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Subject: Review - Weezer's Red Album

So, i listened to the red album by weezer, and i must say, im very very disapointed. 
as a music fan that has been waiting for this album since forever, im very disapointed. 
ive been waiting on this album more than i wanted Indy back. i must say, i think its one of 
the worst that rivers and the band put out. 

i kinda get where they may be going with that one, but i kept thinking it's like a ween 
album redone, but not as well.  (i'll be reviewing ween soon).  after listening, i dont know 
if i want to continue to like them or not. 

i love pinkerton, i must say.  that album was one of my top fifty y for fifty. 
no one else likes it, i put it in my top five of the last 25 years. 
but i digress.  theres no story telling, no good melodies. nothing. 

they hate the internet on this album (implied), but to put it to song? i dont get it.  i think either way. 
you're a pinkerton fan or not.  the pop songs they put out, thats not how the lyrics on this album go. 
im all for pop lyrics, but this album just misses on so many marks. 

maybe i was waiting for another masterpiece, but my hopes were dashed. 
i never got the feel like i would recommend this purchase. 
no way one should throw hard earned bucks on this album. 

i cant give my wholehearted whistles to this album.
i give it barely two whistles out of five.
 Brad the Bartcop Music Reviewer

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