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Volume 395 - It's Clear to me

 January 29, 2001 

 West Wing Sweeps Stunt

 NBC will let the fans select their favorite two episodes as part of its "Best of 'The West Wing'"
 online voting for broadcast Feb. 25 (9-11 p.m.). You have until midnight Feb. 21 to vote on this Web site:

 Viewers can choose two of 10 candidates culled from the show's first season it won an Emmy
 as best drama including the series pilot, "In Excelsis Deo" (the first season's Christmas episode)
 and "Take This Sabbath Day" (concerning capital punishment).

 Hey, NBC!
 I have an idea - why not run NEW episodes during sweeps weeks?

 Gore Wins Florida

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More assets frozen in Ralston options case

Whore City, (Reuters) - U.S. regulators on Thursday said they moved to freeze more assets
in an insider trading case against unidentified people accused of allegedly trading on confidential
information before Nestle SA's planned acquisition of Ralston Purina Co.

The SEC said a New York federal court modified a temporary restraining order to freeze the assets
of unidentified traders as well as new traders Wednesday afternoon, and the SEC's complaint was
amended to include charges against additional overseas firms.

As much as $1.841 million in assets of ``known and unknown'' traders may be frozen, the SEC said.
The asset freeze will be in place until a hearing Friday on the SEC's request for a preliminary injunction.

The recent moves come after the SEC filed charges, alleging purchases and sales of options on Ralston's
stock before Swiss food group Nestle announced on January 16 that it was buying U.S. pet food
company Ralston for about $10 billion.

This fraud, former Senator John Danforth (R-Dog Food) is the one who sponsored
Clarence (Slappy) Thomas (R-Ignorant Racist) the smartest black man currently on
the Whore Court, and John Ashcroft, (R-KKK)

...and he's a stock swindler to boot?

 It's Clear to Me

 For years, the greedy right-wing has been screaming for a tax-cut for the super-rich.
 They've always said, "When the economy goes bad, you need tax cuts."
 But under Clinton's laser beam, the economy was always gangbusters.

 But they still want - still need - that tax cut for the super-rich.
 So they decided to wreck the economy to create the "need" for tax cuts.

 If you were pulling the strings, how would you wreck the economy?
 The fastest way to do that would be to raise the cost of energy.
 If you can skyrocket the cost of gasoline, heating oil and natural gas, every product in
 America will cost more, prices will rise, and the economy will slow down.

 So how do you make oil prices rise?
 You turn the Republican Party over to two men whose loyalty is to the oil companies.
 Then you have them contact Ariel Sharon and ask him if he'd like to take a hundred
 bodyguards and go for a harmless stroll in occupied territory to piss off the Palestinians.
 If you can create a riot, (not hard to do in Israel) you can destabilize the price of oil.

 Meanwhile, back in America, you get together with your oil buddies and s l o w l y
 cut back on production of heating oil and natural gas, creating a "shortage."
 Then you have your whore allies in the press start the drumbeat that the real problem
 in California is those darn liberals tried to get in the way of Big Oil's profit plans,
 then repeat the horseshit charge that "Clinton had no energy policy."

 What's the result?

 - two oil men in the White House,
 - billions in windfall profits for the oil companies who bankrolled Smirk,
 - a new "energy policy" about to hit consumers,
 - "voluntary" pollution restrictions are coming,
 - oil derricks (and oil spills) in Yellowstone, Yosemite and Denali,
   and one other thing...darn, I can't remember what it was...

 Darn, I thought there was one more thing, but I can't...

 Oh, yeah,

 The economy is in such shit-shape, it needs a "jump start."
 and what better way to do that  than a tax cut for the super-rich?

 It's clear to me.


Subject: El Doofus

Resident smirk said today, and I heard it,
that some people have problems with his "faith based" inititatives because they
"see it as eroding the IMPORTANT BRIDGE between Church and State."

I am NOT making this up.

Bridge?  What bridge?
I don't see no fucking bridge?

This is going to be MUCH worse than we thought.


 Did you notice, during the Super Bowl, CBS kept a camera on Ray Lewis
 every second before the game, during the game, and after the game?

 That way, if he murdered somebody, they'd have it on film.

 And now, a word from a polar bear.

 Please don't let that idiot Smirk
 fuck up my food sources, ...please?


Subject: Thought you'd be interested in this...

I was flipping thru the channels on my tv a few minutes ago and saw a news clip on Nancy Reagan.
She's supposed to be a guest on Larry King Live on February 6th and one of the topics to be
discussed was the house that the Reagans were given as a gift.. She says that it was given to them
because they didn't have a house at the time and had no place to live and that it was just a 'loan'.

Funny thing that the Repubs are bitching about the Clintons taking silverware and pillows from
Air Force One, but the Reagans get a $200,000 house and that's just a 'gift'.
Sort of like the Repubs trying to get Clinton for his pot smoking but they ignore Smirk's DUI's.

I love the smell of Republican hypocrisy in the morning.LOL.
I found your website while searching for political web stuff on AOL Netfind
about 2 weeks ago and I really enjoy it. Keep up the great work!


Kelly, maybe it was a typo, but a $200,000 house?
I'm sure their maid and butler live in much more expensive housing than $200,000.

Thanks for the note.

 Ronald Wilson Reagan
 Druggie, Scumbag and ...Rapist?

 Click  Here

 Reagan met starlet Selene Walters in a Hollywood nightclub in the early 1950s.
 "Although I was on a date," she quotes Walters as saying, "Ronnie kept whispering
 in my ear, 'I'd like to call you. How can I get in touch with you?'

 "Hoping that Reagan, then president of the Screen Actors Guild, could boost her career,
 Walters gave him her address and was surprised when he came calling at 3 A.M.
 "He pushed his way inside and said he just had to see me. He forced me on the couch
 . . . and said, 'Let's just get to know each other.' It was the most pitched battle I've ever had,
 and suddenly in a matter of seconds I lost. . . .
"Date rape? No, God, no, that's [Kelley's] phrase.
 I didn't have a chance to have a date with him."

 Thanks to Throgg for sending that

 More on the Ronald Reagan Rape

  Click  Here

 ...and our own Tamara Baker did a great story on the Reagan Rape

 More on the Ronald Reagan Rape

 Click Here

 ...and Rackjite did a story on the Reagan Rape, too.

 More on the Ronald Reagan Rape

 Click  Here

 But, as always, the press didn't want to hear about this,
 because it didn't involve Clinton's cock so it wasn't news.

 Another Republican rapist

 Nurse believes Clinton-hater Chmura's accuser was sexually assaulted

 Click  Here

Hey, Rush,

I came to see you the other day at your office.
Your secretary wasn't at her desk, so I just walked right in.
You had the strangest look of surprise on your face.

Did I come at a bad time?
What were you about to do when I caught you?

Click  Here

 Great Political Quotes

 When it comes to the Bush tax plan, you can't just lead everyone
 to believe they have a benefit until they read the fine print.
 They may be trying to do to the country what they did to Florida.
  -- Charlie Rangle (D-One of the few fighters we have)

The Pretender

Illegitimate and ill at ease,
George W. Bush begins what looks to be a retro presidency

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 Pinch Me

 Jeb Bush says he doesn't want offshore oil drilling near Florida because
 "the fragile ecosystem that surrounds our beautiful state can't take it."

 I agree.

 We should keep Florida pristine and oil-spill Alaska and our national parks, instead.
 Koresh knows Jeb and the Florida GOP should be rewarded.

 Human bones found during search for atheist leader O'Hair

 Did you ever see Madalyn Murray O'Hair debate?
 She was one of the best.

 I have some of her debates on tape, and there's never been anyone like her.
 She was an expert at staying on-point and she knew the Bible.
 Obviously, she was undefeated.
 It's easy to be - if you're right.

 A sad way for a hero to die...

 Dennis Miller Back on MNF Next Year

 ABC Sports has announced the whole team is coming back next year.
 Dennis Miller, Dan Fouts, Al Michaels, Eric Dickerson and Melissa Stark
 will return to bring us Monday Night Football.

 After six years of declining ratings,
 MNF had a ratings increase of 7 percent in 2000.

 ...and he didn't say "fuck" once.

 I have a question.

 Let's say one of our fighting men is stationed overseas and his wife decide
 together that they need to terminate her pregnancy, what options does she have
 now that Smirk has practiced the politics of division?


 Isn't it funny that they want to investigate the Marc Rich pardon, because
 the ex-wife gave what was it, $200,000 to the Democratic Party?


Yet they see no reason to investigate the Bush pardons, which would've revealed
 how Reagan and Bush illegally siezed the White House in 1980 by encouraging
 Iran to hold those hostages another few months.

 "Mr. Ayatollah, Sir, if you keep those hostages until after we take office,
  we'll sell you weapons you can use against Saddam.  You can't get a deal
 this good from President Carter - Only Reagan will make this deal."

 They want to investigate the possible jay-walking offenses
 while letting the Charles Manson types steal the White House.

 ...and the whore press gleefully goes along for the ride.

 By the way, has Lee Hamilton (D-Traitor who bent over for Reagan-Bush during Iran-Contra)
 gotten his cushy payback ambassadorship from Smirk yet?



Subject: The classy administration

Dear Mr. Raspberry,

After reading your article this morning about the vandalism of the White House
by the Clintonites, I was shocked by the allegations, which are just unbelievable.
But you know, I'm really not surprised by anything those people do after eight years
of running wild in Washington.  One thing though was omitted.  My silly local newspaper,
slugs that they sometimes are, forgot to run the photos of the vandalism with your fine
journalistic piece.  So I called down to the editor-in-chief, and his office said that you
hadn't sent any photos along with your fine journalistic piece.

Would you please e-mail those photos to me?
I'll tell you why I would like to see them, Mr. Raspberry.
You made some pretty serious allegations, which I don't for a second doubt.
You said there was "graffiti in bathrooms, alleged in some reports" and "garbage
in refrigerators, cut phone lines and overturned desks (also reported)."
You also reported that someone "stole government property from Air Force One".

Reported by whom, sir?
Reported by the same people who sent you pictures of the vandalism?
I so look forward to seeing those pictures....I know you are busy and all writing fine
journalistic pieces for the masses, but do you think you could send those photos today?

See, my naysayer wife thinks your fine journalistic piece is just a bunch of horseshit.
I can't wait to prove her wrong.

Maybe call over to CNN and ask for Wolf Blitzer.  He must surely have some photos,
if not all the vandalism recorded on videotape.  See, I heard him the other day bellyaching
about having to spend his hard-earned taxes to pay for this vandalism that "is reported to be
several hundred thousand dollars."  A respected journalist like Mr. Blitzer wouldn't be on
world-wide television making statements like that if he didn't have proof.

Would he?
Would you be so kind to let me know if he has that footage?

Oh, just one other cute personal story concerning your fine journalistic piece.
My 2 year old has a stomach virus, and after breakfast this morning started to vomit.
I grabbed the nearest thing to shove under her mouth to keep her from throwing up on the table.
When I looked down she had thrown up all over your fine journalistic piece, which was
accompanied by your smiling face.  As you can imagine, I too smiled.

Geoff Butler

ha ha

 Great Oreo Cookie Quotes

 The record is clear, and it is this:
 Ashcroft is the most qualified candidate for attorney general in recent history, if not ever.
 He has a strong record of working to protect equal opportunity and the rights of all Americans.
 He is fair, compassionate and tolerant.
 (More tongue, O.J., more tongue)
 Most of all, Ashcroft is a man of his word.
 He has given us his word that he will enforce the law for all Americans.
   -- Uncle OJ Watts, (R-Extra Crispy) the only openly-black Republican,
       gleefully stabbing his people in the back for money and power. the way, Uncle OJ, how many illegitimate kids have you fathered?


 More reports coming in on the "terrible vandalism" done by Democrats.
 Bush staffers claimed someone changed the sign in the White House Communications office to read
 "Office of White House Communications and Strategery."

 ha ha

 Do I think "vandalism" like this happened?
 You bet your ass I believe that happened.

 But that other crap?
 It's another Fox News whorefest - otherwise, we'd see pictures.

 One other thing about this "terrible vandalism."
 If B'Orinn Hatch or Fred (Tennesse Tuxedo) Thompson or Arlen Specter came out and said,
 "I have seen the damage with my own eyes and I want somebody charged with a crime,"
 then I'd say there's a chance something happened - but we didn't see that, did we?
 No, the charge was made by "Bush staffers."

 It was all made up, every fucking bit, and the whore press took the bait, (as ordered)
 and ran with it on Page One, and every two-bit talk show in America can't shut up about it.

 They are such lazy whores - each and every one.


Subject: Bartcop fags

Stupid homo gay fags don't gay up our military!

Sir or Madam,
YOUR president is for "Don't ask, don't tell," just like Clinton.
What's your problem?

 Is there anyone reading this who thinks Star Wars is a good idea?
 I'd sure like to hear from someone who believes in that literal "pie in the sky."

 And tell me how Star Wars will protect us from a bomb on a boat entering the San Francisco Bay.

 Tally Briggs / Actress at Large

 Click  Here

 Idiot Monkey Mail

 I wish Planned Parenthood President Gloria Feldt would quit lumping all women together,
 as if we think with one brain. Some women, like myself, oppose abortion. I think it's another
 tool to degrade women - and that perhaps some women are mentally and physically swayed
 to have abortions by their boyfriends, husbands and ever their parents.

 How about such countries as India and China, where female babies - detected by sonogram -
 are aborted more frequently than males?

 Ann Hrebinko,
 PittsburgH, PA

 Why do they always bring that up?
 What India and China do is none of our business.
 Why do they think that's helps their sugement, dragging India and China into it?

 Hey, Lady!
 If you don't want to have an abortion - don't have one.
 If someone tried to force you to have an abortion you don't want, call me, I'll help you.
 But why don't you practice "less government" and stay out of other people's lives?

 Who do you think you are, Laura the Unloved?

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