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Subject: wimmen

Dear Bart, you published:

> A woman is beaten every 9 seconds in this country; 
> more than 3 women are killed by their spouse daily.

Source for figures? 

I gave the link - what else do you want?
You want me to shut down and investigate every sentence publishes?

Try getting a real source for the 
"Women make only a fraction of what men make" claim, too.

Oh please!
Are you claiming women make as much as men?

How many men die every day? 

How many pickles are in a jar?
Can we stick to one subject?

How many men are beaten every day? 

I'll bet 100 women are beaten to death for every man who is beaten to death.

Men die younger than women. 

Many men think going to a doctor is "pussy."

They get less health care, yet pay for more of it than women do.

Which women-hating club to you belong to?

Poor women.  Poor women. 
Live longer, get more health care, pay less. 
Poor women.

What's it like to be single?

Who makes more right out of college in 2007? 
Men or women?  It's women-- go ahead and check.

Thanks for the link.
More women go to college than men - probably because college is "pussy."


P.S.  A real humanist cares about both sexes. 
        A real humanist doesn't cut one of them slack.

Did you see "real humanist" on my masthead?

BTW, what's YOUR take on Paris Hilton?
If you hate women in general, you must go crazy on Paris Hilton.

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