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February 20, 2001

 It didn't happen.

 You know it.
 I know it.
 The American whore press knows it

 But the spineless Democrats believe every stupid goddamn charge Rush and Hannity think up.

 Click  Here

 Thanks to  for uncovering that obscure story.

Nancy Reagan Calls Smirk "Village Idiot"
 by Cindy Adams

Swear to Koresh version that's online right now

Click  Here  to see the forever version

A Presidents Day poll puts the U.S.A.'s favorite all-time prez of all time at Ronald Reagan.
Which brings me to my first tasty tidbit. Which will be denied.
But, kiddies, trust mother.
I'd bet my hairpiece on it.

Nancy is disthrilled with the White House's newest occupant.
Not enamored of him, didn't vote for him, and, while everyone
gives George W. high marks, she calls him "The Village Idiot."
And that's one of her nicer names.


 Randy Weaver and Bo Grietz are in K-Drag AGAIN this weekend.
 The two of them have a booth at the K-Drag Gun and Knife Show.

 They sign autographs for a fee.
 And for an extra fee, Bo will lift his shirt and show you where he shot himself
 in a dumb-as-Smirk suicide attempt when his wife told him to go fuck himself.
 How does an experience soldier (was he a colonel?) try to commit suicide
 by shooting himself in the damn stomach?

 And Randy Weaver?
 He's a real charmer, that Randy is...

 Randy will tell anyone who will listen how horrible it was when Bill Clinton
 personally ordered the assassination of his wife, who was holding a weapon
 no more dangerous than her baby when Lon Horiuchi put that bullet in her brain,
 ...even tho Smirk Daddy Bush was president at the time.

 Has anyone ever made more money from their spouse dying
 during the commission of a felony than Randy Weaver?

 Remember the Son of Sam Law?
 It was supposed to prevent a felon making big bucks off his crime,
 but Randy Weaver selling sawed-off shotguns to every Luftwaffler in all-white Idaho
 wasn't really a crime because it had nothing to do with Clinton's cock.

 - so he makes his living off her corpse now.

Madonna has defended Eminem in a letter to a US newspaper,
saying she finds the language of Smirk "much more offensive".

"Since when is offensive language a reason for being unpopular?
I find the language of George W much more offensive," Madonna wrote.

 Grammys, with Jon Stewart tomorrow night.


Subject: The First president accused of rape...

WAS NOT Clinton. Actually, it was Reagan, and far more credibly.
See below....

 In Kitty Kelley's 1991 book Nancy Reagan: The Unauthorized Biography,
actress Selene Walters claims that Ronald Reagan raped her in the early '50s.
She was 19yrs old, he was 42. According to the book, Reagan, then president
of the Screen Actors Guild, met Walters in a Hollywood nightclub.

He asked for her address, and she gave it to him. Later at 3 a.m., he arrived
unexpectedly at Walters' door and forced himself on her, Kelley alleges.

People magazine got Walters to repeat the story almost verbatim.
Walters denied one key element of Kelley's version to People-
-that Reagan forced his way into her apartment--but reaffirmed the rest.
It sounds remarkably like Juanita Broaddrick's story:

"I opened the door," Walters told the magazine.
"Then it was the battle of the couch. I was fighting him.
  I didn't want him to make love to me.
  He's a very big man, and he just had his way.

Date rape? No, God, no, that's [Kelley's] phrase.
I didn't have a chance to have a date with him."

Walters--like Broaddrick--did not file charges. And Kelley
maintains that Walters shared contemporaneous accounts of
the encounter with friends. Ms. Walters' account is somewhat more  credible
than Mrs. Broaddrick's, however, in that she doesn't have an ex-husband
around to contradict the most important parts of  her story.
Nevertheless, there was no tv network devoting most of its time to it, and
no Wall Street  Journal editorial page dumping it into the national discourse over
the objections of its news division. It was not the topic of discussion on every
talking head program, and Rush  Limbaugh never even mentioned it.

The call now from the Right and the media is for Clinton to answer to the accusation.
When  Reagan was approached with the charge by a reporter outside one of his
biannual treks to church, he said, "I don't think a church would be the proper place to
use the word I  would have to use in discussing that."

That was a good enough answer for conservatives, though.

From: Alaska Tom

Subject: I believe I flew from LaGuardia overseas

Alaska Tom here

BIG LIE, Clinton says he flew overseas from LaGuardia to London years ago and the
repugnicants say that never happened.  The repugnicants say you couldn't fly overseas
from LaGuardia so Clinton is now guilty of some major crime.

To the best of my memory I flew overseas from LaGuardia airport to of all places,
Heathrow Airport outside of London in June of 1971.  This was 30 years ago but I
believe my memory to be accurate.  I departed out of LaGuardia, but I flew back into JFK.

I believe it was a stretch DC8 for those who insist that the runway was too short at LaGuardia
for such a flight.  I cannot think of any reason why US customs would need to be involved with
a departing flight, it is only on arrivals that we worry about our borders.  Therefore, the facilities
at LaGuardia were sufficient for departures to a foreign land.

So if my memory is correct, Pigboy is once again lying and getting away with it.
I heard Tony Snowjob stating that this proves Clinton is lying as planes do not go
international from LaGuardia..  Hey Tony, if I am right, you are a liar, not incorrect,
but a big ass liar who is such a poor reporter he does not check easily confirmed facts.

So in my opinion, you are now both proven to be a lazy and incompetent whores.
I have heard your ilk get it so wrong in the past that you actually ask people to forgive you because
it COULD have been true.  So Tony and Rush, if I am incorrect in my facts or in  calling you partisan,
lying, paid for, slanted, biased, nerdlike idiots, my mistake, it COULD have been true.

Hey BC, if you decide to print this and either one of these Clinton trouser snake grabbing mobsters
tries to sue me I could be in trouble.  I hope you will defend me for free if need be.

After all, I didn't call Paul Harvey a Horsefucker until just now did I?
And at that I only quoted others who have previously made that assertion.

Alaska Tom

Tom, several points:
The real problem here is two-fold:
Clinton is the first man in all of Earth's history to have every word that leaves his mouth]
parsed for accuracy, subtle meanings and hidden messages.

(Remember when they wanted to charge Clinton with witness tampering because
 they suspected he might've worn a particular tie one day to send a signal to Monica?)

It's my opinion that nobody could speak a lot and have, swear to Koresh, THOUSANDS of
Scarfe-whores and Fox News whores and CCN whores and the alllllllll the rest running every word
Clinton says thru their Cray Super-Computers and cross-referencing every utterance with a bank of
online encyclopediae to find out where Clinton is "lying."

Jesus Heche Christ!

Yesterday Rush was  SCREAMING  at Clinton because he claimed Clinton said something about
"East Harlem," and Pigboy said people in New York don't use the term "East Harlem," so that was
further proof that Clinton was trying to sell America's nuclear secrets to the Chi-Comms.

The only logical explanation is that Pigboy is on Clinton's payroll, because every vicious lie that spews out
of the ugly pie-hole of the lying, Nazi whore makes Clinton look better and better to sane Americans.

Second point - I am not an attorney.
I am 304 - 0 in court, but I don't have a license to practice law.
You have to have an IQ of 70 to get a law degree.
Mine is 64.

There's so much I can't say about last weekend, but here's one thing:

Scary Perry took me to a fancy-ass seafood restaurant called Copeland's of New Orleans,
and this was after I told him I don't like crawfish, shrimp or swordfish.
(When it comes to fine food, my tastes are strictly Cuervo. The only fish I'll eat are Catholic fish sticks.)

So we get to this fancy-ass place and we sit in the bar instead of the restaurant.
The young lovely asks what I'd like to drink.
I told her I'd like some fine, luxury tequila, what brands did she have?

She said, "Sauza is our house tequila, and we have Chinaco and Patron."

ha ha

"What kind of Chinaco do you have, ma'am?"

"We have three kinds of Chinaco," was her reply.

"Cool beans! I'll have the Chinaco Anejo," I said, and Scary said, "I'll have the same."

I'll be damned.
She brought our shots - and they were perfect.
The shotglasses were tall, slender and beautiful.
Wisely, she did not include kosher salt or any fruit.

Slowly, we did our first sips...

I'll be damned.
This was the best-tasting shot of tequila I'd ever had.

As my previous testimony corroborates, individual batches of Chinaco Anejo taste different.
This truly was the sweetest, fruitiest shot I'd ever done of God's Great Nectar.
And before you ask, cause I know you will, this was our first shot of the day.
I don't make serious judgment calls on fine tequila while under the influence.

So we're enjoying the finest liquid in North America, when Scary opens his menu.
He decided I needed to get to know the fine flavor of fish, so he tells the waitress
to start bringing fish appetizers and continue ...until he tells her to stop.

I tried to tell him, (and I can be very persuasive with most people) but Scary Perry isn't like most people.
Scary tells me I have to try at least one bite of each funny-fish appetizer.
I felt like I was on Survivor, the Outback.

But, he was my host and I was his guest, so I made an effort to cooperate.
We ordered another round of fine, luxury tequila, because I figured
'What better to chase the foul stench of fish from the pallette than Chinaco Anejo?'

So here comes the first dish - artichoke hearts with spinach sauce and butterfly pasta
with parmesan scallops or some crazy-sounding crap like that.
I took a little bite, shot my shot like my name was Sonny Crockett and ordered another one.

Meanwhile, Scary Perry is scarfing up seafood like he was in a Texas holding cell.

Then - second dish.
This time it was popcorn shrimp and popcorn crawdad in some kind of pink sauce.
Koresh! I needed two shots if I was going to try two kinds of fish.

This continued for a while.
Scary would order something funny, and I'd try a bite, then chase it with a shot.
True to form, Scary would then scarf down the rest of the dish like he was from fucking Bandladesh

Then - disaster struck!
The waitress told us we'd drunk the place out of Chinaco Anejo.

As disasters go, this was a pretty big one.
The young thing offered us shots of Patron for free, but I couldn't do it.
You can drink Patron and then go to the good stuff, as Jesus proved at Canaan,
but you can't drink the Chinaco and then move on to the Patron.
It just doesn't work that way.

I told Scary I couldn't continue with his Survivor experiment without an adequate chaser.
So he barks, "Waitress, bring the check!"

...and I'm like, "Hey, I'm still hungry. I've had nothing but scales and funny sauce,"
so he let me order a damn $16 cheeseburger on a croissant.

While I'm eating my $16 cheeseburger, Crocodile Dundee walks in and sits in the next booth.
Well, that gave us the giggles, so we left before I could finish my burger,
but not before Scary finished all my fries.

From: Nick Barlow

Subject: Future TV alert

'George W Bush, you are the weakest link. Goodbye!'

I just wanted to be the first one to use that line on, before it sweeps the US
in a few months.  Why? The Weakest Link is coming to American TV later this year.

So, what is it? It's probably the most ruthless quiz show ever invented, a
Darwinian cross between Millionaire and Survivor.

You take nine contestants. You ask them a series of questions over three minutes.
The more they get right, the more money they win. Then, at the end of the three minutes,
you ask them all to vote for whichever of the other contestants they think is 'the weakest link'
- the person who's got the most questions wrong or is damaging their prospects.

This gets repeated again and again until there are just two contestants left who go to head to head
for the prize fund - the winner takes everything, the loser (like the other seven who were voted off)
goes home with absolutely nothing - no consolation prizes, not even a souvenir T-shirt.

Beyond the basic idea, what makes The Weakest Link so good is it's host, Anne Robinson,
a woman who makes Dr Laura look like someone capable of a balanced argument.

ha ha

Unlike other quiz show hosts, who always strive to be the contestants friends, getting them to
reveal interesting anecdotes about themselves, Robinson quite clearly despises them.
None of this 'never mind, you'll do better next time' after a poor round, she prefers the
'In the last round you won a frankly pathetic £50, who's causing you to perform so badly?' approach.

And, of course, she's responsible for the six words no contestant wants to hear, delivered like some
uber-Nazi female prison guard as a contestant gets voted off 'You are the weakest link, goodbye!'

It's been one of the biggest hits on British TV of the last year, one of the few shows that can
match Millionaire in the ratings, even though the total prizes are a lot less, and now it's coming
to NBC, with the original host.

Unlike Millionaire, which replaced Chris Tarrant with Regis Philbin for the US, The Weakest Link
will keep its British host when it crosses the Atlantic, NBC bosses obviously having realised that
no one could do it quite like Anne Robinson.

So, there's advance notice of the next big TV show. Just make sure you watch it
- even if you don't like it, it helps to make money for the pretty much whore-free BBC.


Nick Barlow -
Chief Overseas Correspondent,

Nick, excellent report.
Good job.
I can't wait to see the mean version of Laura the Unloved.

Sub Commander Refuses to Provide Account
What really happened with those GOP fat-cats?

Whore City - The commander of the Navy submarine that tore a Japanese fishing boat in half
has refused to speak to federal safety investigators, the Washington Whore Post reports.

Citing advice from his lawyer, Cmdr. Scott Waddle has told the NTSB he will only answer
written questions bearing on the sub's efforts to rescue accident victims, the Post said.

"He declined to answer questions about the accident itself,'' safety board spokesman
Ted Lopatkiewiscz was quoted as saying in Honolulu.

Why can't he just tell the truth?

Who is he protecting?

Why only written questions?
So Dick Cheney can help with the answers?
Why can't the commander answer without help?
Is he not competent to answer questions about his own goddamn boat?

Who is he protecting?

People have died, Commander Waddle, and you can't tell us why?

Who are you protecting?

Is this what Smirk meant by "Help is on the way?"
The sub commander obviously didn't want Republican fat-cats on his ship.
He didn't want to play the court jester for these rich assholes.

This was the GOP and Smirk doing a fundraiser, nine people are dead,
and we can't get the facts?

Who is the sub commander protecting?

I remember the last time a military man refused to talk - Ollie North.
Saint Reagan asked Ollie to tell him about Iran-Contra and Ollie refused that order
from his Commander-in-Chief and he's still a hero to the idiot-right.

If Smirk ordered Waddle to talk to investigators, would he?

Has Smirk given the order to stonewall?
Has Smirk given the order to delay?
Has Smirk given the order to obfuscate?

This isn't some overnight in the Lincoln Bedroom.
This is - dare I say it - depraved indifference to human life.
We have nine dead, Smirk, and we can't get the truth?

Who is the sub commander protecting?


Subject: Kick their ASS Bart!

I`m glad that you are sticking up for Bill, I know he is reading you.
Someday you will probably hear from him!

I`ve said this before but shit, you're about all I read anymore.
May good things come your way, Bart

You are a true Dem.
Be reading you,

Toledo Friend


 ha ha

 If only Smirk was as smart as Dan Quayle...


President Bush is headed for a religious showdown on Tuesday when his new
Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives opens its door for business
and new questions are raised about exactly what constitutes a "legitimate religion".

Out of the gate the Church of Scientology is planning to ask Bush for money
to fund its controversial drug rehabilitation and literacy programs.

But Bush said in an interview last year: "I have a problem with the teachings
of Scientology being viewed on the same par as Judaism or Christianity."

While established charitable programs, like those run by Catholic Charities and
the Salvation Army, are expected to have little trouble winning further government
support, it is the smaller programs run by "less traditional faiths" that will test the
president's promise to avoid discriminating on the basis of belief,
the New York Whore Times is planning to front on Tuesday.

The church of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon hopes to receive grants to promote
its abstinence programs in schools and Hare Krishna devotees also want in.

Will Bush's office grant federal money to a religious group that depicts the
Creator as a baby-faced boy with blue skin?

TIMES reporter Laurie Goodstein is preparing a report to coincide with opening day.

In recent weeks, the Anti-Defamation League has lobbied behind the scenes for assurances
that Bush will not enter into partnerships with the Nation of Islam and leader Louis Farrakhan.

May the best God win.


Filed By Matt Drudge

Well, here we go:

Smirk is about to take the BartCop Quiz, specifically - "Who picks the Prayer?"

Smirk's going to take MY tax money and give it to the Moonies?
The Moonies have been pumping MILLIONS into the Bush family for decades,
and the shit-for-brains American whore press will not report that FACT, and it looks
like the Rev. Sun Myung Moon is about to get the payoff he's been waiting for.

You religious frauds like Bill Bennett and Jerry Falwell are going to allow this?
You Catholics like Hannity, Chris the Screamer and Tim the Whore are going to allow this?

Whose money is that, Mr. Resident?

Why are you taking my money, at gunpoint if necessary, and giving it to the Moonies?

This is horseshit!

Written by Tony Clifton and BartCop

Subject: The Clinton Legacy Pt 2
               (see original, below)

>First president sued for sexual harassment?

>First president accused of rape?

Well this is a fine how-do-you-do.


Since when do accusations carry more weight than facts?

-First President convicted of drunk driving

-First President to do community service without having to explain why to the press.

-First President with three convictions - at least!

-First First lady to kill her fiance.

-First VP to be convicted of drunk driving - twice!

-First attorney general seen as a Nazi by 100 million Americans

-First President to go AWOL from his his post during wartime.

-First Administration to fabricate White House vandalism charges.

-First Administration to fabricate Air Force One vandalism charges.

Hmmm...did I forget anything?
Oh yes, how silly of me:


The whore press tells us accusations about Clinton are more important
than convictions or guilty pleas by the current Commander-in-Thief.

Don't believe the lies of the American whore press.

Great Political Half-Truths

"Right after his inauguration, President Clinton signed his first executive order barring
senior administration officials, for the first five years after leaving the government,
from lobbying any agency with which they had been involved. This first official act of
the Clinton era established, a White House press release proclaimed, 'the most stringent
ethical requirements of any administration ever.' Eight years later, just before leaving the
White House, Clinton signed a new executive order revoking the first one."
   -- Jeff Jacoby, Senior Whore at the Boston Globe

Hey, asshole, tell them the reason.
Clinton said he revoked that order because the new administration wasn't friendly.
Clinton's "vandals" couldn't lobby Smirk's thieves very effectively, now could they?
Clinton says if Gore had won, he would've kept the order.

You don't believe him, I do.

In a way that could be considered "a tie,"
but since you tried to hide the truth, we can't trust you.


Subject: Stupid Media Whores

On CNN's "Ahead Of The Curve" the anchors, after covering Clinton's speech at Oracle,
had the fucking gall to mention, and I'm paraphrasing at the top of my head right now
because this REALLY pissed me off...and this is only the beginning of my day:

"One of the items that Clinton never mentioned during his speech was the Rich pardon."

I can't believe how turned to shit the media is! How about when Appointed Dictator Bush steps up
and makes a speech today will they play fair and state, "one of the things not mentioned were
the pardons that Bush's father issued towards the primary principals of the Iran-Contra affair
where the Reagan administration sold weapons in exchange for the release of hostages and
helped open up the U.S. border to have the Nicaraguan drug cartels better sell their product
within ghettoes close to the U.S. border which helped fund the weapons in care of Oliver North?"

Stupid fucking media whores!
Is this what journalism has been reduced to?
They're not only compelled to gloss over the details and be quite trite within their coverage
but also have you noticed how easy it is to "report" THEN add a piece of off-topic filler such as,
"What didn't occur was?" It's that kind of "out" where the media can still state,
"Well we're still stating the facts."

No shit that "fact" never happened because it didn't!
Why the fuck do they mention it then (wait a sec...Clinton's Cock?)

I could go over MANY things which never happened like that if the check was large enough.
I couldn't because my principles would kick in with a warranted "WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT SHIT"
just like now and I'd not accept the cash. My goodness, if these shits had ANY sense of dignity
they'd lock themselves within a closet with a Luger and "do the right thing" for their contribution to this
type of "reporting." Of course I'd be there on the case and mention, offhand with a straight face,

"What never occurred was the media's mention of how the wife of Appointed Dictator Shrub murdered
a man with her vehicle while drunk. Speaking of drunk, Ted Turner and Steve Case, in an other unrelated
detail which never happened during this major event, were found passed out in leather Boy Scout uniforms
with an empty bottle of Jose Cuervo found between them. As Turner laid on the floor with Case's body
slumped over the meeting desk with the bottle hanging out of his rectum..."
but I don't report those details which never happened like that.

Yeah, ANYONE can play that fuckin' game but I'd kick it up a notch!
The fucking problem is that anchors and journalists are paid the big bucks
to stay with the corporate line of what "sells" instead of what happened.

CNN's "Ahead Of The Curve" anchors definitely win the nomination for "Media Whores Of The Week."


 Great Political Quotes

 Clinton's pardon explanation was faulted by critics of his Marc Rich decision,
 who said the former president appears to have relied solely on Rich's lawyers
 and their paid experts in forming conclusions about the case.
  -- The Whore Street Journal

 If I'm not mistaken, the Whore Street Journal just said when a Republican gets paid
 to say something, he or she cannot be trusted and cannot be taken seriously.

 I've been saying that for years!
 It's called "being a paid-for whore."

 Does the editorial board at the WSJ read

 Prejudiced Bastards

 Ronald Reagan has joined John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln
 as those mentioned most often in a poll that asked Americans whom
 they regarded as the greatest president of the United States.
  -- the AP reports.

 There they go again.

 Out of 43 presidents, Clinton was 4th,
 and they can't allow anything good to be said about Bill Clinton,
 so they just list the top three so they can cut Clinton out of the story.

 I have an idea.

 I think everyone on TV or in print who says Smirk's tax cut is a good idea
 should have to disclose what their windfall would be if it goes through.

 We know Pigboy will reap millions by postponing paying our debts.
 Of course he's going to shill for a bad bill if it will make him money
 cause Koresh knows how tough it is to get by on $20,000,000 a year.

 Those Fox Nazi's should have their tax returns on the Internet so we can see
 why they're pushing SO HARD for this let's-not-pay-our-debts bill.

 McLaughlin and Novak and Sham and Cocky and that shit George Will,
 with their multi-million dollar salaries all need a few extra million, right?

 But that single mother with three kids can go straight to hell, right guys?

 What the hell kind of country have we become?


Subject: Paul Harvey


Love the site! I have been reading it for the past couple of months or so.
I noticed you mentioned Paul Harvey and his comments about the Dems turning on Clinton.
So, I was wondering if you heard the absolutely unbelievable crap he told last week on his
"The Rest of the Story".  My dad actually heard the segment and recounted it to me.

He told about a fighter pilot who was highly regarded among his peers.
Supposedly he was the sharpest flyboy in the unit in both skill and knowledge.
Supposedly this guy was so smart they even called him "Data"!

I had to pick myself up off the floor after LMAO,
but Paul Harvey insists Data is none other than the shrub!!!
I knew Harvey was a friekin' Bush cheerleader, but I guess there's no way to tell
where his shrub's rear begins and Harvey's lips begin.
Just wondering if you'd heard this tidbit of insanity.

Keep fighting the good fight!


 Aubrey, missed that, but I believe it.
 The insane horse molester has been lying for years.

 I guess that's why they taught Smirk to fly an outdated plane,
 one that had NO CHANCE to go to Vietnam because they had no
 spare parts and no mechanics trained for repairs.

 Yeah, they always put their best in the oldest planes.

 You gotta go here and here.

 The only way this could've been better is if it had numbers.


 Subject: The Clinton Legacy

 Records set

- The only president ever impeached on grounds of personal malfeasance

 The ditto-monkey congress could not control their anger at losing two elections.

- Most number of convictions and guilty pleas by friends and associates

 Impossible to say.

 1. Compared to who?

 2. Clinton knows thousands of people personally, by name, and since every close friend
     was chased by more FBI agents than investigated TWA 800 and the World Trade Center
     bombing combined, you might have a case for "most people investigated," but convictions?

- Most number of cabinet officials to come under criminal investigation

 Possibly true.
 The ditto-monkey congress could not control their anger at losing two elections.
 If the Democrats controlled the House, they could make that statement false before Christmas.
 That, in itself, wouldn't make Smirk guilty, if we investigated his cabinet.

- Most number of witnesses to flee country or refuse to testify

 Probably not true.

 1. Compared to who?
     If I said you were the "biggest asshole," would that be true?
    Or would I need to qualify my statement?

 2. Name one natural-born American who fled the country between 1993 and 2001.

- Most number of witnesses to die suddenly

 ha ha
 Stop it!

- First president sued for sexual harassment.

 The ditto-monkey congress could not control their anger at losing two elections.

- First president accused of rape.

 The ditto-monkey congress could not control their anger at losing two elections.

- Only first lady to come under criminal investigation

 The ditto-monkey congress could not control their anger at losing two elections.

- Largest criminal plea agreement in an illegal campaign contribution case

 I know Dole's campaign peoiple from 1996 had to do hard time, but "largest plea agreement?"
 What does that mean?
 Took the most number of pages to spell out the allegation?

- First president to establish a legal defense fund.

 Perhaps true.
 The ditto-monkey congress could not control their anger at losing two elections.

- Greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions

Certainly false.
If that was true, why didn't they impeach him for it?

- Greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions from abroad

Certainly false.
If that was true, why didn't they impeach him for it?

- First president to pardon a fugitive on most wanted list

I guess that depends in the meaning of the word "is."
Is Marc Rich currently on the most wanted list?

HA_HA Bartcop freeks

ha ha
Is that anything like, "I rest my case?"

You didn't write that little list yourself.
I ditto-monkey e-mailed that to you.
I imagine your hand began to wander as you read through the list of allegations.
You got an erection thinking about grabbing Clinton's cock, didn't you?

Perhaps your family priest or minister could help you with your obsession with Clinton's cock.
Betty Bowers has had some luck with her Baptists Are Saving Homosexuals program.
Would you like an introduction?


Subject: John Derbyshire

I read your entry on the comments of John Derbyshire.
I have seen alot of mean-spirited crap thrown around in the press but this stuff takes the cake.
What a KNOB!

The National Review would only have value if it were printed on toilet paper!

John Shifflett

 Tonight on the Fox News Channel

 8 PM
 The O'Reilly Factor
 "Bill Clinton - Why He Won't Go Away"

 9 PM
 Hannity and Colmes
 "Bill Clinton - How Guilty is He?"

10 PM
Paula Von Zahn
"Bill Clinton - Media Hog"

11 PM
Beltway Boys
"Bill Clinton - Why He Won't Give Up the Spotlight"

Brit Hume
"Bill Clinton - He Craves Attention, But Why?"

1 AM
Tony Snow
"Bill Clinton - Why Can't He Just Leave Us Alone?"

2 AM
 The O'Reilly Factor (repeat)
 "Bill Clinton - Why He Won't Go Away"

3 AM
 Hannity and Colmes (repeat)
 "Bill Clinton - How Guilty is He?"

 ...and they do this 24 / 7 / 52

From: Sophie

Subject: Laura

We gay folks have an inborn sense for detecting others of our tribe.
Have you seen footage of Laura's baby boy?
Perhaps it's just a difficult, awkward adolescence for the lad,
but many of us in my tribe believe it's possible he's ONE OF US!

Would that be great, or what?  Think about how many preachers out there who
condemn queers to hell end up having queer kids.  Man, I just LOVE karma.

So, it's possible she may disappear off the face of the earth altogether in a
few years--about the time her son realizes he can't deal with the hypocrasy
and comes out, ideally in the media!


ha ha
A deviant bunchkin?

Funny, tho...
Cheney, Gingrich, Schaffly, Mary Bono, Bob Dornan and Saint Reagan and others
all have gays in their families, which would seem to prove my belief that homosexuality is genetic,
but they INSIST it's learned behavior.

 I finally saw last weeks West Wing where Bartlet lost the nine soldiers in Colombia.
 I thought it was one of the best episodes ever.

 I thought almost every sentence was good for the entire hour.
 How often do you get quality like that?

 There was loads of great humor (Ainsley peeing in the closet)
 and great drama (when Bartlet realized those nine men were more than missing.)

 ...and nobody mentioned a word about it?

 - The Josh and Donna stuff was good.
 - The CJ and Ted McGinley stuff was good.
 - The Toby vs. Begley stuff was very good.

 "With friends like that, who needs anemones?"

 Next time I'm stuck with basketball when a show is that good is broadcast,
 write to me, not to give anything away, but to tell me to be prepared for greatness.

 ...and those conversations between Bartlet and the First Lady?

 I don't know how she does it,
 but when Stockard Channing is on the screen, even Bartlet shrinks.

 Excellent episode.
 A shot of Chinaco Anejo for the best show currently on TV.

If you remember, a year ago the Bush camp had Matt Drudge print the story that Liddy Dole
was photographed dancing naked on a bar and would have to bow out to save face.
We have obtained that picture.

 The American Whore Press covers Bill Clinton
 tabloid journalism
 potential misconduct
 possible appearance of wrongdoing


 I spent most of Monday night listening to Nazi propaganda on Fox Whore News.
 But O'Reilly said one thing that could be true.

 He said the reason all the spineless Democrats are turning on Clinton is because
 he's out of power and if he can't do any favors for them they're dumping him overboard.

 That would explain the backstabbing by Schumer, Waxman, Daley, Lieberman and others.

 That's the most likely explanation I've heard so far,
 proving the spineless Democrats are also opportunistic whores.
 ...but I think I said that earlier today.

 Does O'Reilly read and steal from

The Dale Earnhardt controversy

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Jan 23

From: smart-blonde girl

Subject: Shame on BartCop

Tisk tisk tisk...............My, my, we have been awful shy lately.
I can remember when you asked where I went when I disappeared for a while.
You never write anymore, you never ask about me,
and you seem to not be interested in young women anymore.

Why are you acting like a typical man?
I thought you were a Liberal.


Feb 16

From: smart-blonde girl

Subject: Picture of BartCop


I guess you got soooooo big that you don't answer your email any longer.
I want to know if you could email me a picture of you holding your glock?
I get turned on seeing a man holding a gun, especially a man with your status.



Feb 18

From: smart-blonde girl

Subject: Male Chauvanist = Bartcop

After writing many times only to get no reply
I'm beginning to understand those people who call you a male chauvanist.


...anybody need a stalker?


Subject: Democrats' Bipartisan Folly

For the story about how the Democrats got hoodwinked

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Eight years ago, after Bill Clinton's victory, Democrats shelved ongoing
national security investigations involving President George H.W. Bush.
They even kept quiet about his extraordinary Iran-contra pardons that
may have represented the first time a president used that power to
protect himself from possible incrimination.

The Democrats apparently thought letting Bush leave gracefully was the
bipartisan thing to do. Republicans, however, had very different plans
for Clinton, both then and in the weeks after his departure from office.

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