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Subject: Toyota's problems 

I hope youíre happy with your Toyota.  I would be miserable. 
Iím extremely happy with my Jeep.  It is a matter of taste. 

Your Toyota is not more reliable than my Jeep. 
(I hated the Chevy car my wife had so its not a hate the Japanese thing) 
You get things I donít.  I get things you donít.

Zen, you're usually right, but not this time.
Pick up a Consumer Reports Magazine.
They'll tell you they surveyed thousands of Toyota buyers and they, along with Honda 
and Lexus owners, are hueueueugely pleased with the quality of their cars.

They even put it in numbers.
Some people had zero complaints after a year, while some other cars
has dozens of complaints after a year. I believe their math.

But the reason it was under warranty is that it is required by law as safety equipment. 
And for 8 years  Not a thing to do with being a Toyota.  Blame those damned liberals for that.

Glad the Toyota dealer made you think you got a special deal out of their living up to a legal requirement.

That's an unnecessary slap - calling me stupid.

I've found that most American companies are willing to break the law 
to screw their customers out of an extra nickel and Toyota isn't like that..

I've told this story before.
I bought a brand new 1986 Cutlass Supreme with a "bumper to bumper" warranty.
After I had it 11 months, I took it back to the dealership with 14 complaints.

They told me 13 of my complaints weren't covered on my "bumper to bumper" warranty
so forgive me if I liked hearing, "No charge" after 52 months of driving.

One day I was in a hurry and as I got in the car the door handle came off in my hand.
It was attached to the door by two screws and a piece of f-ing cardboard.
I'm sure about that because the goddamn handle was in my hand.

I paid $16,600 for that car and I wished I'd paid $16,605 for it and gotten
a small piece of wood or metal to attached the door handles.

This was during my Hard Rock Island bar days. I lost that car when a 
waitress from the bar next to mine drove home drunk and hit me head on.


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