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Volume 384 - The South Rises Again

 January 18, 2001

 Rush's bitch, Sean Hannity, was filling in today while the vulgar Pigboy
 was having yet another hampsterectomy from his lower intestine.
 As you'd expect, Hannity couldn't stop talking about Jesse Jackson.

 Instead of admitting that most men are pigs, he made Jesse's cheating about race.
 To hear Sean Insanity tell it, white people don't cheat, only those mud people cheat.

 One thing he said was he couldn't figure out what was going on in Jesse's mind.

 "Why wasn't he thinking about his spouse?" he asked.
 "What was he thinking?" he wanted to know.

 Hey, asshole!
 If you want to know why married people cheat on their wives, pick up
 the damn phone and call Dan Burton (R-has bastard) and ask him, you prick!

 ...and when you're done hearing Burton's excuses, call Henry Hyde (R-Broke up family)
 Ask Ol' Chalky-Thighs why he posed for this goddamn picture with his whore.

 Look at that son of a bitch, fucking posing with his little tramp.
 This woman left her husband and kids for that fat bastard.
 Jesse might've screwed up, but he didn't pose for pictures with her, did he?

 ...and when you're done hearing Henry Hyde's excuses, hang up and call former
 Rep Helen Chenoweth, (R-Militia Moll) the only woman in the history of the House of Representatives
 to literally  "fuck her brains out," with her boy-toy and assorted pieces of one-inch PCV pipe.

 ...and when you're done hearing Helen Chenoweth's excuses, hang up and call Bob Barr (R-Negro)
 Wait - Barr didn't cheat on his wife, he murdered his unborn daughter.
 Yeah, that's right.

 Bob Barr told Larry King (saw it myself) that the reason he wrote a check to that suburban Atlanta
 women's clinic so they'd suck his daughter out of his wife's womb into a sink was because,
 "We have a joint checking account, Larry."

 So Sean, you lying ball of phlem, when you go looking for hypocrisy, why don't you
 clean up your own goddamn back yard before you think about attacking others?

 There's a website called http://toy.thespark.com/burn

 What they do is take polite talk like you and I use
 and then they spice it up, helping out the more timid folk among us.

 Earlier today I had a mini-rant against Jesse Jackson.
 If you haven't read it, you might  read it first, (down a foot or two)
 then click below to see how thespark.com "fixes" it.

 Click  Here

 By the way, you might wonder why I'm pounding on Jesse,
 because some think I was too easy on Clinton.

 Look at it this way:
 The LA cops were fools to screw up the OJ crime scene, right?
 But the Boulder cops watched months and months of OJ's trial coverage about
 "how not to fuck up a crime scene," and THEN they went to Jon Benet's house.

 Smirk: "Our long national nightmare of peace and prosperity is finally over."

 Click  Here

 Have you been watching The Mole?

 I saw part of the first episode, and it looked OK, nothing too great,
 but when I saw this "Spot the Traitor," I got real interested.
 I can spot a damn traitor from a mile away.

            Charlie                         Henry                          Jennifer                          Jim

             Kate                            Kathy                         George                        Wendi

 I see the traitor!
 I see the traitor!
 He's Number Seven, George - the dirty rat!

 What do I win?
 Ummie have my prize!
 Ummie have my prize!

From: liz@zrusilla.com

Subject: Pigboy the naked racist

Eric Zorn of the Tribune also listens to Pigboy so we don't have to:

Note this particularly egregious outburst of racism:

Also on Jan. 9: "Bush won 55.6 percent of the non-African-American vote.
An 11-point-plus landslide. ... What does Bush owe people who didn't vote for him?
... It cannot be said that Bush owes these people anything in the political sense.
You take that black vote out of there, Bush has one hell of a mandate, does he not?"

I heard that, too.
It helps disprove Smirk's lie, "I want to be everybody's president."

 Unseemly Alliances
  By Bob Herbert

 Click Here

 George W. Bush is a nice guy, right?
 A uniter, not a divider.
 So why does he keep such bad company?

 Yesterday, Pigboy said a bombshell was coming

 When I got to work, Vic the Racist was howling, saying Jesse Jackson admitted fathering
 a child not by his wife - way to go, Jesse. Your timing was perfect, ...Reverend.

 Can you be a reverend and go around bagging the babes?
 Hey, Jesse, you ever hear of a condom?
 You ever hear of getting ...a Monica instead or having "sexual relations?"
 Mostly, have you ever thought about keeping your wedding vows?

 Twenty months old, so he/she was born May of 1999, so she must've gotten preggers
 around August of 1998, which was the same month Clinton went on TV to admit he'd
 had an "improper relationship" with a woman.

 That means it was seven months AFTER the Monica story broke.
 Seven months, Jesse, after Monica, you were shooting semen into your girlfriend?

 Jesse - what were you non-thinking?

From: john_larney@yahoo.com

Subject: Rock On!

     Finally someone publishes stuff on how idiotic Don Feder is.
I have read his column faithfully for entertainment purposes because nobody makes me angrier
than he does and I can barely imagine which simps buy his unadulterated, fabricated bullshit.

Of course he's entitled to his (moronic) opinion, but I fear for those who believe his vitriolic pap as gospel.
Without pigfuckers like Feder, there would be no contrast.

 John, you are correct.  It's hard to believe someone can write
 "...Hillary planting a big wet one on Mrs. Arafat,"
 and still be taken seriously - fucking amazing.

 In today's America, that horseshit passes for journalism.
 By comparison, they make BartCop's Treehouse look intelligent and sophisticated.

 If I was on a talk show with that worthless shit Feder, I would've popped him.
 Maybe if word got out that when you say something that outrageous you have to wonder if
 the liberal on the panel might launch on you, but, ...there are no liberals willing to fight anymore.

 Metallica bassist quits band

 NEW YORK (Billboard) - Jason Newsted has left Metallica after 14 years.
 "Due to private and personal reasons, and the physical damage that I have done to myself
 over the years while playing the music that I love, I must step away from the band,"
 Newsted said in a statement.

 "We part ways with Jason with more love, more mutual respect and more understanding of
 each other than at any other point in the past," drummer Lars Ulrich added. "I'm looking forward
 to hiring his replacement for less money which means more money in my pocket, which,
 frankly, is why I keep doing this year after year."

Cosmo lauds Debra Messing

NEW YORK (AP) - Cosmopolitan magazine has named Debra Messing its
Fun Fearless Female of 2001. Messing, star of NBC's "Will and Grace,"
is on the cover of the February issue, now on newsstands.
Cosmo editors chose the 32-year-old for her "professional and romantic resume,"
which includes her Emmy nomination for best actress in a comedy.

 Great Scientific Quotes

 "Who ever thought that you could make light stand still?"
   -- Dr. Seth Lloyd

 Click  Here

From the Viva Las Vegas Newsletter

Coinless slots are getting more and more common. It's already happening in some
Vegas casinos, and plans are in the works for testing some coinless slots at a few Strip casinos.
Watch for this new system to eventually replace most large coin payouts.

Players can still hear the sound of coins dropping, thanks to special audio chips
inside the slots that simulate the noise of coins hitting a tray.

...big Al Gore sigh

To Subscribe: send an e-mail to billhere@lvcm.com
On the Subject line write: subscribe

 The Dangers of Hiring People Smarter than You

 "I doubt Mr. Bush's contention that tax cuts are
   the right antidote to the looming economic downturn."
   --  Treasury Secretary-designate Paul O'Neill

 ha ha

 Full Story

 How a once-respected, but now turned-whore newspaper operates

 Full Whore Story

 Start with a big, flashy headline that sure to provoke families of the dead.

 January 18, 2001
 Embassy Suspect Warned U.S. of Yemen Attack, Papers Show

 But, when you read the story, they reluctantly reveal part of the truth

 It could not be learned how the authorities followed up on the information
 or how detailed it was.

 You see how they are?
 For all we know, this suspect said, "Someone might be planning an attack
 on a US ship somewhere in the Middle East in the year 2000."

 But a whore paper can't increase circulation that way, so they get all "Fox News" on us
 with their headline designed to get Clinton-hater's attention because, after all,
 it'd be just like Bill Clinton to intentionally send our servicemen to their deaths, right?

 Since Matt Drudge became managing editor of the New York Whore Times, they've run
 one embarassing story after another - all designed to draw attention to Clinton's cock.

 New York Times - thy name is whore.

From: tonycliftonn@yahoo.com

Subject: Catholic?

"The Pope is  wrong  in opposing the death penalty.
 The pontiff has  misinterpreted  the teachings of the church."
   -- OK Gov Frank Keating (R-Better Catholic than the Pope)

Hmmm...last time I checked, the Vatican was infallable.
The Vatican, as a point of Catholic belief, is never and has never been wrong about anything.
This is a matter of Catholic doctrine.

Keating must be a bad catholic.


Well, he's certainly not as good a Catholic as I am, which is pretty damn scary.
Y'know, I'm not asking the Church to straighten up on my account.
I don't want back in...
I won't go back until God appears before me and does tricks.

When I "attack" the Church, it's like when I "attack" the spineless, bend-over Democrats.
I expect so much more from them than they are giving.

But when Keating attacks the Pope, he's calling him a liar and a fraud.
You don't tell the Pope he's "wrong," and still be considered a good Catholic.

 What's the point of having a religious zealot on your team
  if he's going to abandon his priciples for the sake of politics?

 Full Story

 Whore City, Jan. 17 John Ashcroft told the Senate Judiciary Committee today that, if
 confirmed as attorney general, he would not seek any opportunities to challenge Roe v. Wade,
 the Supreme Court's landmark ruling upholding abortion rights, a statement that momentarily
 alarmed some of his supporters in the anti-abortion movement.

 Mr. Ashcroft said he expected to take that position even if the Whore Court
 was to change in a way that might make the court more inclined to overturn Roe.

 So, is Ashcroft a liar? ...a traitor? ...or just a poll-following, political weasel-bastard?

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