dog, because I think Clinton's right.

Women might lean towards voting for women, white men certainly vote 
for white men, so maybe Blacks vote for Blacks - I can't speak for them,
but why would they be different from other groups who vote for their own?
Don't Cubans usually vote for Cubans in Little Havana?

And if you want to criticize, Obama, go ahead. 

You mean I still have my right to Free Speech?
Thanks, Dude.

It doesn't surprise me, however, that you haven't the balls to, 
since Democrats have about as much balls as a churchmouse, 
to judge by the way they vote.

Hey, I'VE been saying the Dems were sacless since moses wore short pants.
Try as you may, you can't get to my right on that, OK?

You said, 
> "We've been running stuff from for years 
(mere months, actualy, since Pottersville's only been up a little over a year and a half) 

If I was off on my timing, I plead guilty.   I should have said, "We've been running stuff 
from for what seems like the longest time."
I said that because whenever I saw something from your site, (Is it your site?) I knew it 
would be good and it makes my day easier when I find good stuff to link to. 

By the way, what made you go crazy? :)
Did you catch that Hillary Fever that's been going around?

I know some good people - some close friends - who contracted that Hillary Fever 
and they went completely and totally bat-shit crazy.

> - and I had no idea Pottersville hated their fellow Democrats this much."

Who the fuck ever said that the Clintons were Democrats?

I thought they were - where was my head?
...but, ...what party was Bill with when he won twice?

If you don't want to link to me ever again, 
I'd consider that a favor and an honor. 

That's an unusual request.
Don't you know  is read by dozens?

Anything would be better than getting blindsided
by a blindly partisan such as yourself.

Oh, so one of us is "blindly partisan?
I'm voting Democrat in November - who are you voting for?

All kidding aside:
I didn't mean to "blindside" you. I guess you're saying I should have written 
to you and given you a heads up that I was attacking your anti-Hillary rant.

You have opinions and so do I.  We could be two heavily-invested Democrats 
who have minor differences about the best way to attack the Bush bastards, couldn't we?

Subject: You know, dude...

I just made you famous, dude.
Rock on.
 Mister Potter

<Bart blushes>
I always wanted to be famous :)

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