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Subject: 'that 'Miss Divisive' crap

Obama did not take every county by a TWO to one margin.  That would mean he had
66% of the vote in every county.  He did not.  Many yes.  One he had a 15 to 1 margin.
Another he had 1 delegate to none.  So haw many people were in that room?  Two?  Three?
Pretty small turnout in Garfield county.

I'll guess some of those were Republican counties that won't vote for Obama in November.
But some counties were far closer with one a 15 to 13 split.  So should we accept dishonesty
from an Obama reporter as a reason for Clinton to be dropped?

But why all the hate from Democrats at Democrats?  Or at least hate from the Obamaites.
Clinton supporters don't hate Obama.  Mostly they just prefer Clinton.

Do the Obamaites not understand that those who want universal healthcare are a special interest group?

That unions are a special interest group?
That those who oppose tax cuts for the wealthy are a special interest group?
That is a special interest group.
That the NEA is a special interest group.
Conservationists against global warming are a special interest group as well.

Opposing special interest groups means you hate everyone.
 -- ole zenferret

That's true - Disabled Veterans are a special interest group, as are people with HIV.
Same for AARP and you could even say women are a special interest group.

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