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Subject: that ugly nigger

You are always accusing people of being racist, 
as if you think everybody is racist except you. 

I think racism is like evil - everyone has some in them.
The trick is to let your brain override your racist heart.

You expect me to believe you love niggers? 
NOBODY loves or even likes black people.

ha ha
You can't get much more "Monkey Mail" than that.

Do you mean Black mothers don't even like their kids?
And Black kids don't like their parents?
Married Blacks don't like each other, either?
I did not know that!

Just because you are suffering from a terminal case of white guilt, 
that doesn't mean you are not as racist as everybody else is. 

Objection to the "suffering" characterization.
I can't feel guilty being white any more than I can feel 
guilty about being a man or for being extra handsome!

You admitted to me years ago that you feel guilty for being white. 

I did?
Did you keep that e-mail?

You said you feel guilty for the way blacks have been treated by whites, 
and you said I should feel guilty too. 

Did I also apologize for having the stain of Original Sin?
I'm ashamed that it took white people centuries to "knock it off"
and it's a shame today's GOP is still pro-slavery in that regard.

First of all, dumbass, why would you assume I'm white? 

Most people who scream insults at Blacks, I've found, are white.

I'm not white. White people are not the only ones who hate blacks.

ha ha
There you go again!

Years ago I said - and I'll say it again right now because it's true - I think Howard Stern's 
best guest ever was the wild-ass KKK guy who sat there in his white robes and called 
Robin Quivers "an animal."  I found his right-wing ignorance extremely entertaining

Robin was laughing so hard I thought she was going to seize up.
I think she might find you as funny as I do.

Why don't you get over your white guilt? 

How can I get over something I don't feel guilty about?

I bet you can't sleep at night because you feel so much white guilt, and you're gonna vote 
for that ugly nigger for president as a way of trying to ease your guilty white conscience!

When I can't sleep at night, I chug a fifth of vodka.
Yes, I'm going to vote for Obama - with bells on!
Most people think Obama is handsome.
Perhaps you should've included a picture of yourself
    so we could all see what true beauty looks like?
If I felt guilty about being white, I'd say so.

Fuck you, asshole! 
You and all the other guilty white idiots pretending to be liberals. 
I'M a real liberal.
Shirley in Portland

Shirley, they say the opposite of hate isn't love, it's indifference.
Did you have your heart broken by an African American?

Joe Lieberman, Pat Gadell, Zell Miller - usually when someone calls themself
a liberal and talks like do... they're big hits with the GOP cavemen.

I'm surprised FOX News hasn't given you your own show.

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