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No, both sides don't do what Breitbart does
Democrats would never do anything sneaky...


Now that today's New York Times has weighed in on this topic,
I'm going to hit this one more time, because I'm telling ya, it's important.

As I've been noting here, the real takeaway from the Shirley Sherrod mess is this:
Not all partisan media are created equal. Right wing media are willing to engage in tactics
that simply have no equivalent on the left -- even if mainstream news orgs and commentators
keep taking refuge behind the notion that "both sides do it."

To make this point one more time, it's true that "both sides," to one degree or another,
let their ideological and political preferences dictate some editorial decisions, such as what
stories to pursue, how to approach them, who to interview, etc. But what's underappreciated
is the degree to which the Breitbart-Fox axis goes far beyond this, openly employing techniques
of political opposition researchers and operatives to drive the media narrative.

This simply has no equivalent on the left. The leading lefty media organizations have teams
of reporters who -- even if they are to some degree ideologically motivated -- work to determine
whether their material is accurate, fair, and generally based in reality before sharing it with readers
and viewers. They just don't push info -- with no regard to whether it's true or not -- for the sole
purpose of having maximum political impact. Period.


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