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Volume 412 - Ignorance in Action
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 February 21, 2001

 Grammy's Tonight - Will have to tape West Wing and The Angie Harmon Show.
 Have you seen the promos where Madonna promises to behave?
 ha ha
 The whole world wants to see the Elton John-Eminem duet.
 Who will be the breakout star tonight?  More important, who will wear "the dress?"

Great Political Quotes

"If Martin Luther King, Jr. were to come back today, he wouldn't recognize
  the country it's changed so much.  ...unless he tried to vote in Florida."
      -- Bill Maher

Marc Rich’s Friends Are Suddenly Silent
 by Joe Conason

Click  Here

Ron Burkle, a California billionaire who gave 10 times as much to every Clinton fund and
campaign as Ms. Rich did, was turned down when he requested a pardon for his friend Michael Milken.
Mr. Burkle promised a minimum of $5 million to the Clinton library, compared with the $450,000 given
by Ms. Rich. He and members of his family have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to every conceivable
Democratic campaign, including Mrs. Clinton’s Senate race. Mr. Burkle and other well-heeled,
Clinton-connected advocates passionately argued the Milken case, but they didn’t prevail on Jan. 20.

Editor's Note:
If I remember correctly, Joe Conason started out blasting this pardon,
but seems to have softened his resistance in recent weeks.

Someone sent me a URL to take a poll from John Zogby (R-Results For Sale)
It was the most slanted poll I've ever taken.

Should the great and honest Smirk get his way?
Or should those evil tax-and-spend Democrats throw the money at the negroes?

Are all pollsters this crooked?
Or is Zogby in a "class" of his own?

On last weeks West Wing, Donna asked Josh why they were paying for a poll
when they had other polls and Josh said, "We asked different questions."

Koresh, I hope so.

John Zogby is a whore.
Need results? Call John Zogby.

Your candidate behind by seven?
Hire Zogby, then go on TV and say,
"Our most recent polls show we've closed the gap and are taking the lead."

<big sigh...>

I think 90 percent of America has no idea how fixed politics is.

 Creep of the Week

 Click  Here

George Bush's Heroin Connection
Rolling Stone; New York; Oct 6, 1994
Page 40; Nadler, Eric;

Some people know that Bush pardoned Weinberger to prevent him from talking,
but nobody knows about the heroin smuggler who got lucky with George HW Bush.

Click  Here

A mysterious political deal in which former Pres. George Bush granted a last-minute commutation to a
Pakistani drug smuggler named Aslam P.  Adam is discussed.  The strange affair raises questions about
the former commander in chief's commitment to his war on drugs and threatens to embarrass his party.

 Stop Defending Clinton
 an article from

 Click  Here

 I have basically given up on watching the pundit shows, not because they are hosted by right-wingers
 and dominated by right-wing propaganda, but primarily because the Democrats are such wimps when
 it comes to responding to this crap.  I dream of the day when Democrats will stop trying to "win by losing"
 (Dick Gephardt's deliberate strategy during the impeachment hearings) and start "win by winning."

"There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action." -Goethe

 Great Show Business Quotes

 I could make a movie called All the Things that Ken Burns Left Out.
  --Celia Mingus, widow of Charlie Mingus, about Ken Burns and his 19-hour documentary Jazz.

 Did you see Maureen Dowd's column in the New York Whore Times where
 she apologized for fabricating that story about Hillary's "bridal registry?"

 You didn't see that column?

 You know why you didn't see that column?
 Because she didn't fucking write it, that's why.

 Press whores don't apologize for making shit up.
 They just make more shit up.

 Do I have an example?

 ha ha

 Click  Here

 Maureen Dowd - she hates everybody.

Great Political Quotes

"Ever since California voters told George W. Bush to drop dead during the election,
 it seems - and this is just a theory -- that Bush and his Lone Star friends are saying
 to California: 'Y'all drop dead.'   Solve your own energy problems.
  -- the San Francisco Chronicle.

 DaimlerChrysler unveils biggest monster SUV ever

 - Nine feet, seven inches tall
 - Needs a three-step ladder to crawl into
 - Twenty feet long and wider than a Hummer
 - Weights more than TWO Chevy Suburbans
 - Cost? A mere $84,000

 Hey, Daimler!
 Don't you know Smirk and BIG OIL are coming with $3.50 gas prices?
 Are you trying to file bankruptcy in style?

 Stroke Me, Stroke Me

 If Enimen was a gun owner, he'd be hated by the left.

 ha ha

 Hey, Pigboy!
 You think he's in court for waving his mouth around?

 Thanks to the Last Liberal in Palm Springs.

Is Texas outlawing abortion?

"Intentionally injuring a pregnant woman would be a felony under a bill the Texas Senate approved
 The legislation would also guarantee tougher penalities if the woman suffered a miscarriage or a stillbirth.
 The bill is opposed by abortion rights groups," the AP reports.

 In Oklahoma, the Tulsa Police report a 27 percent failure rate with their guns.

 They use Smith & Wesson 40 caliber automatics, and more than one out of four
 shots attempted either jams, misfires or causes pieces of the gun to fall to the ground.

Good product you have there, Smith & Wesson.

Tulsa police range officers keep track of malfunctions.
Out of 404 guns, 112 (27 percent) experienced at least one malfunction.

They are switching to the Glock 40.

The Glock 40 is the official surgical tool of

Great Political Quotes
Katherine Harris challenged Florida to count every vote in the next  presidential election.


Y'know, it's been months and I still can't get used to the fact that we live
in a country where Tony Scalia can tell us our votes don't count.

I wonder, in 2002 and 2004 - should we even bother to vote?
Why don't we just save the time and money and ask Tony who he'd like to have?

Great Political Quotes

"Why is it that right-wing bastards always stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity,
   while liberals fall out among themselves."
   -- Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko

A few days ago, I asked the question, "Who is Mitch Albom?"
Several people wrote to tell me how honest and decent he was.
Read this article and tell me he's not a deranged cock-hunter.

Addicted to Clinton
 by Mitch Albom

Click  Here

In time, of course, Clinton will fade.
There will be no meat left on his presidential carcass.
But, like O.J.Simpson, any time he does anything controversial, the camera trucks will be there.

President-for-Life Bill Clinton
By Jack Shafer

George W. Bush may live in the White House, but Bill Clinton is still the president.

According to Howard Kurtz's findings, the network evening newscasts aired 18 pieces on Clinton and
only 14 about Bush between Feb. 12 and Feb. 15. Between Feb. 12 and Feb. 16, the Washington Post
published four Page One pieces on each of the presidents while the New York Times ran four Page One
stories on Clinton and only two on Bush.

President-for-Life Clinton maintained his media lead yesterday, Monday, Feb. 19, as NBC Nightly News ran a
piece about his pardon of Marc Rich. Over on ABC's World News Tonight, a verbal slip by Peter Jennings
telegraphed his feelings that news hog Clinton has gotten too pushy. In reporting a Gallup Poll about Americans'
favorite presidents, the suave frostback newsreader reported, "Ronald Reagan came first, followed by JFK
and Abraham Lincoln, and Bill Clinton was forced--fourth."

Bush made all three newscasts with dutiful stories about his dedication of the Oklahoma City memorial
museum and one CBS Evening News piece about the estate tax.

Over on the print side, the Feb. 19 New York Times published one Page One story about the
Clinton pardon, and the Washington Post published one Page One about Bush and the Iraqis.

If we standardize Kurtz's methodology to include the Friday, Feb. 16, network news broadcasts
(but exclude all weekend coverage), we arrive at these running coverage totals:

Clinton:             29 prominent stories
Bush:               25 prominent stories

 Stupid Political Quotes

 Bill Clinton abused his power and brought disgrace to the White House
 with his last-minute pardon of fugitive Marc Rich.
    --  Jimmy Carter

 Jimmy Carter was never known for being the sharpest knife in the drawer.
 When Carter says something this stupid, he's saying he knows MORE
 about the January 20, 2001 political situation in Israel than:

 Prime Minister Ehud Barak,
 Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami,
 Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Ohlmert,
 former Mossad chief Shabtai Shavit,
 Abraham Foxman, head of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, and
 Rabbi Irving Greenberg, chairman of the US Holocaust Memorial Council.

 He's also saying he knows more about the January 20th American political situation
 than the man leaving the presidency the day the pardons were issued.

 Let's run thru a quick list, since it's in my hand:
 Barney Frank denounced Clinton's action as “a real betrayal.”
 Rush Feingold, friend to John Ashcroft, “appalled by the connection between the pardon and the soft money.”
 Richard Durbin condemned “the appearance of impropriety.”
 Chuck Schumer said Clinton's action “makes a mockery” of the criminal justice system.

 If these people have something to say, why the fuck don't they say it?
 If there's something here, why are they afraid to say it out loud?
 Did their polling people tell them this was a slick move to make?

  If Jimmy Carter or anybody else has a legitimate reason why we should believe them,
 why won't they say so?

 I wish Jimmy Carter would explain himself.
 I wish he would explain how he knows what Clinton knows.
 I kinda doubt that Carter was listening when Clinton talked to Barak.

 Not that he can be trusted, but Dick Morris said Clinton already has $125 million for his library.
 If that's true, would the "slickest con-artist and biggest liar of all time" sellout his country and squander
 his legacy for a PLEDGE for half-a-million more?

 Is Clinton that stupid?

 A line he used in his NYWT op-ed piece -
 "David Geffen will barely speak to me because I refused to pardon Leonard Peltiere."

 If Clinton was one-tenth as evil and corrupt as his own party now paints him,
 why wouldn't he take the easier pardons for the greater amount of cash?

 I'll tell you why:
 Let's assign an outrage value to the pardon of Marc Rich.
 Let's say that pardon is a "9" on the outrage scale.

 OK, now let's assign an outrage value to the second-most outrageous pardon, whomever that might be.
 Let's say the "Smith" pardon was only a "7" on the outrage scale.

 I submit, had the Rich pardon not been granted, the American whore press would've elevated
 the Smith "7" pardon to "9" status so they could have an excuse to keep Clinton in the news.

 If you throw out every pardon except Patty Hearst, the whore press would have to elevate
 Patty Hearst to "biggest criminal in all history" to fabricate this faux-outrage story

 You know what theory answers every question?
 Clinton did what he thought was right, and damn the consequences.

 ...but you can't sell any newspapers with that theory.

 You can't run wild on Fox Whore News week after week with that theory.
 You can't run wild on Meet the Whore week after week with that theory.
 You can't run wild on MSNBC week after week with that theory.
 You can't run wild on This Whore week after week with that theory.
 You can't run wild on Face the Whore week after week with that theory.
 You can't run wild on Beltway Boys week after week with that theory.
 You can't run wild on Pigboy's radio show week after week with that theory.
 You can't run wild on The Michael Medved show week after week with that theory.
 You can't run wild on The G. Gordon Liddy show week after week with that theory.
 You can't run wild on The Ollie Traitor show week after week with that theory.
 You can't run wild on Paul Harvey's show week after week with that theory.
 You can't run wild on The New York Whore Times week after week with that theory.
 You can't run wild on The Dallas Morning Whore week after week with that theory.
 You can't run wild on The New York Whore Post week after week with that theory.
 You can't run wild on The Washington Whore Post week after week with that theory.

 <clearing the throat>

  If you, the reader, take one thing away from reading  take this:

 The American press is not here to be fair.
 The American press is not here to tell the truth.
 The American press is not here to report the facts.
 The American press is not here to do the right thing.
 The American press is not here to provide a public service.
 The American press is not here to be a paradigm of honesty.
 The American press is not here to help checks and balances.
 The American press is not here to explain the issues of the day.
 The American press is not here to be the citizen's watchdog in Washington.

 The American press exists to make money, like a prostitute.
 That's the only reason they exist.

 ...and they are very good at their job.

Kevin - great photo toon!

Jesse Ventura Taunts the Press

"Gov. Jesse Ventura's office is now requiring reporters to request and wear media credentials
when they cover the governor. The official press credential issued today to Capitol reporters
says that the bearer is an "Official Jackal," Ventura's contemptuous description of reporters.

ha ha
This is too good to be true.
If I was governor, those passes would say, "Salacious Bottom-Feeding Whore"

The pass also says that the governor's office 'reserves the right to revoke this credential for any
reason.' The credentials and the press release accompanying them do not specify under what
circumstances credentials would be revoked or denied," the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports.

 Is This a Trick?

At the Interior Department: Secretary Gale A. Norton said that "the Bush administration will not seek
to overturn any of President Bill Clinton's designations of millions of acres of federal land as national
monuments largely off limits to mining and commercial activity," the Washington Whore Post reports.

Sub Sonar Detected Japan Boat
Sonar Operator Admits Distraction by GOP Fundraising Fat-Cats

Full Story

HONOLULU (AP) - The crew member plotting sonar readings told investigators he briefly
stopped performing the task because he was distracted by GOP Fat-Cats in the control room.

The Navy said the submarine's sonar crew detected the Japanese boat 71 minutes
before the submarine rammed it and sent nine people to their watery grave.

Holy Koresh!
Think what the Clinton-hating whore press would've done to him if Bill Clinton was
conducting a fundraiser that got nine people killed.

Dan Burton would hold months of hearings.
Tennessee Tuxedo would hold months of hearings.
Henry Hyde would hold months of hearings.
Bob Barr would draw up impeachment papers, the son of a bitch,
and the spineless, disloyal Democrats would gleefully go along for the ride.

But Smirk the Oval Office Thief gets another pass?
We he not ever be held accountable for anything?

Good God, the man deserts his post during war time
and the whore press won't even ask about it?

By far, the best, most even-handed article of the Rich pardon "scandal"
You really should read this one.

Scandal over Marc Rich pardon:
Big money politics and right-wing provocation
  by Patrick Martin

Click  Here

The television networks have given saturation coverage to the case. According to a study by the
Center for Media and Public Affairs, the network coverage of the ex-president's affairs has been
comparable to that provided to all the actions, appointments and statements of his successor.
The most Clinton-obsessed TV network, NBC, actually ran more stories on Clinton than on
Bush during the first 25 days of the new administration.


Cheney himself could become the subject of such a probe, since there are reports that Halliburton,
the giant oil services company he headed for five years, carried out operations in Iran which may
be illegal under US law.

Thanks to J Carr

Why Rush Should Quit Radio and Take up Golf

Click  Here  for the forever version

Is Louie Freeh still running the FBI?

Didn't the White House change (albeit illegally) parties?
Does that mean that Freeh was a partisan cock-hunter?

Or was Smirk impressed with Freeh's "honesty?"

A Californian's Report from the Big Apple.
 by James B. Higdon

 Click  Here


Subject: Getting Over It


You rule! I can't wait for your page to update every day over here in EST.
I'm so sick and tired of the Repub hypocrites and the Dem wussies
telling us to get over it (the election), while they're still trying to stick it to Bill.
It's getting to the point that I can't watch the news on TV, read the newspapers, or listen to the radio.
I have to wait for your site to get my "honest" fix.

I don't want to get over it. I'm mad as hell and don't want to move on.
I can't stand that smirky thief and his 30 second sound bites of
nothingness. Platitude City. Will there ever be a Woodward / Bernstein
reporting tandem again? Maybe these people make too much money now and
are afraid of taking a risk.

The story should be how the media laid down and died at Snippy's feet.
Isn't the conflict of interest by three members of the US Supreme Court
a bigger story than a pardon to someone who means squat to the US in the
total picture? Where's the outrage by the media over Smirk's right wing
agenda and appointees while he clearly has no mandate and campaigned on
that "uniter" bullshit. And just what the f... is a compassionate
conservative anyway? Someone who slides the needle in gently in a Texas

This moron kept referring to his record in Texas.
Remember? "Check my record in Texas."
Like he barely made the top 50 in every meaningful category!
How did this idiot get more than his own vote?
Where was our overpaid fourth estate on this one?

I guess it comes down to money.
The media is competing for advertising bucks and big business controls those bucks.
It appears they've made a good investment in Smirk / Big Time.
How utterly depressing for America.

I'm so depressed I could go do that gun thing in a closet. Where do I get a gun?
Do you think I could pry that one out of Chuck's cold dead hands?


Koresh, I'd like to see you do that. If I'm not mistaken, the quote is,
"You can  have  my gun - when you pry it out of my cold dead hands," he's actually inviting you, right?


 Check out the BartCop Reader - above.
 It's got a lot of nice stuff in there.

 I feel especially good about it because it's like finding gold on the beach.
 We had an imput problem that this changes into a real positive.
 Read some of these articles and stories.

 Gee, the Pump Room story is worth the click all by itself.

 One other thing that must be clarified,
 I took the initiative in creating the BartCop Reader
 but I did not invent it.

 All praise to genslab and brainsmasher for that.


Subject: First lady killing fiance


I've seen a few references to this here and there - can you provide me some backup
(i.e. ammunition against my self righteous friends on the right)



Nathan, it's true, but it's not the thing to bring up in a real debate.
We only mentioned it to show how absurd their wild charges are.
If Hillary had killed her fiance, Falwell would be Vice President right now.

These are rough details, but they're true.
That idiot Barbara Walters asked her about it on an ABC Interview.
Before she met Smirk, she was engaged to some guy.
She was driving her Jeep thru town and rammed her fiance's car head on and he died.

By all accounts, it was a totally innocent, freak accident.
(But again, had it been Hillary, it would be "more proof" to the cock-grabbers.)

She doesn't talk about it much.
Use it sparingly...

Great Political Quotes

The Fox Network is made up of lying, opportunistic, greedy Nazi whores.
  -- NASA

Click  Here

The Agony of Victory:
If They Won, Why Are Conservatives So Paranoid?

Click  Here


Subject: The Sub

>Who is the sub commander protecting?

 He's protecting himself most of all.
Not that I'm an expert but the Navy investigation takes  precedence over an NTSB investigation.
I have no doubt there'll be a coverup, but at this point  it's still the Navy's ball. I wouldn't be surprised
if the Navy could turn over its findings to the NSTB and tell them to go F themselves.
The same thing happens when a military jet crashes.

  I like seeing Snippy in hot water but from what I hear, civilians are on Navy ships every day of the week
and I doubt we're going to find any civilian responsible for this, unless the Captain was serving coffee and
krumpets when he should have been looking at sonar readings. The Captain will resign in disgrace in any case
and it'll all be forgotten. It is extremely doubtful that a civilian leaned on or pulled the wrong level and sent
the sub rushing to the surface.

 My bet is that the Captain was being a bigshot loudmouth and ignoring his duties. I don't understand
how sonar missed it. I was stationed on a destroyer for 2 years and we saw everything around for miles.
Maybe they weren't pinging to simulate war conditions, but you would think that when they went to
periscope height they would aslo use the sonar as part of the safety regulations.

Somebody fucked up.


Hey, notice I'm saying, "What if?"

...what if the Commander was trying to do his job,
but had orders to let Smirk's buddies play with the knobs?

What if the Republican Party wanted these millionaire contributors to pony up some dough
so the Commander was ordered to give them a "real fancy show?"

What if the Commander was just doing his best to follow bad orders?

What if, in the first 30 days, Smirk n Dick made a bigger mistake than Clinton did in 8 years
and nine innocent people died and then the White House tried to hide their involvement?

You know me - I'm no conspiracy guy,
but why would Commander Waddell want those Republican Fat-Cats at the controls?


Subject: Facts Bush Didn't Mention

Tuesday, when Bush made his statement to the media about the arrest of an
FBI agent for espionage, he spoke of that as a betrayal of faith.

He did not state the fact that his theft of the election, with the assist
of a lawless, subversive US SC majority was a betrayal of faith.

Nor did he mention that the lie that the Clintons stole silverware and furniture from
the White House would have been, had it been true, inconsequential to Bush's theft
of the entire White house, Executive Branch, and five-ninths of the Judicial branch.

Nor did he mention that Biggest Villain of All Times March Rich--second, of course,
to the Clintons--had dealings with at least on of the TX oil civilians on the Greeneville,
which submarine killed 9, including 4 teenagers.

He didn't even state that stealing the election, contrary to Constitution and rule of law,
was and continues to be a betrayal of everything the US stands for and prides itself in being.

Last but not least, he did not state that, because a Christian with a good heart, who therefore
cannot bear false witness, he will immediately resign, turn himself in for arrest, prosecution,
and sentencing, and allow the elected president, Al Gore, take his rightful place in the White House.

His spokemen also didn't state those facts.

Joseph Nagarya
Boston, MA

The Yellow Bush's Submarine

Click  Here

 Big Oil at the Controls
 Subs Aren't the Only Things Dubya's Donors and Oil Buddies Are Mishandling
  by Tamara Baker

 Click  Here


Subject:  Guests on the Sub

I know it's easy to blame the visitors for the sub's accident but it just ain't so.

I have a friend who was an officer on an attack sub and, a few years ago, I was invited
aboard for "family/friends" day. We left San Diego, drove out to sea for twenty miles on the surface,
and then dove. I was offered the opportunity to drive the boat (there are two stations--one for the
stern planes and one for the rudder/bow planes).

While sitting at the control station I was under the direct supervision of the seaman who normally
drives the boat. He hovered over me. Each of the two seamen (one for each station) is in turn watched
by an officer as well. If I had so much changed course or depth angle by as much as one degree, the seaman
would have taken control of the boat. It was like when you were a  little boy and your daddy put you in his lap
and let you drive the car into the garage--with his hands right on top of yours.

The captain of the ship may have screwed up but it wasn't the fault of the guests on board.
They aren't given any opportunity to screw up. Just thought you'd want to know.

Lewis Grove

 Lewis, it might be just like you say.
 But with 9 dead, shouldn't we get the facts?

 It might not be the fault of the visitors.
 It might not be the fault of the Commander.
 Let's get them under oath and find out what really happened.

 If the truth is important when it comes to Clinton's "terribly-important sexual affairs,"
 maybe the truth is important when nine people die.

 The White House shouldn't mind us knowing the truth,
 unless they have something really ugly that needs to remain hidden.

 ...after all, isn't Smirk here via honor and dignity?

 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything - Nancy on Smirk, seafood on God's Nectar, and a weak link on our ass.

 Copyright © 2001,
   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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