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Subject: wrong on immigration and racism  

Hey Bart,
As you like to say, let's just list the facts. It took me 3 minutes to compile this information:

By contrast to the Arizona law, Mexican immigration law, revised in 2009, gives Mexican officials
the right to check people’s immigration status, and if someone is found to be in the country illegally,
they can be fined and deported. The law also requires foreigners to register with the government.
An illegal immigrant caught can be fined $450 and deported, and if they’re caught entering illegally
a second time, they can spend 10 years in prison. Furthermore, local Mexican police must assist
the Federales in apprehending illegal immigrants.

(On a side note, it’s illegal in Mexico for non-citizens to protest government actions.) 
Run Google translate for the full text of the Mexican law.

OK, so where do we disagree?

In other countries;

Country:  Italy Immigrant population: 3.9 million

What the law does: Like much of southern Europe, Italy faces the daunting challenge of trying to
regulate and manage massive migration inflows from North Africa and the Mediterranean. In response,
the Italian government has instituted various measures aimed at curbing immigration. One of the harshest,
 passed by parliament in 2009, penalizes illegal immigrants with a fine of €5,000-10,000 and allows
immigration officials to detain them for up to 6 months.

OK, so where do we disagree?

Country: Australia Immigrant Population: 5.5 million What the law does: Despite its anything-goes image,
Australia has a surprisingly draconian immigration policy. And none of the country’s various immigration laws
is more controversial than the Migration Reform Act of 1992 and its subsequent amendments, which
collectively require the authorities to detain all non-citizens who are discovered in Australia without a
valid visa. Between 1999 and 2003, the law was used to detain more than 2,000 child refugees from
Southeast Asia and the Middle East who were seeking asylum in Australia.

Australia, Britain, France, and other industrialized countries have modified and restricted their own
birthright laws in the face of similar concerns about immigration and the capacity of the modern welfare state
The following are among the nations repealing Birthright Citizenship in recent years:

·        Australia (2007)
·        New Zealand (2005)
·        Ireland (2005)
·        France (1993)
·        India (1987)
·        Malta (1989)
·        UK (1983)
·        Portugal (1981)

OK, so where do we disagree?


But somehow anyone who opposes illegal immigration and
birthright citizenship in this country is ignorant or a racist?

Please! Get the facts right.
You're on the wrong side of this issue.

OK, but where do we disagree?
Did I say "Tear down the borders?"

We must assume racism is driving the overall Teabagger effort.

They keep screaming about all the beheadings - but there are none.
They keep screaming about all the crime - but crime is actually down.
They keep screaming about all the "free loading" those darkies are doing,
yet most of them are paying taxes and getting few or no benefits in return.

What "emergency" has Teabaggers walking in the streets?
If there's a huge "Mexican problem," why can't they describe it without lying?

Rapidly losing interesting in your blog,
Adam T

No, you're just confused and having a tough time stating your case.

My point has always been if WHITE people could be pulled over for being White,
we'd have a whole different way of looking at this "problem."

But McCain and Brewer are riding this issue onto the cover of Time Magazine.
Palin, Pigboy, Beck and FOX News NEED a race-based "emergency" to get ratings.

This "emergency" is primarily a political power-grab that depends on racism for its fuel.

Did you know if Obama wins a second term all white
women will be forced to give their virginity to Black men?

I heard that on talk radio.

But seriously, if you're going to accuse me of something,
wouldn't a quote be a great place to start?

Think about where we differ and send me another e-mail.


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