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Subject: your criticism of Steeler's QB Ben Roethlisberger


Recently in reference to that raping billionaire priest Father Marcial Maciel you wrote

> "This shithead is like Charlie Sheen or PittsburgH's Ben Roethlisberger - but worse."

I am a fan of the Steelers, and I have been following the Ben R. situation closely. 
There is currently no evidence that Ben R. ever raped or sexually assaulted anyone. 

From reading your page I learned that the whore media will not hesitate to run wild 
with accusations regardless of the truth if it will put another nickel in their pockets. 

And I know what a defender of the principle of "innocent until proven guilty" you are. 
Please consider the possibility that the whore media might be doing a Clinton-like hatchet job on Roethlisberger.

Eric in Orchard Park, NY

You are correct - I have no idea what happened because, unlike Naomi Judd, I wasn't there.

It's OK for me to have an opinion about what happened, 
but I wouldn't want Roethlisberger jailed on my suspicions.

However, I read or heard an account of what happened from the accuser's point of view.

They were at some nightclub and their friend (Let's call her Judy) was super-drunk.
She says Roethlisberger approached and was aggressive and she tried to get away by going into a bathroom.
She says he followed her in, trapping her, while his bodyguards blocked the door

The friends kept saying, "Where is Judy? We want to talk to our friend, she's very drunk!"
and Roethlisberger's bodyguards said, "She's fine and doesn't need your help."

They kept trying to get to Judy but Roethlisberger's bodyguards stopped them.
If that was MY friend, I would've called 9-1-1 and said, "Rape in progress."

Lots of facts/details here.

When you're a Superbowl winning QB, you can get all the girls you want.
Why have sex with a drunk firl against her will when there are thousands 
of sober PittsburgH girls who would give it away willingly?

The prosecutor who decided not to press charges indicated he wanted to press charges
but, due to the actions of the bodyguards, there was no "evidence" of a crime.

I cannot think of any circumstance where a man should be alone behind closed doors
with a drunk female stranger while his bodyguards prevent anyone from interfering.

Also, the NFL seems to think he's guilty.
They've suspended him for 4-6 games.

To make things worse, rumors are PittsburgH is going to draft a quarterback.

Those who've been reading a long time know I have no problem with Roethlisberger
and I'm always demanding clear-cut evidence before somebody gets locked up.

But this has a bad smell to it - just my opinion.

Charlie Sheen shaved his head a la Britney.
He also says he's thru with Two and Half Men.

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