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Subject: Was Wisconsin stolen?

First of all, I am not convinced the election was not stolen again.
After all, the Repukes can't win by any honest way, so they lie or steal the votes.

Read about Command Central -- "Forty-six Wisconsin counties and 3,000 voting machines
are being controlled by a two-person company operating out of a strip mall in Minnesota."

Secondly, there was disemfranchisement of a lot of the population by new "voter registration" laws,
that kicked people off the rolls for voting, like they are doing in Florida and New Jersey and other states.

Third, the Repukes spent 30 million dollars to our 7 million. It reminds me of a commercial I see
on MSNBC that I find appalling. It's for high fructose corn syrup, which everyone says is bad for you,
and in this commercial a woman says that it's no different than any other sugar, and she's making up
her mind herself.

That sentence is a bold lie-- it has a lot of chemicals that aren't good for you, and corn syrup is not
the same as cane sugar. But if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough, I guess you win.

So all of the above is my explanation for Scott Walker's "win".
Keep swinging that hammer!


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