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You HAVE to Vote for Obama Tuesday




Some of you are as angery (or more) at Obama than I am - but you HAVE to vote for him Tuesday.

If you do anything BUT vote for Obama Tuesday, you're voting to give more power to Romney
and his crazy gang of power-hungry Teabaggers and I don't want to live in Teabagger America.,

Yes, Obama has been a less-than-we-hoped president, but that's compared to perfect.
Compared to McCain doing Bush's third term, Obama has been the cool oasis we all needed.

And please don't pull that Thurd party stuff on me - it doesn't work when the split is 48/48.

All that does is elect Romney and a rubber-stamp government where every bad fucking idea to spill
from the minds of Jim Inhofe and Todd Akin would immediately become law - without debate.

Even if you live in a state where your vote doesn't count, it counts.

I'm in Oklahoma where Obama didn't carry a single county last time, but I'm voting for him because
the latest "likely scenario" shows Obama winning with 281 E-votes but not the popular vote.

So even if Obama wins, they'll say, "A majority voted against him - he's not legitimate,"

If he could pull off electoral AND popular vote victories, they'd have slightly less to bitch about.

And maybe in Obama's second term we'll get what we voted for in 2007

But you have to vote.

Failing to vote is a vote to ler Romney and Ryan run wild.
A third party vote
is a vote for a more-Teabagger America.

You have to vote for Obama Tuesday

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