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Subject: backstabbers or not?

I remember that cartoon you had with President Clinton with the knife stuck in his back..

It had “Dems” written on the handle. Which Dems were you referring to? 
Dems in Congress I suppose.  But, how was the Democratic Congress knifing Clinton in the back?

You must be young, which is not a crime.

The Clintons proposed a health care overhaul.
The GOP said all the same things they said this time.
"Big government powergrab, it's 1/7 of the economy (it's 1/5 now) can't pick your doctor,
 unqualified black men will do surgery on your daughter," shit like that.

The Democrats eventually agreed with the GOP, saying the Clintons needed to be held in check.
The voters saw the Dem's reservations about the Clintons and agreed with them so we lost the House
and the Senate and that's why I called the Democrats idiots and backstabbers.

Had they stuck with their president instead of siding with talk radio and the GOP,
we would've reformed health care 14 years ago.

See, the thing is, I remember your arguments then.  I’ve been reading you for years. 
I remember you criticizing the far left of the party under-cutting Clinton’s work for the country. 
And the conservative Dems killing Hillary’s health care plan.

You’ll have to explain to me how Democrats in Congress, Jesse Jackson, Joe Lieberman and pundits
attacking Clinton in the 1990’s is different than those same groups (with you included THIS time) are different.

The Clintons were going to fix health care and the Democrats got scared and ran away from them.
By doing that, they got themselves fired.

What "gift" was Obama going to give America last week?

Sure, he got money for the jobless but the GOP got 83 times more money than we did.
If you think both circumstances are the same, I doubt I can change your mind.

Clinton was handed a recession from Bush 1, and dug us out of it. 
Obama was handed a much much deeper recession from Bush 2 and is digging us out.

This time, you’re part of the problem instead of part of the solution. 

The "solution" is the give the super-rich 83 times more money than the jobless?
If that's the solution, I'm proud to be a "problem" for those hell-bent on doing that.

Because if the President takes a stand while the economy tanks he’ll get no credit at all. 
That he fought for his principles won’t mean a damn to people who see a decrease in their take home pay. 
“His guts, our blood” is what they’ll think.

I'm not getting your point, there.
You seem to be saying flooding the super-rich with money money is going to help the economy.
If that works, why didn't it work these last nine years with Bush flooding the super-rich with more money?

And while the battle may seem fun, we ultimately lose the war. 

You're not making sense.
You think I'd rather "have fun" with a war than watch the economy recover?

That Republicans didn’t wait until they had control of the House proves they knew the stakes for killing this bill. 

The tax cuts were scheduled to expire next week - that's why the GOP fought for this right now.

You wanted Obama to step on a land mine.

So, I'm, another Pigboy who wants Obama and America to fail?
You're lucky I'm not in the mood to dismember you.

Two years.
The man has had LESS than two years actually, and what has been accomplished is staggering. 

Oh stop it.
Clearly, Obama can do no wrong in your eyes.
I'll bet you and Tally and the Daily Brew could get together and come up
with the top 25,000 amazing victories that Obama has accomplished so far.


And he’s doing it THE SAME WAY CLINTON DID! 

I don't remember Clinton surrendering in advance at every opportunity.


So, I have to ask myself, why does Bartcop attack? 
Why is there more on your blog critical of the President than of Republicans?

I should've read your entire e-mail before giving you a separate page.
You think *I* am more critical of Obama than the GOP?

Have you read this page the last week or so?
Do you think Ol' Bart is drawing all those "Obama the cave-in" cartoons?
Do you think all those articles calling Obama "coward" were written by me?
What's the worst thing I've said about Obama?
That's always a debate stopper, just as it was in 2008.

You’re on the wrong side of this fight.   My degree is in this and I have been doing this
professionally for a little over 20 years, and I’m telling you you’re on the wrong side of this fight.

I'm against borrowing $800M to give to the super-rich.
How do you have a degree and 20 years experience being right about that?

I say that as a long time reader and sometime contributor to your funds. 
I’m guessing it’s latent anger held over from the primary fight, but it doesn’t make you right. 

Yes, in 2008, I was against gambling on the unknown, less-experienced newcomer.

If you can tell me how Bill and Barack and tangibly different, I would understand. 
Otherwise, I think your opinions are more personal than logical.

That's an opinion - let's talk facts.
In the last week or so, at least 100 Democrats have called Obama "a spineless quitter."

I'll bet you can go back 19 years and not find THREE Democrats who called Clinton 
<>"a spineless quitter."

I wouldn’t want you to change your opinion or carry water for anyone. 
I just wish you’d give him the same treatment you’d have given President Clinton.

You're asking me to give our best fighter and our least-effective fighter equal respect.
How can anybody do that?

I remember your recent donation and I thank you again but please try
to remember I'm in the opinion business and I piss somebody off every day.

I can't possibly agree with everyone else's opinions.
All I can do is write what I feel and explain myself.


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