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 August 16, 2001.  ..... ...  .............  Sabutai Concert Saturday 
 VCR Alert -
Early on Comedy Channel tonite - Jay & Silent Bob preview
  Same time, on Sundance Channel - "Clerks"

 Tom Tomorrow responds

  This is so messed up.
  Days ago, I asked:

 > My question:
 > Are there any sane people who claim Clinton intentionally bombed the aspirin factory?
 > That word is in red for a reason.  I'm not asking if Rush or O'Reilly or Hannity said it.
 > I'm talking about someone who's respected.  Does anyone believe that?

 Tom responded:

See articles below from LA Times, Washington Post, and Independent of London.
(There's a lot more if you have Lexis-Nexus and more time to spare than I do.)
I guess the key word is "intentionally", which of course no one can answer with
100% certainty,  but it is undeniably a matter of historical record that the justification
for the bombing was at best extraordinarily flimsy...
"Never before has a single soil sample prompted an act of war against a sovereign state."

I admire your efforts vis-a-vis Bush, and you seem pretty level headed about the spinelessness
of the Democrats... though you have more faith in the possibility of their redemption than I do...

Tom T.

(He included much text from the LA Times, Wash Post & Indie of London)

The next day, I printed my attack on Tom's general position
that Clinton is "just another corrupt politician."

This was in the mail from the 14th

What your readers won't see, of course--unless you're honest enough to
post this email-- is that your  apparently arbitrary swipe at me was
your way of responding to a good faith attempt on my part to open up
a dialogue with you concerning your question about the bombing of the
pharamaceutical factory in Sudan.   If, as you say, you've been reading
my work a long time, you know that I've *always* been critical of
*conservative* Democrats, of the perpetual Democratic acquiesence to
Republican policy short, of Democratic spinelessness, a
point I believe I've seen a fellow named Bartcop make a time or two.

All best,

Tom T.

PS. If you're going to swipe my work, you ought to at least run the whole piece...
       including the final panel calling George Bush a complete moron.

I still didn't know this door had opened, but from his end, it looked like
I was taking a back-handed swipe at him by non-answering his e-mail.

 Silent Sidebar:
 I would never intentionally stand in the way
 of someone calling Bush a complete moron.

He shows a lot of restraint for someone who thought he'd been sucker-punched.
A shot of Chinaco to Tom for that.

Two-three days after those e-mails were sent, I found them, and have answered Tom.
First, I have to convince him I wasn't trying to pull a Pearl Harbor on him.
I wrote to him, "When I attack somebody, I want them to know about it, and why."

Another line I wrote to him was,
"If we're to not get along, I'd like it to be over issues instead of tactics.
  I don't cheap shot anyone and I print all complaint mail."

  I know it's not up to you and I, but if there was a way
  you and I could agree on some stuff, maybe that would say something
  about the rift that needs to be healed before we let Bush steal another term."

It seems to get that door to re-open, I must convince Tom it wasn't an ambush.
Time will tell if I was successful.

...then we could get into this "just another corrupt politician," business.
I think that would be a riveting discussion.


Subject: You goofed


What's the matter with you?
Halle Berry was never a Miss World.


Eckhard, I am guilty of so many things, but how can you accuse me of "goofing up"
and asking "What's the matter with you?" when you were staring at a picture
of Halle Berry wearing a crown on her head and a sash that says "Miss World?"

Granted, I'm not the Pope.
Granted, I didn't do a lot of research on this.
If Kato Burn wore a sash that said, "Miss World," I would've investigated,
but when I see Halle Berry in a Miss World costume with a crown - I just assume
(I'd sure love the see the girl who beat her)

It seems there are a few possibilities here:

1. That's not Halle Berry.
2. It's Halle, but she's actually just won "Miss Wood," which is a distinct possibility.
3. The photograph is faked, which I don't think it is.

There are probably more possibilities, but I gots to know:
Why are you so adamant that your eyes are lying to you?

 Subject One

 I did not say, nor did I mean to imply, that Tom Tomorrow was ducking a debate.
 The impression has been extablished that I have and that's not true.

 Until today at noon CST, I had no idea Tom knew I existed.
 If he didn't know I existed, he couldn't possibly duck a debate, right?

 (I often get mail asking, "Why are you ducking me?" from people I've never heard of,
 so I can understand his not liking the unfounded assertion that I claimed he's ducking me.
 Besides, who's to say I'd win such a debate?)

 I strongly disagree with his statement (via the penguin) that
 "Clinton was just another corrupt politician."

 If that was true, Clinton could've taken tobacco money and eased up on them,
 thereby allowing thousands of more children to become hooked, but he didn't.

 If that was true, Clinton could've taken money from the NRA and eased up on them,
 thereby allowing thousands of more children to get their hands on guns, but he didn't.

 If that was true, Clinton could've taken money from the HMOs and eased up on them,
 thereby allowing thousands of more children to be denied decent health care, but he didn't.

 I also don't think anybody can make the case that Clinrton intentionally bombed
 some stupid aspirin factory for a headline. I mean, what would be the point?
 Are people saying our CIA and our spy satellites are so goddamn inept,
 that they cannot locate a legitimate military target to hot when one needs hitting?

 I suspect Tom often uses hyberbole, as I do, to make a point.

 So let the point stand loud and clear.
 Tom Tomorrow could not have possibly ducked a civil debate with me nor did I
 ever make such a claim, because until today I didn't know he knew who I was.

 Since it wasn't possible - it could not have been true.

 Perhaps someone will forward this message to Tom for his consideration.
 But even if he doesn't agree to a debate, it doesn't mean he's ducking.

 BartCop Radio Update

 There's good news and bad news with BartCop radio.
 We're still trying to get the train on the track.
 I haven't heard last week's show yet, so I'll bet you haven't, either.

 However, I can produce rants like that one you've heard.
 But what's the fist rule of the Internet?
 Nothing is easy.

 Remember my Cool Edit that was locked up?
 All I needed to do was re-install the program, but their cheating lockout thing had
 to be  defeated, which should be no problem since I bi\ough the software.
 But, of course, it takes days to get them to send the sftware with the key that
 unlocks the damn program, so I got that working - finally.

 All I need now to produce really clear rants is a Game Voice headset (which I bought).
 But of course, Bill Gates doesn't want me to use any Microsoft products without
 him waving his magic wand of permission, so now I have to wait for the company
 that installed my Windows to give me a copy of the damn CD.

 Once I have that, I'm sure there'll be other obstacles, but as each obstacle falls
 we will be closer to that rat-like voice going around the globe on the www.


Subject: Tom Tomorrow's pardon comic


Glad you ran that particular example of Tom Tomorrow's work to bolster your point.
The Nader/Tomorrow defenders can't figure out that Clinton's Pardongate was as overhyped
as nearly all the "Gates" against him turned out to be.

Yet they blithely or cravenly ignore the REAL pardon scandal, George Bush Sr., Weinberger
and crew just before Iran-Contra testimony was about to start.  How conveeeenient.
How nice to save one's ass from a potential jail term and the ignominy of a lower place in
Presidential history than Richard Nixon, and yet 8 years later, your subnormal intelligence offspring
is catapulted back into the White House in the most corrupt Presidential "election" in our nation's history.

And they wonder why you're peeved.

Andrea Abrahams


People have so little faith that they think I'd misunderstand a single toon from a "friend"
and turn on him like shark. After 557 issues, people think that of me?


 "There's a lot of people in the Middle East who are desirous to get into the Mitchell process.
   And--but first things first. The--these terrorist acts and, you know, the responses have got
   to end in order for us to get the framework--the groundwork--not framework, the groundwork
   to discuss a framework for peace, to lay the--all right."--
    -- the extremely weak and extremely stupid appointed boy king.

Enron's Chief Executive Quits After Only 6 Months in Job

 Click  Here

Is there a Fighter in the Democratic party?

Click  Here

But now that President Bush and his crew have taken over, Waxman has appeared positively liberated in his
new role, questioning why Cheney has kept the membership of his energy task force secret and
pressing for details on talks that White House senior adviser Karl Rove had with companies in which he had
more than $100,000 of stock. In both instances, Waxman has been rebuffed, though the General Accounting
Office is threatening to go to court to force Cheney to release the names of his outside advisers.


Subject: Nader's Fault?  My Ass


What's worse:  trying to bring the corruption and greed of both parties into the national spotlight or
standing by and doing nothing while the Republican hordes steal Americans' right to vote?

Dave, that's not the question.
The question is, what's worse? President Gore or President Bush?
That's the only question.

Al Gore lost the election because... (he listed many reasons. Nobody is arguing that.)

I'm hoping he's going to grow a nerve before 04.  If he does, he'll have my vote - along with the frustrated
and disenfranchised wing of the party that abandoned him for Nader.  Until then, color me Green.
You're wrong on this one, BC.

David Thompson

No matter what your feelings are, the math is the math.
Nothing can change the math.

Even if every word you say about Gore is true, the math is still the math.
You can say I'm wrong if you want, but the math says I'm right.
Nothing can change the math.

No matter how much you want it to, no matter how strongly you feel.
If you stick to your guns, Smirk could have a second term.
Nothing can change the math.

You can be angry and say "Bart doesn't get it," but the math says I'm right.
If ego boy had asked his voters to stop Bush, we wouldn't have an appointed king.
Nothing can change the math.

 Tally Briggs on Stem Cells


"President Bush was in Colorado today. He visited the Rocky Mountain National Park.
  Bush loves the Rockies. He and the Rockies have a lot in common, since they both
  so dramatically divide the country in two."
      -- Bill Maher

I'd like to extend an olive branch to the Green people.

It's about the difference between goals and reality.
Two of my heroes are John Lennon and Bono from U2.

Both men teach "Love is the answer, not violence."

To me, that's a goal to which we should all aspire.
But as I recently said, if men try to kick in my door in the middle of the night,
I will execute them on the spot, notwithstanding Lennon and Bono's argument.

Do you see where I'm going?

Peace and love has its place, much of the time,
but not when its life and death.

Similarly, changing the world and stopping corporate greed are laudable goals,
but not when the choices are Bush & Gore.

You can preach all day about "the corruption and greed of both parties,"
but that thinking gave us President Weak & Stupid.

Does the system need changing? Yes.
Is trying to change the system a good thing? Yes.

Will change come faster with Bush as president?
Not on your life, and you HAVE to know that.

You keep voting with your heart, instead of looking at the math,
and that makes you Karl Rove's best friend.
Please don't be Karl Rove's best friend.

Now, would it be possible for a Green to respond to THAT argument,
instead of quoting something you saw on a Nader bumper sticker?

Happy Birthday to...

      Louise Veronica Ciccone is 43                       Kathie Lee Gifford (1953)                   Julie Newmar (1935)
       Still the biggest star in the world?                          Kathie, wear a bra, slut.               The real Catwoman - meow

 Staind - Live in Concert

 I watched that Staind concert last night.

 I must be old.
 I didn't hear any riffs.
 I didn't hear a chorus.
 I never heard a melody.
 It was, on first listen, a roar.

 ...and don't think the tattoos and piercings turned me off.
 If a band has something to say and can make the instruments cry,
 I'll listen.

 I'm not saying Stained is bad, they just didn't stir anything.
 It was alike a poor man's STP.
 If this band had Scott Weiland, they'd probably rock.

 ...and this is the best of the new bands?

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