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Subject: I'm going to sew you, Bart

Thank you for printing my email , not sure why you found it necasary
to mis -spell words which were corecly spelted in my email.

Dude, in the last few months, I've printed a dozen e-mails.
Which mis -spell are you claiming is yours?

Unles you want to hear from my atorny in the mornig...

ha ha

F-ing quit it!

ha ha

Is that you, Artie?

ha ha

Dude, I could use some publicity - care to be my tool?

You will take my name off your site.

ha ha

You will blow me!

ha ha

Dude, you either have brain damage or you're used to dealing with East Coast liberals,
but I don't take orders from some haffa-handjob via e-mail. If you have a badge or a gun
you might get my attention, but you have no chance as a lousy handjob.

You have mispesented my statement by charging them.
From what I understond you don't have the funds for a baragge  of legal bills.

ha ha

Is this the challenge I've been waiting for after all these years?
Is this my Master Plan, multi-decade, 14-year payoff coming to fruition?
Is this flydog guy going to kick my ass in court?

ha ha

Dude, let's f-ing rock!
I'm all in.

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