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Subject: Rev Wright is a stand-up guy

If you listen to Reverend Jeremiah Wright's controversial speeches in context, you find that he is correct is his assertions. He talks about how America has mostly ignored the plight of poor black people as in hurricane Katrina. He talks about how we as a nation attacked many countries, yet were surprised when we were attacked on 9/11. He talks about weapons of mass destruction not being in Iraq, yet we sold biological weapons to Saddam Hussein. He talks about the Tuskegee project where black males were given the disease syphilis. He asks if this could be possible with the virus AIDS. Certainly our country has not done enough to combat this disease with education, research and compassion for its victims.
Reverend Wright's views are not foreign to the left wing of the Democratic Party. These views are shared not only by the African-American community, but by the majority of left leaning Democrats. Reverend Wright is a dynamic speaker. He can justify his position on the aforementioned topics. Obama and his wife have been very close to Reverend Wright for some 20 years.
Obama last month said that he could not distance himself from Reverend Wright no more than he could distance himself from the African-American community. That was well said, and he got a lot of credit for that speech. But now it's early May and Obama is slipping in the polls, so what does he do? He acts like a politician and throws Reverend Wright under the bus. Obama disowns the same views espoused by Wright that he and his wife, Michelle had embraced for the last 20 years. Reverend Wright had said that Obama is doing what politicians do, and that is to say what the voters want to hear, not necessarily what the candidate really thinks.
Reverend Wright is a stand up guy. He says what he means, and can back up his statements. Obama on the other hand shows that he is not principled in his beliefs as he has made a major flip flop on the views of Reverend Wright. Perhaps it is Reverend Jeremiah Wright who should be running for president rather than Obama?
Jim in Rochester, Michigan

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