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Subject: I know what yesterday's weird picture is 

The Hajj is the annual pilgrimage to Mecca that  Muslims do. 

Every able-bodied Muslim who has the financial means to make the trip is required to do it at least once in his or her life. 
(They separate the men and women, as you’d expect, but women do the hajj.) 

When a Muslim performs hajj, the word Haji is added to his name. 
If you are Wahir Hussein, you would become Wahir Haji Hussein. 
About two million people perform hajj every year. They set up tent cities 
to house the crowd because it’s the only way to deal with that many people.

Your photo is of the tent city at Mina (a city near Mecca), Saudi Arabia. 
I first pulled up your photo in an image editor and looked at the sign. 

There’s Arabic writing on it, which eliminates either China or India.  I found another photo  
of a very similar tent city. And this is where the biggest tent city is.  Saudi Arabia.

Inshallah, sahib Bart.

I considered that but discarded the idea because I've never seen that many people.

You figure 10 Rose Bowls is a million people.
That first picture looks like 200 Rose Bowls to me.

But now I think you're right - thanks.

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