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Subject: World Series of Poker final table

2003 Moneymaker faced a murder's row of big pros. Dan Harrington, 
         Sam Farha, Justin Lester, David Singer, Amer Fahidi.
2004 Raymer had to deal with Harrington back at the table, along with 
         Josh Arieh, and a then up and coming David Williams.
2005 Hachem had Mike Matusow at his final table.
2006 Gold had Allen Cunningham at his final table.
2007 Yang had Lee Watkinson at his final table.

The main reason why the big pros don't get to the final table in droves or win the thing 
is the giant luck factor of the game, and the fact that they can't control what happens at 
other tables, with 600+ tables going on, there is bound to be tables where morons just 
give other morons piles and piles of chips, and then that moron, now with a giant stack, 
gets put at your table, and he gets his money in bad against you, gets lucky, and you're gone. 

I read an interview with Jamie Gold about how on his first day he somehow managed to be 
at a table on day one with a giant chip stack, and there were two other guys with mountains 
of chips in front of them also, he ended up flopping a set in a hand with them, one of the 
opponents folded, the other went all in and Gold cleaned him out and had an even more 
insane stack, which led to his massive run and victory.

It's the luck factor in No-Limit that leads the pros to think of the HORSE event as the true 
championship, cause you have to have 50,000 to buy in, which keeps the scum out, and you 
have to be good at 5 different games, which keeps the No Limit Hold 'em specialists out, 
making a truly well rounded player more likely to win.

The three winners of that event, Chip Reese, Freddy Deep, 
and Scotty Nguyen are all big time pros. 
 Mike the Vegas Dealer

At our last Bartfest, Mike the Dealer ran the poker tournament.
He couldn't play and he stayed sober - that's commitment :)

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