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Subject: you're wrong about Spc. Hutchinson's plight  

Bart, you wrote:

> Surely out of the millions of deployed soldiers a few have run into a situation where there
> first, second AND third choices to take their kids is suddenly out of the picture, agree?

Won't fly Bart. The Army does take care of soldiers in that situation.

But, you're not dealing with someone whose "second and third choices are suddenly out of the picture". 
You've got someone who failed to meet the minimum responsibilities she created for herself.

She didn't even attempt to find "second and third" choices.

No plan B. Don't even look to me like there was a plan A, other than to shirk.

> Of course the soldier must do everything possible to follow orders
> but you can't leave your kids on the side of the road like a broken Chevy.
>   (Just kidding, Danny)

> We may have thousands of mothers serving overseas in Bush's wars.
> Why doesn't the army have a safety net for these mothers? 

They do. It's called a Family Care Plan. Required of every soldier with dependents.
She sloughed off her responsibility to make a workable family care plan and now 
expects the Army to make special arrangements to accommodate her.

She should get a general discharge, "for the good of the service"; no benefits. 
That's what she's earned.
She's really earned a stint in the brig, but she won't get it. 
 Session Man

I'll plead guilty to not having time to read the full story, but if things are as you claim,
why are all the whore networks making her out to be the victim of the heartless army?

Or did I just answer my own question?

If there's no story here, besides her personal negligence, why doesn't somebody say so?

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