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'X-Files' movie a great, big mess

It was Friday, September 10, 1993.
I was at the Claremore, OK Arby's on my lunch break from my collection route,
(Pool tables, juke boxes, video games etc) and I was reading TV Previews by Matt Roush, 
then with USA Today, now with TV Guide and he said, 

"You'll love this new "X-Files" show. The production values are feature film quality 
and the writing and acting are top-notch all the way.  It's about time somebody besides
Star Trek Next Generation gave science fiction the respect it deserves," and I called 
Mrs Bart and told he we had good TV tonight because we'll give a show a look if Matt Roush
says it's good and it's got space monkeys or Vegas in it. 

So we were big-time fans all those years, so I really wanted to like this movie - but no.

Here's a review by gabeedman

Unglamorous, unprovocative, and outright ineffectual, this one disappoints. As a loyal fan, 
I'm biased towards the unrelenting sci-fi thrills. However, I left the theater dreaming of bygone 
days of small-screen glory while regretting my $8.00 contribution to big-screen vacuity. 
From character incompatibility to storyline vagueness, this is an unfortunate yet predictable 
low point in the series that captivated worldwide audiences for a decade.

He said it better than I could. 
This movie was such a mess - they seemed to never explain anything.
I get that it's about "the ambiguity" and "not knowing for sure," but there 
were scenes in the film that made me ask - what was the point of that?

Plus, seems like Scully was in a really foul mood for the full two hours.
Who wants to spend 2 hours with a snarling old friend who can't stop whining?

There was a splash of humor now and then.
Early in the movie, they arrive at the FBI Building and while waiting for the elevator,
Mulder's looking around and spots a picture of our Giggling Murderer.
The whole crowd just burst out loud with spontaneous laughter.
If that doesn't spell doom for McCain, I don't know what will. 

But the real problems I had with the movie contain spoliers
so STOP READING NOW if you want the movie to be a surprise.


I have no f-ing idea went on in that movie.
Was it about doing head transplants?

Why did the old dude want a young woman's body?

Was this about a sex-change operation?

Why kill so many agents, especially Amanda Peet?
So we'd hate the lady-dismembering-kidnapper even more?

And what was the deal with the lady-dismembering-kidnapper under water?
Did the girls not realize they were swimming inches away from a super-creep
who's hiding underwater in a brightly-lit indoor pool?

Why did the creep kidnap women from that particular swimming pool?
Ever heard of a swimming pool that had mostly A-B Positive swimmers dropping by?

...and the poor Catholics!

The psychic priest admitted molesting 37 altar boys.
How/why was that connected to the plot?
All it did was make Scully harder to be around - assuming that's possible.

And why was Scully's boss, the not-caught-yet priest, such a prick?
Do Catholic priests just not have any patience with dying kids?

Who knew that Mulder & Scully had a kid together?
Apparently that happened on TV the year Annabelle Gish and T-2 were agents,
but our couple has a child named "William" who was given up for adoption to, 
...I assume, ...prevent "their enemies" from striking at them - thru William?

Plus I have no idea where Scully & Mulder are romantically.

Not that I care, but as the movie opens, they seemed to suggest that it had been
quite a while since they'd seen or talked to each other, yet 15 minutes later Scully 
asks Mulder what time he'd be "home."   A few minutes later, they're in bed, 
naked and cuddling, but there was no hint of any heat, despite Duchovney
telling TV Guide that he & Scully both showed skin in the movie.

The Skinner suddenly shows up just before the credits ran.
I guess Mitch Peleggi was busy with other, more important films?
Was Skinner there to get his head transplanted onto a hot chick's body?

Senseless sidebar:
The bad guys were protected by three mean rottweillers, but "lucky" for us,
Mulder had a hammer with him - did we really need that scene in the movie?

That movie reviewer I quoted had it right:

I left the theater dreaming of bygone days of small-screen glory 
while regretting my $8.00 contribution to big-screen vacuity. 

We watched the X-Files Marathon on TNT when we got home.

If you're a fan I guess you'll need to see it, and if you do,
could you answer some of those questions I had?

Why did the old, dying guy want a hot chick's body?
Was he a lesbian trapped in a man's body?

And like most movies - I'll guess this one cast $60M or more, why didn't they 
call Ol' Bart and offer me $10,000 to point out all the nutty plot holes?
If you're going to spend $60M, why not spend $60,010,000 and get it right?

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