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Subject: The Word from Canada

Hey friend

As a Canadian I'm very angry and ashamed that our gov. has officially apologized 
for calling torturers torturers. Our PM, Harper, is Mr. Bush's fart-catcher, plain and simple. 
And it looks like the dipshit voters will be electing him with a majority government, next time around.
Why should the U.S. get to hog the world's enmity?

And are you familiar with the Marc Emery case? 
He sold pot seeds OPENLY from Canada through his magazine, Cannabis Culture,
for YEARS & YEARS, until it became too much for Uncle Tyrant to bear. With the help of  
Canadian quislings, your government arrested Mr. Emery *on Canadian soil* & came within 
a hair's-breadth of extraditing him to the U.S. where he'd likely have served more time than 
a murderer. To protect his "co-conspirators," he coppped a plea of five years in a Canadian 
prison, where he's going to have to serve the whole sentence with no parole.

Fascists need to make an example of those who speak truth to piggies. 
Sovereignty, the Charter of Rights & Freedoms? Irrelevant -- the Master bellows!

Sometimes, I don't feel much besides despair. If I can get over this funk, I'm going to write a 
lengthy rant to one or more of the newsgroups. Chronic depression is a bitch! And to think, 
these problems are NOTHING compared towhat's going on in the rest of the world...

I'm rooting for whichever Dem gets the nomination, Bart. I hope it is Hillary. 
I may not like some of her policies, but she will kick butt. 
Like the man said, "If it's a Democrat, I'd vote for a ham sandwich."

Take good care of yourself & Mrs. Bart.

Dude, thanks for that.
I didn't know Emery was in a Canadian jail,
but that's better than Gitmo which is where Bush 
sends "serious" criminals like seed exporters.


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