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Subject: Bart you are wrong about the ILLEGAL immigration issue...

I could not disagree with you more on the  illegal immigration issue 

What did I say that anybody could disagree with?

the arizona people have responded because the federal government 
under democrat and republican administrations would not. 

After all these years, why can't Arinoza protect it's borders?
Why is this a federal problem?

would you have illegal immigrants come and go as they please?

No, I think Arizona should defend their borders

i agree  with you about 90% of the time 
but this is where i part ways with my liberal brothers...
i just do not understand ....

I don't understand where we disagree.
Are you saying Arizona is overrun with illegal Mexicans?
The FBI says that Arizona is way down in violent crimes - what's the bad news?

the law merely give the local police the authority to enforce the law.

Yes, but it also gave the baton-swinging cops permission to harass the darkies.
This is not an attack, but I'm betting your skin looks a lot like mine.  If you were "dark," 
would you be OK with cops pulling you over twice a day to show your papers to them?
Wouldn't that get kinda old after a while?

illegal immigrants do take jobs and drive down wages ....those are liberal issues...
i feel like i am in the bizarro world when i start hearing arguments for illegal immigration.

Dude, three things:
1. I'm still gathering facts and asking questions.

If you feel physically threatened by armed gangs of Mexican youths roaming the city, that's one thing.
But if immigration is slightly up,.and crime is slightly down, is there a crisis?
If you're going to do away with the Bill of Rights you should have a good, solid reason.

2.. Yes, that border should be air-tight.
Why is Arizona dragging their heels on fixing that?
Nobody has a right to the land we stole but us.

3.. Arizona could sell consecutive acres of border land to Israelis.
That'll stop traffic because you know how angry Jews get when you walk on their lawn.
This would solve our immigration problem and nobody blows up the Israeli school bus or pizza parlor.

Oh, I forgot - that won't work.
God gave the sacred sand to Moses 85,000 years ago so today's Jewish people would rather watch their kids 
blow up than move to a different desert away from the danger, and help America with their immigration problems.

It's a win-win-win for everybody - especially the Muslim crazies.
What would they do to pass the time if there were no more Jews to hate?
...but it won't work because they gotta honor that sacred sand.

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