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Subject: My take on the NSA




Bart, you might want to smoke a coupla fatties before engaging in the mass surveillance/NSA issue again.
Please hear me out. We, your readers, get that you don't want deaths from terrorism, neither do we,
but when anyone points out that there are good reasons for constitutional safeguards of civil liberties,
it gets treated almost like monkey mail.

You're twisting a lot of people's words because you're so worked up about this.
That's why God gave us his special flowers.  : )

Obeying the Constitution and stopping terrorists are not mutually exclusive. The FISA law carefully struck
a balance between civil liberties and public safety. The requirement of a warrant for a search, based on
probable cause, is (was) absolute. If somebody's so bad you have to tap his phone or read his mail to stop him,
you tell a judge why, and you'll get the warrant for that individual. Dragnet surveillance of everyone is
fucked up on several levels; please quit dissing those of us who are bothered by it.

Every day millions of people call or email their doctors, bookies, lovers, abortion clinics, what have you.
It's horrifying to think that some fed is listening in, and--catch up with the news--it's not just metadata,
it's often listening in or taping, according to former NSA personnel. It's hard to believe you'd think that
doesn't matter. Our Founding Fathers thought it did, and so gave us the 4th Amendment.

your good friend,
 Boston Jane

To the NSA: get a warrant.
You do not have my permission to store this email.

Actually, I'm the opposite of "so worked up" about this.
If I "twist somebody's words" is an effort to draw a line.

Such as:
Should we impeach Obama over this?
He says nobody is listening - if he's lying, maybe it's time for President Biden,
but I must assume he's in on the "illegal" listening - so what's our next step? 

I also assume Hillary is OK with this - doesn't that mean we shouldn't vote for her?

I get that a lot of Democrats are upset about this - but to what end?

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