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Volume 396 - The Ayes of Disarray

 January 30, 2001 
We had a scare this morning -  wouldn't come up.
Write this address down -
When Ashcrotf is confirmed, he may try to shut us down and there'll be
no way to communicate with you without the Forum.

The whore media strikes again

I caught a few minutes of the news on TV yesterday before I turned it off in disgust.
It doesn't even matter which channel I was watching because they've all become Fox News.
Fox has blazed the trail for horseshit news,  and has quickly become a contender, so all
the braindead, monkey see-monkey-do news outlets have turned "all-whore all the time."

Item One

"A very defensive Hillary Clinton gives a blistering statement saying she'll
  no longer answer critic's charges on big last-minute gifts."

Then they showed a very calm, business-like Hillary saying that she and Bill accepted
roughly the same yearly dollar amounts of gifts as George and Barbara Bush did.

There were no hysterics.
There was no defensiveness.
There certainly was no "blistering."
It was all a whore scam by the "new whore media" we're now stuck with.

Item Two

Right after that, "a shocking and surprisingly bold and provocative move
by Puff Daddy opened his trial in New York on gun charges."

His "shocking, surprisingly provocative move?
He stood up and faced the jury, to show them he was just a man.
Koresh knows how bold and provocative standing up can be.

Then, of course, they showed a picture of J-Lo in the green dress from the Emmy's.

The major networks have become more whore when they're serious, than I do when I'm kidding.
Sure, I sneak some babe pics in now & then but this is a goddamn treehouse!
I'm not asking for your trust.
I'm not telling you "I'm the most trusted place for news," (altho I might be...)

What the hell does that green dress in Los Angeles
have to do with the guilt or innocence of Puff Daddy in New York?

The evening news is selling titties!

Then it got worse.
They said the prosecution had "a bold move of their own. In their opening argument
 prosecutors said Puff Daddy "possibly fired a shot" inside the club.

They prosecute on "possibly" these days?

Whitey needs "this nigger" jailed so bad, we bring up "possibly?"
BTW, you know who Puffy's lawyer is, right?
Johnny Cochran.

ha ha

The prosecutors better be cheating
They're about to lose this trial.

Consumer confidence plummets

Look at the damn chart!
In August and September, confidence was still on the rise.
In October, after Gore muffed the debates, when it started to look like that Texas moron
might actually smirk his way into the White House, America's confidence started to crumble.


NEW YORK (AP) — Consumer confidence fell sharply in January to its lowest level
in four years, driven down by growing fears of a recession, an industry group said Tuesday.
The survey came as Federal Reserve officials met to determine whether or not to cut interest rates
in an attempt to stimulate the struggling U.S. economy.

The consumer confidence index dropped more than 14 points to 114.4,
the lowest level since December 1996 when it was 114.2, the Conference Board reported.

"The decline in confidence raises a new alarm about the fragility of the economy,
 with consumers decidedly more pessimistic about business and employment conditions,"
said Lynn Franco, director of the Conference Board's Consumer Research Center.

Tell the truth, lady.
The fragility is in this idiot.

America is headed for another recession,
so Smirky's oil buddies can get their precious tax cut.


Subject: Bush brushes aside reports of vandalism


I just paid my first visit to your site, and I love it.  I realize this is old news by now,
but I haven't heard very many people talking about it. This was buried in the Washington Post.
To view the entire article, go to

Some computer keyboards at the White House apparently have had the "W" key removed.

Gee - it doesn't look like $200,000 worth of damage...

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Bush brushed aside reports of vandalism
at the White House by departing members of the Clinton administration.

"There might have been a prank or two, maybe somebody put a cartoon on the wall, but that's OK,"
Bush said Friday. "It's time now to move forward."

Go to hell, Smirk!

This SOB - has his staff trash the Clinton staffers, accusing them of $200,000 worth of vandalism.
He lets that story have it's 168 hours on Fox Whore News and the CCN,
then stands up and says, "We must stop this divisiveness and move forward."

He, Smirky, YOU started the divisiveness.
You could've started your presidency on a positive note, but nooooooooooooooooo.

You thought it'd be real fucking cute to fabricate another horseshit story about "Clinton crimes"
just to start some shit as a distraction from whatever it is you're really doing.

...and the lying whore press gives your lies as much coverage as you ask for.



Subject: Still no pix

Until we see actual pix of the damage, how can we know it occurred?

Q:  Ari, how dismayed is the President about the vandalism,
and what does he want you to do with the cataloging once it's completed?

MR. FLEISCHER: You know, I think we really dealt with that question. His focus
is on governing. He's not focused on any of the things that took place as we arrived here.
The cataloging that I mentioned, frankly, that's one person in their administrative offices
who is really just keeping track in his head about things that may have taken place.
So we've moved beyond it.

In other words, it's all in your head, Dubya!


Excellent article
Sticking Another Shiv in the Clintons

Click  Here

 ...and wouldn't you know it?
 Once again, it's NBC leading the charge.


Subject: The Marc Rich Pardon

Hi BC,
I forwarded your piece regarding pardons to a friend and union
legal activist. Here is what he said in reply:

All true. But the Rich thing is bad, bad, bad. This man sold weapons to the
Ayatollah, Contras, stole fifty million from the taxpayers, ran as a fugitive
from the law, got 800,000 for the DNC through his wife. But what do we
expect in a democracy that has replaced "elections" with "auctions."
Meanwhile the kid with a dime bag of crack pleads to possession and does two
years in Leavenworth.
The hypocrisy is there, but the corrupt is bipartisan.
And the thing about  "buy-partisanship" is when the wealthy buy one party they get two.


Can't say I disagree with him at all. Can you?

Michael, this is not an attack, it's a question:
Does your friend have any idea what he's talking about?
From what source did he get his information?
What non-whore news outlet is NOT looking to increase circulation?

Reminder: This is a comedy treehouse - NOT a research facility.
Don't get your facts from me, but I'll tell you what I've heard.

Rich and two oil companies sold some oil to Iran.
Rudy Giuliani wanted to be known as "tough on crime" so he busted Rich
(because he was a known Democratic contributor) and charged him with these
outrageous felonies that everyone else says were misdemeanors.

On top of that, the oil company dudes weren't even charged.
How do you sell oil to Iran without oil company help?

So, IF it's true that Guiliani picked out Marc Rich to get famous with,
and IF it's true he didn't charge the oil boys involved,
and IF it's true that whatever laws he broke back then have been re-written as
misdemeanors because everyone agreed they were mischaracterized as felonies,
then it's very possible the pardon was well deserved.

I'm not wanting to do a "forever" on this topic (However, I will if they same I'm ducking)
but ask your friend if he's familiar with the circumstances I've outlined.
If his point is, "It's politics, everybody does it," then I agree.

Your friend says Rich sold weapons to the Ayatollah? Weapons from where, his garage?
It's impossible for one man to sell American-made weapons and oil to Iran.
You have to have access to the weapons and the oil.
You have to be able to transport the weapons and the oil.
You have to go thru customs. (I suppose, I'm not a smuggler.)
Marc Rich couldn't do shit without domestic help, yet "tough on crime" Guiliani
chose to charge only one man - the Democratic contributor?

I think it's crazy to look at 18 men playing baseball and
single one player out for scratching himself and spitting.

Maybe now that Clinton is available, he can start answering his critics.
All we can do is guess, and your friend seems to have guessed negatively.

The Smirk Era is Upon Us

 Last week's Layoff Report

 Chrysler                   26,000 jobs lost
 Lucent                      10,000 jobs lost
 WorldCom               10,000 jobs lost
 GM                          14,400 jobs lost
 Sara Lee                   7,000 jobs lost
 JC Penney                 5,500 jobs lost
 Ford                           4,150 jobs lost
 Textron                      3,600 jobs lost
 Caterpillar                 2,500 jobs lost
 AOL/Time Warner   2,000 jobs lost

 That was just last week.

 Way to go, America.
 You wanted a "new direction" - you got it.

 Longtime  reader Bob Witowski  had an
 e-mail read on Greta Van Susteren's show tonight on CCN (Clinton Cock Network).

 He said that prick Pat Caddell (D-Traitor) was a pompous, childish asshole, or words to that effect.

 Go, Bob!


Subject: Whining Smirk Staphers

Dear Bartcop:

I, too, will not believe there was any "vandalism" of the White House
until I see photos.

We already know the CONVICTED CRIMINAL Smirk is a liar (and nominates
liars like Ashcroft for top cabinet positions).

Come to think of it, even if photos were produced, I would sooner believe
President-Alleged Smirk was the culprit, given this CONVICTED CRIMINAL'S
own past of vandalism, as well as that of his family.
(Remember nephew George Pee stalked his girlfriend and vandalized her home?)

Smirk is a member of a family full of seedy, criminal, inbred thugs and
banning jeans in the Oval Office <puke> isn't going to cleanse him.

Top Cheney Team Member Represented Marc Rich for 8 yrs.


Vice President Cheney's own chief of staff argued vehemently for clemency on behalf
of fugitive financier Marc Rich for many years, according to The New Yorker magazine.

Lewis Libby, before joining the Bush White House to work for Cheney, spent eight years
as one of Rich's "most aggressive lawyers" and argued his case before Manhattan
U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White as recently as December 1999, according to the magazine.

"This might help to explain the contented silence from the Bush White House on the subject
of Bill Clinton's pardon of ... Rich," the magazine says.

Mary Matalin, Cheney's communications director, said when asked about Libby's role
in seeking a Rich pardon: "He was part of the team that represented Rich, but I don't think
he wants to talk about the particulars of the case. We're moving forward, not looking back."

ha ha

 When they get caught, they want to "move forward and not look back."

 Tons of e-Mail and Toons

 Click  Here

 Where Rush gets his callers


 A controversial new service is providing professional callers for radio stations
 that feel ordinary phone-in listeners are not lively enough.

 Stations that use the professional callers rarely identify them as ringers - which is
 apparently part of the appeal of "Callers On Demand," one of several programming
 services offered by a syndication company partly owned by TV veteran Dick Clark.

 "Our army of ‘live' callers are standing by to jumpstart your talk show,"
 reads a pitch on the company's website (
 "Let's face it, most times, if the callers suck, you're out of luck. Why risk it?"

 Callers On Demand provides improvisational comedians and impersonators who
 "talk about hot topics, bring phone scams to life and generally act like real people.

"They'll be the dream callers you deserve, but so rarely get," the website promises stations.

 The rise of services that phony up callers is part of a growing trend in the media
 to spice up political programming with seasoned pros.

 "This is unbelievable," says Jack Swanson, of San Francisco's KGO and KSFO.
 "If radio hires fake callers, why not start making up news stories?"

 ha ha
 What do you think Rush and Laura do every day?

 How to Talk to Someone like Smirk

 It's not always easy to communicate effectively with Smirk.
 Here are some Dos and Don'ts that may help.


1. Approach him from the front, make eye contact, and introduce yourself if necessary.
2. Speak slowly, calmly, and use a friendly facial expression.
3. Use short, simple, and familiar words. Songs are good, too.
4. Show that you are listening and trying to understand what the hell he's saying.
5. Be careful not to interrupt; avoid arguing and criticizing.
6. Ask one question at a time, and allow plenty of time for him to reply.
7. Make positive suggestions - e.g. "Let's have tax cuts," rather than negative ones,
    such as "Get fucking real, Smirk".
8. Identify others by name, pronouns ("she", "he") confuse the president.
9. Make suggestions when he's having trouble choosing.
10. Empathize; have patience and understanding. Touch or hug, if it helps.


1. Don't talk about Smirk as if he wasn't there
2. Don't confront or correct, if it can be avoided.
3. Don't treat him as a child, pretend he's an adult.

Former first lady says Reagans repaid Bel Air home

Click  Here

There's no need to investigate the Reagans.
They're Republicans.

But that Clinton couple?
We must investigate them.
They're Democrats.

 Nonaugural Pics
   by Christian Livemore

 This is a view of protesters along Pennsylvania Avenue as we walked along looking
 for a place that had room for us to squeeze in. It was like this all along the route,
 as far as the eye could see in any direction.  This is a good photo because,
 while it's not a closer shot so you can read signs well, it gives you an idea of just
 exactly how many protesters there were, that it wasn't just isolated pockets,
 as the networks would have you believe.

 A protester's sign (duh:) This guy had just gone through a security checkpoint
 and was looking for a place to dig in. Again, it was hard to find space anywhere;
 there were THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of protesters.
 We had to walk for a while before we found space.

 This is one of the areas where they had set up bleachers for the VIPs.
 You can see, on the far side of the street, the protesters on the left and the VIPs
 with their umbrellas on the right.   As you can see the protesters far outnumber the VIPs.
 On the near side of the street, you can see many more protesters who spilled over
 because there was no more room on the other side.

 This was taken when the SWAT guys showed up, to the loud booing of the crowd.
 You can see the SWAT guys and the D.C. police standing between the protesters
 and Pennsylvania Avenue.  In the background, you can see the Willard Hotel.

 CAL, thanks for those.
 You're a good reporter (brave, too)

 He went to prison because "my father didn't raise a rat."

 Now he's talking - G. Gordon Liddy.
 He says he knows the real reason for the Watergate break-in, not the one we know.

 It's was hookers...

 Click  Here



I must say, this site reinforces the ever-growing liberal weenie stereotype
becoming more and more evident  in today's real world.
Under-educated and misinformed, your site has little, if any, real political meat to it.
And how can it?

You were probably absent for most  of you history classes, as were most of the
"I need a handout" liberal sub-culture.  Let me guess, you personally were probably
dealt an unfair hand in life, you blame anyone and everyone for never GIVING you a
fair shake, and feel, in general, that the government or society should be providing you
with something...anything.  You probably stand proud in support of welfare, and
completely disagree that it makes individuals lazy and dependent.

You believe that no one who was ever given free housing should be responsible for
maintaining this American tax dollar gift.  You feel government should be responsible.
Government is your answer to everything.  And only because of your own insecurities
and feelings of limited self-reliability. In other words, you don't think you can handle life,
and you need guidance, help and support.

ha ha
It's uncanny how well you know me.

Do me a favor, take a bath, wash your hair, go get an education, and then when you
still feel liberal/socialist views are what this country needs, leave.

You say nazis...LOL.  Study history and compare your own liberal promises.
Maybe then you'll realize that when you take away the genocide, it's actually hard
to distinguish between National Socialism and the Democratic Agenda.  I am proud
to say that unemployed Flag Burners did not cast their ballots for my party, they cast
one for yours.  Good luck, by the looks of your site, you'll need it.

I'll tell you the part you got right:
I am under-educated and misinformed, so it should be no problem for you
to meet me here this Thursday night at 9PM CST for a friendly debate.

It should be easy for you to put me in my place, right?
You seem to have a pretty firm grip on things,
whereas I need "guidance, help and support."

Should be pretty easy for you -what do you say?
Thursday? 9 PM CST?

...or are you busy that night?

 What's NBC's excuse for leading the cock hunt?

 Click  Here

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