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Subject: What if Obama wins?

Hey, i understand your love for Hillary, hell, she would be an excellent president.
but what are you going to do if Obama wins?

I'm going to be a big-time Obama supporter.
I don't want McCain stacking the Whore Court with Fascist bastards.

with the non-stop attacks on him it would make you come off as kind of an ass
to start supporting him and, from what i've seen from my years as a constant reader,
you are not the kind of guy to say "I was wrong".

ha ha
You're right about that.
I only say "I was wrong" when I was :)

What's my problem with Obama? He's (in my opinion) our second-best choice,
but I'll be solidly behind the Demo nominee, whoever he or she is.

now, i respect you but i just cant figure what you plan to do if such an event does happen.
will you continue to blast him or promote Nader (or Gravel cuz he says hes still in it).

I haven't said anything about Obama that I have to take back.
I never said he was some insane ass who couldn't be a great president.
I've said things like, "He's relatively new to politics," but I'm not stupid enough
to call him "a monster" or "that f-ing whore" or anything crazy like that.

I'm sure I'll like him just fine.
Hell, I liked Carter, I liked Mondale, I liked Dukakis, Gore and Kerry.
Why wouldn't I like the guy who's going to kick Fascist ass in November?

it seems to me that you are painting yourself into a corner that will work for you if Hillary wins

Are you sure you're a constant reader?
I've said dozens of times it would be better for me if Hillary isn't president.
I's be responsible for every mistake she'd make and rumor is nobody is going to
bring the troops home, so I'd rather not take responsibility for what happens then.

Humor Alert
In one sense, I'd like for McCain to win.
You know that phrase, "Time flies when you're having fun?"
Well, Bush has made these last seven years seem like a lifetime,

and a man in my position wants time to move  r-e-a-l   s-l-o-w.

...but will reduce your incredibility if she loses.

Reduce my incredibility?
That means an increase in credibility if she loses.
Hard to see that...

you should focus your attacks on McCain.
you're great at dishing the dirt, maybe you should start dishing it on the enemy.

I take it you're an Obama fan.

If it's wrong for lefty blogs to attack other Democrats, why isn't your letter 
addressed to the web sites screaming "F-ing whore" at Hillary?

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