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Subject: Vegas not so bad

It would really suck to be in air conditioning in Las Vegas 365 days a year.  
It does get down to freezing - and all in our winter.  Yes we have winter.  Brrrrr.....
I sure wish people were still flocking here.  
All the casinos are laying off workers.  
Trump has barely opened the doors and is laying people off.

ha ha
Trump - he brought tacky back to Vegas.
Actually I did only come to Vegas because my job forced me to.  
First visit was a trip to CES pimping for the company I worked for.  
Second "visit" was when I moved here for a job. :)  
I ain't leaving.
I know what little water bottles Mark Morford was talking about.  
Its the free water to gamblers that choose not to get soft or hard drinks of other types.  
You only see those if you are at a slot machine or gaming table.  
So....  Mark obviously enjoyed himself doing what visitors do in Las Vegas - gambling.
FWIW about energy.  
Las Vegas is of course next to Hoover Dam which is one of the larger hydro-electric 
power sites though most of that power goes past Vegas to California or away to Arizona.  
Nevada is the largest producer state of solar electricity 
and working on being the largest producer of wind based electricity.
I used to think it was stupid to live in the desert because of the water thing.  
But...  It means we aren't living on arable land that could be used for agriculture.  
Agriculture needs far more water than even the Bellagio fountains.    ha ha
Vegas ain't really that bad in the destroy the planet sweepstakes amongst urban areas.  
We're higher density than most places due to the BLM land surrounding us forcing 
absolute limits and higher density is "greener".  We have no sprawling suburbs 
stretching for miles and miles.
-- ole zenferret 
 Still in Vegas and will be until it shrivels up and blows away in the desert winds.

Dude, always good to hear from you.
I like the way you write and you always make sense.

Yep, Vegas is one of those topics that some people would rather climb a tree and 
complain about it rather than stay on the ground and say "Who cares?" and let it go.

And funny about Morford's possible gambling...
Think about how many men go to Vegas, and take advantage of the cop's laissez faire
attitude towards expensive call girls coming to your casino hotel room for cash, then go 
back home and preach to all their friends about how awful Las Vegas is to visit.

I'm not saying Morford did anything.
I'm just saying they didn't build all those billion dollar mega-resorts
because people were disappointed with their trip to Vegas.

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