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Subject: Wilson not a racist

I must have missed something.
Where EXACTLY was the part of Wilson's comment that even implied racism?

You mean the unexplained GOP raging anger without a focus at the Black president?
What else could it be?
They keep screaming, "We want our country back!"
Well, who took what from whom?

What is missing since Obama took office?

The unexplained hatred against the new guy must be explained somehow, what's your take?
If it's not the color of his skin, what is driving Rethug America absolutely bat-shit crazy?

In fact, where are all the other "racist" comments supposedly made by Obama's critics?
What, your president can't be criticized because he's BLACK?  Wow, that's pretty weak.

No, it's explained by the facts.
All the Blacks in your party were APPOINTED, not elected.

Your party hates Blacks, but your over bosses understand the value of tokens.
That's why Michael Tom Steel got to be the head of the racist Republican Party.

When someone says, "The GOP doesn't like Blacks," you crazy bastards
tend to reply,  "If that's true, why is our party's top official a nigger?"

When people say, "Rush Limbaugh hates Blacks," Rush replies with,
"So why did I have a nigger marry me and Marta?"   (Clarence Thomas)

No, it's not about race at all.

I'll bet if a democrat congressman had screamed "you lie" at Bush, you'd be the first
son of a bitch cheering him on.  So fuck you with the phone calls.

Bush told deadly lies that killed 4500 American soldiers.
You think Obama's promises have caused more damage?

As far as I can tell, the only racist asshole on your website is you.

ha ha

Good News: Are you available for regular daily work?
                     Bartcop Radio might be changing into something different.
Bad News:   I can only pay what you're worth  :)

You can't make it through a page without typing the word "nigger," can you?
You probably giggle like some 7th grade punk while you type.

True, I enjoy waterboarding racist GOP handjobs who can't grasp the fact
that America is stronger with diverse people than they are with white, rich assholes,
but tell you what - let's gamble on it.

You send me $10 every time you don't see the N-word (wonder what that could be?) .
and I'll send you $10 every time I use it and let's see who goes broke first.

You certainly are a racist prick, rotting from the inside out.

Odd, 'cause I see you as a sweet guy who makes a really lousy first impression.

No amount of chemo will cure that.

I have not yet started chemo, thanks.

At some point you will have to face the facts.

This lady (Saturday's DC march) wants to bring back slavery,
but I'm out of line saying she's doing this because of race?

People who are seething with rage at Obama - but can't say why - are racist sons of bitches.

You know it,
I know it,
Bob Dole knows it
and the American people know it.

Voters know it, too, so bring on the 2010 elections.

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