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Subject: your sexism offends me

Bart:, you wrote:

>  Note: I'm not a fan of breast implants, but Kate might be the exception.
> What kills me is when a girl seems perfectly proportioned, like early Pamela Anderson,
>  and then she pays a doctor to put comical, watermelon-sized balloons on her chest. 

Yes, that's what I wrote - that's my opinion.

Bart, when we can have discussions on the size of men's penises, and whether they have had 
implants to help their erectile dysfunction, I won't have to comment on your sexism. 

Shouldn't you identify the alledged sexism before we start the conversation?
Seems my "I like women without implants" rant should be seen as anti-sexist.
I could better see your point if I wrote "All women need bigger breasts."

The pictures of the women are one thing--(not my cup of tea, but I can tolerate it)--but to 
comment on Kate Hudson's size and condition of her breasts is crossing the line of decorum. 

I'm not allowed to comment on the stories in the news?
You wouldn't know who I was if that was the case.

I feel like I'm at my local grocery store at the meat counter and am listening to people 
discussing the quality of the meat.

What if we were talking about Kate's new hairdo?
In both cases, she writes a check and changes occur.

Kate gave up her anonymity when she became a rich and famous hottie.
It's not my fault if her choice to have surgery was in the news..

One reason it was in the news is she was on record as late as 2008 saying
she was "very comfortable with her body and wouldn't want to change it."

Maybe women do all sorts of "corrective" surgery to their bodies so they don't 
have to be criticized by others; all the assessments cause us to hate our bodies. 

...and it's all the more outrageous when some one that good-looking gets "corrected," right?  
I get that, but I'm certainly not the cause.  As I said, I'm usually against enhancement surgery.

I once read that every woman, from schoolteachers to strippers to nuns had self loathing
for their bodies, no matter how good their bodies looked, or how they were raised.

Probably true but again, not my fault.

I'm sure Mrs. Bart and all your other female readers would agree with me. 

I failt to see how anything I wrote on this subject would make you feel uncomfortable.
Maybe you're actually angry with Kate, being one of the best-looking women in Hollywood
having succumbed to the pressure to "fix" what wasn't wrong?

If I wrote, "Kate's no good without bigger breasts," then I could better see your point.

If they don't, it's probably because they have been conditioned to accept the 
constant critical verbal analysis of our bodies.

If your point if that it's sad that someone like as pretty as Kate Hudson feels pressure from 
society to conform to some rigid image of what "pretty" should be, I might agree with that.

I love you, Bart, but this stuff offends me.

I, as always, am innocent of all charges.

As pigs go, I'm actually a prince.

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