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Subject: who benefited from 9-11?

Don't forget who benefited from 911. 

The military industrial machine, a tanking presidency, 
Cheney's Halliburton and the newly created private contractors ala Blackwater.

1) Tower 7 un-hit by planes and small fires, yet fell in its footprint at 5:30pm that day. (demolition takes weeks to set up).
Only three steel framed buildings in world history have collapsed from fires. Tower 1, Tower 2, and Tower 7 
which was not hit by planes? Tower 7 is the crack to break it wide open. 

Never forget it! Military grade thermite explosive was found in the dust.

2) Cheney in the basement of the whitehouse controlling NORAD for its worst response in history. 
Yeah right, that smells to high heaven yet Cheney is still given a nightly soundbite. 

WTF? Media idiocy or complicity.

3) Last minute stock trades in American Airlines that bet on a sudden decline in stock price, which of course happened. 
Prior knowledge.

The sickest thing is the Meme that is perpetuated when anyone interested in 911 truth is somehow labled a  nutcase, 
even though members of the 911 Commission Report blast it as a sham?   WTF?   

This where the media really shows its corrupt corporate colors by painting anyone interested in 911 truth as a nut.

Frankly Bart, this one situation where 911 truth is branded as nuts really causes me to grieve for our country. 

Why do you think Cheney is so crazy over the 911 trial?
The truth might come out. And if it does, he is screwed. 

The media has done a great job of white washing the serious concerns and marginalizing the truth seekers. 
Hardly anyone knows about Tower 7, and why is that? It's collapase is unexplainable and proof of demolition. Period.

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