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Subject: Why Do Whites Dislike Michelle?

Hmmmm... kind of like you're the bridge between smart and stupid, 
let me be your bridge between less racist and more racist people.

White America doesn't like stereotypically, bitchy black women. 
After that "for the first time I'm proud of America" comment and every other gaffe, 
coupled with a healthy dose of Reverend Wright as their 20 year spiritual adviser, 
she is now the anti-Jackie. The absolute last thing White America ever wants to see as 
First Lady short of a gay man.

So far, all I'm seeing is racism - is there more to it than that?

Obama needs to put her in a convent or something until after the election.... 
because as you've said about the intelligence of voters....

I think she comes off as dislikable to begin with, never got a warm fuzzy from her, 
course I never did from her cult leader, Chicago political hack husband either.

ha ha
Enough with the candy coating - can't you give it to us straight? :)

Unfortunately I will still have to vote for him over a decorated American war hero..
who happens to be an idiot. That chaffes me more than a little.

People that react worse than I do to that chaffing are going to quietly vote for McCain.

Thanks for the insight.
Stupid me - I keep thinking this is 2008.

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