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 August 15, 2001.  ..... ...  .............  Sabutai Concert Saturday
 VCR Alert - They say Staind is one of the best new rock groups. They're playing a mini-concert on MTV tonight.
  I plan to check it out and see if rock has a future without teen tramps leading the way.


 "Since he is a citizen of New York and I am
   the senator of New York, I am his senator.''
     -- Senator Clinton, speaking of  The Big Dog


Subject: I Thought There Were Rules When On Probation?

"Lieutenant David Ferrero of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission told The ENQUIRER:
'If Jenna's drinking under the age of 21 in California, that's an offense
 and she will be punished out there if she gets charged.'"

Bullshit!  If she is drinking in California it is a violation of her probation.

Nobody would expect extradition to Texas for something this minor, but there should be an arrest
warrant out for her right now in Texas. I know a number of people who did jail time for violating
their parole in this exact same fashion, and don't much care for the fact that these spoiled
little rich b!tch#s can do anything they want.

The Texas tramps are above the law, like their Daddy and Grandpa.
They are royalty, thus not subject to the laws of the land.
Why, their daddy was appointed king by the ruling council.

Obey the law?
No need, because they're The Bush Family Evil Empire

The reason Greg Palast is in court right now is because The Bush Family Evil Empire
has cornered the market on gold production and he wrote about some people they MURDERED
to get their grubby Republican hands on that gold

They already have a huge chunk of the world's oil production,
and they're buying up the water rights in California.

Do you people think I'm kidding about The Bush Family Evil Empire?
James Cagney said it first: "Never steal anything small."
That's their motto.

...meanwhile, we're fighting a war on two fronts with this Nader stab-in-the-back,
making Karl Rove the happiest man in America.

 Happy Birthday to...

        Debra Messing is 33                        Nasty Henstridge is 27

 Also, Joe Mannix is 76, Phyllis Schlafly is 95

 I Heard a Rumor...

 Did Gary Condit have anything to do with Chandra Levy losing her job?

 (I know she didn't work for him, but that doesn't mean he couldn't have dropped a dime
  on her and said, "Dump the bitch, she's trouble - she's stalking me...")

 That would've helped to give her a push out of town.
 That might've solved a lot of his problems.

 I guess with the cops not looking at Condit anymore,
 they're free to search for the real killer, 100 days after the trail got cold.

 Thanks, Gary.

BUSH Toilet Paper Man Arrested During Visit

Who gives a shit?
This guy did...

 The Internet Address
   by The Daily Brew

 Click  Here


Subject: Nader

I'm not surprised you're weary of the Nader debate.
You haven't provided a single compelling argument against voting for Nader.

I have two arguments.
1. He had no chance in hell to win.
2. His vote total was greater than Bush's margin on "victory."
    The math says a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush.

And please stop with the nonsense that voting for Nader is voting for Bush.
According to that logic, someone who performs an act intends all of the
consequences of that action--a conclusion that no rational person can accept.

Not in every case, but the last weekend before the election, every poll in America
said the race was too close to call, so when you claim, "Who knew?" it rings false.

A vote for Nader is a vote for Nader.

You going to be repeating that at Smirk's second inauguration?

What put Bush over the top was too many people voting for Bush,
and then a thuggish campaign to steal the rest.

I'll agree with that.

Direct your ire at Tom Delay, the Supreme Court, Katherine Harris, etc.,
and not at a legitimate reformer.

George Stubbs
Melrose, MA

"Legitimate reformer?"
I thought we were talking about Ralph Nader...
If he wants to reform something, why is Bush president with Nader votes?

BTW, if 2500 people write me 2500 letters with 2500 Nader slogans,
the math will still say Nader is responsible for the Boy King.

When the math changes, get back to me.


Subject: Clinton saves country $300k per year!

Hi BC,

Ever since I heard this bit of news, I have even less patience with the dolts who scream
about "Clinton's office space is costing us a fortune!", and "He stole furniture!"

According to Guy Dauncey and Patrick Mazza's very informative book "Stormy Weather:
101 Solutions to Climate Change", Clinton's initiative to upgrade the White House lighting,
heating, air conditioning, and windows (and replace appliances and office equipment with
more energy-efficient models) saves on average $300,000 per year.
This is actually MORE than his salary while he was president.

He did not "trash the White House" -- he fixed it up,
though I doubt Snippy will appreciate it.




Subject: Tom Tomorrow

Yeah. You're right about TT.
The toon in today's rant spells it out much better than yesterday.
I missed it (and so, obviously, did many others) when it came out,
but I have to ask... now that the whole "pardons" thing,  just like the whole
"White House vandalism" thing, etc have turned to nothing and blown away....



In the past, when Tom rant a "fuck Clinton" cartoon, I chose not to run it.
Many, many people assumed I was angry about just one cartoon, the one from yesterday.

You're not going to see a retraction toon from Tom Tomorrow.
His goal is promoting Nader at the Democrat's expense.

Apparently, Tom's in this "Money is evil - we need to fight without it" camp.
Unilateral disarmament is rarely a good idea.

That's what makes him a friend to Bush & Rove.

Surround the White House

Please let your readers know that from Sept 28 to Oct 4, protestors will meet
in Washington to demand the cancellation of third world debt and to end policies that
favor the rich and powerful.  On Sept 29, demonstrators will "Surround the White House"
and then march to the IMF and World Bank HQ.  One of the issues on the table now is
a challenge of the plan to keep demonstrators in "exclusion zones".

Many of us who have protested Smirk, know what it is like to be herded into these
so called "first amendment zones" which is one of the most egregious assaults on our
right to free speech and assembly.  As our freedoms dwindle, and the press continues
to turn it's back on these outrages, it becomes imperative that everyone who cares about
democracy join in this protest and make a loud and unqualified statement of resistance.

We were born with certain freedoms and I think we just assume they will always be there.
But dem! ocracy is fragile and if we do nothing while it is slowly chipped away, it will be
too late once it's gone.  The chilling words of Smirk should be a call to action.

He said "There should be limits to freedom".
He said, "A dictatorship would be a heck of a lot easier as long as I'm the dictator".

If that raises the hair on the back of your neck, I'll see you in DC in Sept.

Josh Marshall slaps CNN's Isaacson for being a pitiful sap
 Is it too early to start calling for Walter Isaacson to resign as head of CNN?

 Click  Here

Subject: Tom Tomorrow


I don't think Mr. Rove would appreciate this Tom Tomorrow.
Did you see the whole thing?


geez, bartcop, you need to take a vacation (although i thought you just had one) and relax a little.

that tom tomorrow strip about "left wing-wacko's" was SARCASM.


Uh...He was being sarcastic.
It's a slam on freeper mentality.

Read it again.


I read your piece on Tom Tomorrow earlier today. I think you missed the point.
I saw the cartoon in question in its entireity and it was coming from a place that both you and I inhabit.
I don't think Tom Tomorrow has ever "flipped" to the other side.
You've busted his chops before and you're doing it again _ BUT - he is on our side!



I am sorely disappointed with you!
Tom Tomorrow has "turned?"


Now you're attacking Tom Tomorrow?  Your brand of Democratic Centralism is getting to be a bit much.
You claim he's "carrying George Bush's water", but I have yet to see you produce one cartoon he's done that
supports Bush.  Whoops, I forgot that in Bartcopland, anyone who says a single negative thing about the
Democrats is a Bush supporter.

Who cares if they, say, bomb a third world medicine factory for no good reason?

Just a day or two ago, I invited debate on that horseshit charge - where were you?
That's Rush talking - can you back that up?

Disagreeing with Bill Clinton about anything  is TREASON!
Hmmm...I seem to remember you calling the Democrats pink tutu-wearers a couple times.
Apparently you think the Democrats are spineless on occasion.
You must be a Bush supporter too!
It's Bartcop, carrying water for Karl Rove!

I wish I knew what you people were thinking.

1. Do you think I would let one cartoon crater my respect for Tom Tomorrow?
    He's been anti-Gore and anti-Clinton for a long time.

2. Maybe you consider Nader the center of the Democratic party, which is real horseshit.
    Until someone else comes along, Clinton is running this party.
    Gore had a chance to lead, but he chose to take a nap, instead.

3. When someone attacks Clinton and Gore ("corrupt," "worthless," "Bush clones" etc)
    they are doing EXACTLY what Karl Rove wants, and I don't care who disagrees.

4. When I scream at the pink tutu Democrats, you're supposed to think of a football coach
    telling his team at halftime, "You look like a bunch of women out there."
   I'm not accusing the Democrats of  supporting "just another corrupt politican."
   I'm not screaming at them for  "excusing the inexcusable throughout an ENTIRE presidency?"

   No, that's traitor talk, there.

   That's why I say Tom Tomorrow is carrying Karl Rove's water.
   If the Democrats are all traitors, and since Nader doesn't have a chance,
   that leaves the Boy King as the only viable option - if you agree with Tom Tomorrow.

   There's a difference between urging your team to fight harder,
   and accusing them of covering up criminality, as Tom does.
   Of course, you're free to interpret Tom's attacks any way you want.

   I just liked him better when he was attacking Bush instead of Clinton.

   The people who like to see Tom attack Clinton are, of course,
    free to heap tons of priase on him, just don't expect me to join in.

USA Today Leads Attack on Gore

USA Today has become the mouthpiece of George Bush and Karl Rove.
Their coverage of their recount with the Miami Herald in May recount was totally biased
and without credibility. And now that Al Gore is resurfacing, they can't wait to attack him.

In reality, several polls show Gore and Bush in a dead heat - which means that after 7 months
of pretending to be President and dominating the news EVERY day, Bush has won NO support,
while Gore has kept ALL of his support despite getting NO coverage.

Tell USA Today ( to stop attacking Gore!

Full Sorry Story

Bush Campaign Trashed the Republican Code of Conduct

The Florida Republican Code of Conduct is worth a few laughs.
Like this one: "I will not use nor condone any misrepresentations, distortions, malicious
untruths, half-truths or innuendoes about my opponent(s) and/or my opponent's families."

What about the Bush Big Lie that Al Gore was trying to stop the military from voting?
This "malicious untruth" was put at the top of the nation's news for weeks by Rob Carter,
the TREASURER of the Florida Republican Party.

There is only one Republican Code of Conduct - LIE, STEAL, and CHEAT
- do whatever it takes to win.

 Jenna Does it Again
  Makes a BartCop party looks like a Cloister Nun prayer session

 Click  Here

 Turning Up The Heat
   by RB Ham

 Click  Here


Subject:  I listened to your rant again...and again...

I listened to your "rant" again ( actually three more times...) and what can I say?
It's classic "BartCop"!...but actually spoken...instead of just read in the privacy of my own mind.

The 4th time through I was actually laughin' out loud. I couldn't get that "noir" image out of my mind...
I saw Sam Shepard (actor, playwright) sittin' there in a dimly-lit studio, sweatin' out the horrible truth...
Bush is in the Oval Office in defiance and denial of the voters!

I wanted to laugh, barf and scream at the same time...even after six months
( He doesn't improve with age....)

BC, you may be too tough an hombre to restrain at all....!Hah!

El Bicho

Ladies and gentlemen, ...El Bicho!
The producer of such classic ani-gif toons such as...

From: Larry aka Bernie

Subject: Rush's Two Minute Delay!!!


It is all my fault!!!!!
That delay was not there when I called in with "Megga Bartcop Dittoes Pigboy".
That gutless, thin-skinned draft dodger couldn't handle Larry and to insure
that I can't pull it off again the SOB goes to a two minute delay!

Leave it to pigboy to pull some shit like that.

Larry aka Bernie

 Pearl Harbor on DVD

 Pearl Harbor, (the worst movie ever made, according to critics) is being re-edited
 for its DVD release. It will now be the film director Michael Bay says he wanted to make.
 He said he resented Disney telling him it had to be a PG-rated attack, and now he's
 going to show the real horror of December 7th, 1941.

 To those who hated this movie:
 Remember when I had problems with Rules of Engagement?
 I made a list of points in the film that were horseshit, and I explained how easy
 it would've been to correct the flaws (or edit them out). I think whenever somebody
 has a problem with a film, a song, a speech or a politician, if "it sucks" is the best you
 can do to describe your disappointment, perhaps it's the reviewer who sucks.

 To this day, I haven't heard one decent critic of Pearl harbor.
 I hear "cardboard characters, cookie-cutter writing, one dimensional plot" etc.,
 but you could apply that crap to any movie ever made if you don't have to back it up.

 So I guess I'll be the only one to get Pearl Harbor on DVD and see the real movie.

Tom Tomorrow has a lot of fans.
Like Dennis Miller, even after he turned, he can still be funny.

I got a whole lot of mail telling me how wrong I was, about how I "misunderstood"
what points he's trying to make, and I can only say that one of us is crazy.
Here's one from Green Neil.


Subject: Is there Cancer in your astrology chart, BC?

Let's see, you like to indulge, good food, good drink, probably other good unmentionables.
Sounds like Cancer.

You are very thin skinned.
You said::

> Isn't it sad about Tom Tomorrow?
> I used to like him a lot, ...before he turned.

> I'm so old, I remember when he was anti-GOP.
> But now, he's carrying George Bush's water, attacking the Democrats.

That is TOTAL BULLSHIT.  I looked up that cartoon in his archives, and there is a mild but ACCURATE
poke at the Dems.  You are so hyper sensitive, yet you yourself admit that you belong to a party of collaborator,
bend over and roll over cowards.  So if someone like the very perceptive Sparky takes a poke at your side,
you cry that he has gone over to the dark side.  More of that BC, and you won't be worth reading,
because you are losing your ceredibility with some of us.

And you asked me to answer your commentary of my "Dems want it both ways", it which you acussed me of
plagerism (cut and paste). So I would appreciate it if you print my reply, because if you don't let me answer
your unfounded projections, I will see no reason to bother with you again.

If all you can do is attack the Greens and Nader and not reform your own very corrupt and anti-democratic
party, then you deserve to lose again. You're best at attacking Bush, and on thin ice attacking those of us
with integrity. Go with your strength , and don't edit like Rush.

I expect to see my response to your unfounded accusations soon.

Neil Murray

Neil, I blame you for the length.
You wrote a long-ass rant full of slogans and platitudes, maybe 300 words.
I answered with my 300 words, then you reply with another 300.
It's your fault for starting with War and Peace.

That's why I accused you of using the words of others.
I can explain anything in a few sentences.
Greens tend to spend a thousand words before they say, "Hello."

As far as that "edit like Rush" crap, I say for the hundreth time:
I'm the most challenge-friendly site on the www, am I not?

Let's put this horseshit to bed.
The next e-mail you send me needs to include the URL of a Green web site
that gets some hits, where I can debate the owner and he'll print my rant.

You're stuck.

People think they can attack me and leave injury free, but I'm calling your bluff.
If I'm so afraid to print the other guy's rant, show me a Green site that does it right.

You're wrong about Tom Tomorrow, but I can see how you'd make that mistake.
I didn't mean that this particular cartoon was any kind of straw breaking the camel's back.

Tom turned a long time ago. When Tom turned hard was that horseshit cartoon he did about
how Clinton/Gore didn't care about arsenic and clean air, etc. when they were in office.
It was Tom's sharpest "Bush & Gore are twins" toon.

Every time I hear a Green say, "then you deserve to lose again."
That tells me all I need to know.

Well, you and Tom got your wish.

...and I'm waiting for that URL.

 Lots of people going nuts, saying I misunderstood that last Tom T toon.
 Not the case.

 Tom turned a while back.

 While looking for the toon that explains it best, I found this one:

                                           You say Tom's still with us?

 The last 8 years was "just another corrupt politican?"  and
 "we excused the inexcusable throughout his ENTIRE presidency?"

 Jesus, if Tom's on our side, I want Judas Stephanopolous in the foxhole with me.

 Tom Tomorrow is so goddamn ashamed of the last 8 years he can't stand it,
 and I'm the guy who fails to see that Tom is still our friend?

 Just like my friend Neil, Tom T's goal is, "...then you deserve to lose again."

 ...and you guys think this is about me having thin skin?

As far as I'm concerned, Ralph Nader is Jane Fonda,
But instead of harmless "cavorting," Nader tipped the balance of power
and the bad guys won the war - just to feed Mr. Three Percent's ego.

Nader did lasting damage to this country.

What we need is a Tom Tomorrow/BartCop debate

 A gentleman's debate.

We need to mend this riff now, not five years from now.
 I don't want Tom working against us in 2002 or 2004.

 Who can get word to Tom?
 Tell him I'll be nice.


Subject: Complaint?

Regarding your comment about no one complaining about your "Lolita" sex joke.
I just wanted to say I read you everyday. It's one of the little comforts I have while
tolerating the fact that Bush even won governor of Texas (probley stole that somehow too),
much less is actually pretending to be a legitimate president. ( My daughter is in the army,
and while I'm very proud of her, I'm ashamed that she has that man for a boss). So my point.
I am a feminist, have a decent I.Q. (whatever)) and I forgive any little lapses almost immediately!
Keep up the good work, (but dude, post some beefcake once in a while!!)


Remember that FotoMat story I mentioned?
A sleuthful reader found this on Nexis.

Police looking for young female in photos

Tulsa police are concerned about an unidentified female who looks like
she's being sexually assaulted by several men in amateur photographs.
Police said the men used objects to sexually assault the female.

Officers arrested a man Wednesday who they say had the pictures developed at a local photo lab,
Cpl. Mark Mears said.  Tremaine Crawford, 21, was taken into custody on a complaint of production
of obscene material, but police say he won't tell them who the female is or whether she is all right.

The apparent victim is described as a slender black female, about 5-foot-5 to 5-foot-8 inches tall
with shoulder-length hair.  She appears to be young, but officials do not know whether she is a juvenile
or an adult. In the pictures, she appears to have more than one earring in her right ear.

"We do not know the age of the victim, but we do fear for her safety," Officer Lucky Lamons said.

A Walgreen's drug store employee called police June 28 to report that workers had developed
sexually explicit photographs from film that was dropped off by a customer. By law, such pictures
must be reported to police, Mears said.

"The photos depict several men apparently forcing sex on a woman," Mears said.
"We do not know who the victim is, but we want to make sure she is OK.
  It is possible that she is in danger."

Police believe Crawford dropped off the film.
The man who delivered it to the photo lab had used an alias.
Only vague descriptions of the other men were available.

This is, apparently, the only story on Nexis about this girl's life being in danger.
Just like with the radio station, not another word was written or spoken.

Isn't that just like the whore press?


Subject: Tom Tomorrow


I really feel like I have to call you to task for the little blurb on Tom Tomorrow you did on the fourteenth.
The fact is, Tomorrow has ALWAYS gone after dems when they don't behave in a sufficiently liberal manner.
You don't have to like it, but it isn't some sort of betrayal; it's always been so.

I can't deny that I to find some of his pro-green stuff grating, but it's nothing new.
He has NEVER been a Democratic partisan.  Also, I really hope that little snippet of this week's cartoon
you posted wasn't meant to prove your point, inasmuch as the strip in question really isn't an attack on the Dems.
All I'm trying to say is, you don't have to always like what the man says, but you really oughn't to be getting
so bitter over losing him--you never had him in the first place.

All the best,


Geo, interesting...

You say "I" never had him in the first place, but I have 25 messages that say
"He's still out friend, you're being too sensitive."

In my book, anybody who considers the last eight years of peace and prosperity
"just another corrupt politican?" and  "we excused the inexcusable
 throughout his ENTIRE presidency?"
 is carrying water for Smirk

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 It had everything.

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