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Subject: Clintons and race

As a Blackman, I know that internal struggles must be kept "in house".  Certain things you can't say out loud. 
I know the Clintons are not racists, but I know how I felt when I heard the Jesse Jackson won SC comment. 
It just seemed a little dismissive to me, and I'm not the only one in this "black community" who felt that way. 

I don't get that.
It's a candidate's job to compare himself more favorably to his opponent.
It was Bill's job to play down Obama in Carolina - where are you seeing racism in that?  

I hope this comes out the right way.
I'm all for a black man demanding and getting respect, but not from his political opponent.
It's the Clinton's job to list all the bad things about Obama, and you can't accept that?
It's also the Clinton's job to stretch a point, spin a little, maybe drop a rumor or two.
But if her opponent is a black man, they can't exaggerate or ridicule or mock him?

Has Obama's appearance re-written all the rules about what you can say and do?
If so, where can I get a copy of the new rules?
If not, can you explain what was wrong with Bill's Carolina comments?

IF the Clintons have all this mutual love and respect, then he should have known 
this was going to be the reaction. 

Whoa, you're looking at the two candidates as equals.

Hillary was the presumed (by all, don't kid yourself) front runner.
Her name, her money and her 15-year record made her the most qualified caniddate,
but then a new fella came along, with two years on the national stage and some energy
and suddenly he said her judgment was bad and we'd be crazy to stick with the past - whatever.

You're almost painting the Clintons as the aggressors in this war - surely you're not.
I say when Obama picked up a sword, from that point on all respect must be earned.
You can't demand respect - as a black man - from your political opponent.

Let's agree Bart, Bill was right in what he said (technically), but it didn't take into account 
the sensitivities of black people (especially southern blacks) in this respect .

I'm still confused.

This sensitivity - it's a one-way street? 
Where's the sensitivity at challenging the incumbent  (I know, don't write) 
This was Teddy attacking Jimmy Carter all over again, and Kennedy should demand respect 
after challenging his party elder?  There's a name for doing that on a ship...

It's like Obama wants to try out for the boxing team, but he's shocked to find out 
that even his good friends will punch him while he's in the ring ...because they're boxing.

Now that Obama's on the boxing team, is it ...cocky of him to demand rule changes?
That stuff about "Lay off my wife!" 
Does he think that's going to work?   "Lay off my wife?" 

If anything, it shows that's a sore spot for him.
Remember when Perot quit because the GOP went after his daughter?
Let's hope that sentence is a complete non-sequitor to this paragraph.

Finally a black candidate who has a REAL CHANCE of winning. 
Obama ain't Jesse Jackson,
  William Randolf

But isn't writing, "Obama ain't Jesse Jackson," dismissive?
How much trouble would Clinton be in if he'd said that?  (just kidding)

William, I hope I haven't shown you any disrepect.
I'm just saying, asking for special rules wasn't in the contract.

It seems to me that Obama climbed into the ring with a list of rules that got slapped
out of his hand in 3 seconds and he's crying fowl on the mean people in the boxing ring.

When the Clintons attacked their opponent, the pro-Obama media cried, 
"They're attacking the black guy," and somehow that was a sinful, shameful thing to do.

Obama is currently swimming in a tank with cuddly baby dolphins.
He's about to go swimming with the razor-toothed Great Whites.

I hope he's more ready than I think he is.

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