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Volume 563 - Call him Mr. Pitiful

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 August 21, 2001


 "A guy in Texas has received a stay of exectution,
   or as President Bush calls it, the one that got away."
    -- Leno

 "Who cares what you think?"

 You remember that famous Smirky quote from July 4th, right?
 Some people say it didn't happen, some say it did.

 But there's no way to prove it, right?
 Could the man some call "President" be that much of a shithead?

 I say yes.

 What I'm about to offer isn't proof, but it provides "a window into the soul" of the appointed boy king,
 the spoiled and snotty rich kid who never heard the word, "No" his entire life.

 I remembered something the other day.
 (Boy, if I had a staff, I'd be right there with names & dates.)

 A few weeks before New Hampshire, Bush was "ambushed" by a local radio or
 TV guy who started peppering him with questions about the names of world leaders, remember?
 It was a big deal at the time.  It was our first indication that Bush was a total moron.

 The reporter said something like, "Do you know who the president of Italy is?"
 ...and the snotty rich boy said, "No, you?"

 Now, it's not his words I mean to bring into focus, it was his tone.
 If you remember, (I do, it seems like it was just an hour ago) that you?  was the most
 snide and sarcastic kind of horseshit, third-grade pettiness that doesn't sound very good coming
 from a man who's asking a nation to put their future in his hands.

 I defy anybody to name for me a time when an American politician was on camera and shot back
 with something so petty, so childish, so uncalled for and so telling about his lack of character.

 I defy come up with an example of a more arrogant bastard in politics

 Go ahead - I'll wait.

 Once we exhaust the American politicians, we might be able to expand that to all politicians.
 I think the snotty brat looked worse in that New Hampshire exchange than Khruschev did
 when he banged his damn shoe on the podium of the United Nations

 That incredibly snotty "No, you?" told me what kind of "man" Governor Blow Monkey was,
 which is an insecure little shit who was used to having his daddy make everything go his way all the time.

 So, I can't PROVE Bush told that reporter,  "Who cares what you think?"
 but that remark is totally in character with that petty little snot we met in New Hampshire.

 ...and he was forced on us, against the will of the voters by a crooked whore court.

 Congrats to  Connie Chung  for getting the first Condirt interview.

 Koresh knows she's not the lightweight pushover that Baba Wawa and Diane Sawyer are.
 If Baba did the interview, she'd ask what kind of tree Condit buried Chandra under,
 and that brainless Sawyer would've batted her eyes and agreed with everything Condit said,
 like when she let Michael Jackson get away with, "I was never under suspicion."

 They're doing it "live to tape," instead of live, not sure why.
 Maybe ABC wants a chance to edit it "funny" to slant it a certain way.

 ...and thank Koresh they don't let the stupidest cow in all Washington do the interview.

 I'll bet your letter is in this pile.

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 Did I ever tell you the story of the time I kicked
 Dale Apollo Cook  out of the Hard Rock island?

 Click  Here

 Who's going to Hell this week?

 Michael Dare knows...

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 Subject: Liberals...

God, you stupid, idealistic, short-sighted, "I want it now", juvenile, liberal pussies
really deserve yourselves. Grow up and get your heads out of  your asses.

Do you REALLY think that Clinton and his bag of shitheads created any kind of economic boom?
Do you really think that just because a Republican was elected (finally!) that all-of-a-sudden....POOF!
......the economy goes sour? Ever heard of a "market correction"? Ever heard of "over-inflated,
unsustainable growth"? Long-term progress and growth can only come from forward-thinking,
future-oriented economic planning. The kind of forward thinking that we had during the Reagan and
Bush administrations. The kind that, if you'll work for it and be patient, we can have again.
Grow the fuck up.   Write me back....I dare you, asshole!

ha ha

KD, I have a feeling you'll be getting lots of mail.
You insulted dozens of people just now.

But a couple of things...

The "I want it now" people want to pay our country's bills.
It's your side that wants to spend Social Security money on tax cuts.

And yes, when Wall Street saw that Clinton was serious about balancing the budget
and paying down the debt, they started investing in America's future again.

And yes, when a spend-crazy madman screams "tax cut - so help me God," Wall Street's
ass puckers up and they get frightened, causing a pullback - don't you watch the news?

Lastly, you said "A Republican was elected?"
No, he was appointed by his rich daddy's appointees.

But thanks for giving me the oportunity to straighten you out.


Subject: Rob Sherman Radio Show

Hey Bartcop,

There is a great one hour radio program on file at the following site.
Rob Sherman in Chicago spends an hour interviewing Mark Crispin Miller,
author of "The Bush Dyslexicon".  Just go there and click on the radio program.
The program will be available until Thursday, Aug 23.
It's well worth the time to listen.
(Miller also talks about the WHORE network TV "Press" toward the end.

Larry Hicks

Is the media giving Bush a free ride?
Dearth of sexy stories from the White House stumps Washington press corps

 Click  Here

 I'll tell you what's crazy - when Clinton was president, the press palyed "What if?"

 "What if Clinton turned the Army on everyday Americans?"
 "What if Clinton had Monica murdered?"
 "What if Clinton murdered Ron Brown and Vince Foster?"
 "What if Clinton was the rapist we all claim he is?"

 But with the APPOINTED FRAUD, they won't even address what he actually did.

 We know he's been arrested more than three times, but the press dare not ask why.
 We know he was "unavailable" for his Nat Gauard duty, but the press won't ask why.
 We know he can't find Europe on a map, but the press helps to hide that.
 We know Enron was gouging California for unearned billions in energy costs,
 but nobody but a few web sites will even mention the subject.
 We know when he makes speaking mistakes, that the press will CORRECT the mistake,
  because it's important to project a dignified image, instead of the damn truth.

 We don't want dirt - we just want the goddamn facts.


Subject: WWII vet screwed by W&S


I'm just catching up on Sunday's edition and read the letter from the WWII vet.
I'm horrified that this segment of the population is having its well-deserved benefits cut more and more.
I'm trying to come up with a way for us to contribute to SOMETHING to help people like that gentlemen,
but the one thing I'd tell him right now is to ask his doctor for samples.
Most docs have a closet full of sample medications that will go out of date if they don't get them distributed.
Maybe his doc has some of the medications that  the veteran can use.  It's always worth asking.

I'm a therapist, and I know that psychiatrists almost always have a stash of samples [that need to be used up
before the expiration date] that the docs offer to patients who can't otherwise afford these meds on a regular basis.

Pass that along to him if you can.
Do you know of any fund to which we can contribute to help vets like him?
(After we send $$ to you, of course, to keep this site rolling. . . . )


Sofie, I hope he reads this.
Let's take care of the Vets first, then worry about  later.


"We have gone from boom to bust faster than anytime since the oil shock.
  When you screech to a halt like that, it feels like getting thrown through the windshield."
    --STEPHEN S. ROACH, the chief economist of Morgan Stanley.

  Is this the same Morgan Stanley company that paid Clinton  to speak to them, but then said
  it was "a mistake" after the Freepers played their little tricks?

 ...gutless cowards

 You guys dumped on the best president Wall Street (and retirees) ever had.

Flintstone Futurama
   by Maureen Dowd     She hates everybody - today it's the Unelected Moron.

 Click  Here

 MoDo, YOU caused this, you and your whore friends.

 I am so stupid!
   (Chris Farley)

 There are WWII vets that read

 You guys got stories you want to tell, don't you?

 I'm not looking for the sensationalist stuff, but I'd sure like to read some true stories
 about how things were back then. You could keep it light, tell us about some ports you called on,
 some faraway places you were stationed, your nutjob commanding officer, that kind of thing..

 Hell, do it like a Vegas report.
 Tell us where you lived, what you ate, what transportation they had,
 what kind of money they used, were the girls pretty in the country you were stationed?

 But then again, if there was a serious story that needed to be told,
 ...and you wouldn't have to give up anything you didn't want to, but then again, writing about
 something is a lot different than telling somebody, then sitting there and dreading what their
 reaction is going to be, there wouldn't be any of that.

 Think about it...

 We're looking for true, first-person World War II stories.
 It's OK if you're female and didn't serve, too.

 If you have a funny or good story about rubber rationing, or if you have a great story
 about how you heard the war was over, that kid of thing. write to me!

 Got a Gramps or Grandma who likes to tell old stories?
 Ask 'em about World War II and ask them to write to us or listen to them
 and write down what they say and send it.

 Damn, I'm glad I thought of this before Pearl Harbor.
 Let's hear from the real deal.

Should we produce weekends?

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Rant Fan

I just listened to your epic radio premiere, "The Rant" again...
It's beautiful thing, man...Harsh, but beautiful...because the Truth is always beautiful...

I recommend that all BartCop aficionados listen to "The Rant" every day...
It gets the blood boilin' good...and that's what we, The People, need...
It's so easy in our society of relative opulence, to become complacent and acquiescent
to whoever-the-fuck thinks they can lull us, The People, into a somnambulistic,
hypnotic state of obeisance to the self-declared, self-aggrandizing, self-serving neo-aristocracy...

BartCop, "The Rant" is energizing, refreshingly blunt, and to the point...
Good Democrats oughta listen to it every day...just to keep the gumbo goin' good...

Yours in Democratic solidarity,
El Bicho

 Bicho, I linked to the Lanny-Hitler version of the rant, because it's 90 percent smaller.
 Can anybody tell me how to make 4 minute MP3s that are just 400K?
 I have Cool Edit 2000 - it does most anything...

   by Clark Maxwell

  Click  Here

 It's little wonder Americans are the physically fattest they’ve ever been and are spiritually  and
 intellectually deficient. As a result, a lethargy has set in as we’ve experienced a downward spiral;
 the less people vote, the less politicians do, and the more they get away with in taking away our rights.
 We are slowly but surely becoming a fascist society wherein the wealthy few rule with corporate
 impunity over the rights of the masses of middle and lower classes, without whom the economic
 engine that is the hallmark of America internationally would cease to function. The vast majority
 of us lumped under the revered "working families" banner are becoming nothing more than economic
 serfs in a land where the concept of one-man, one-vote is becoming a sick joke…

 Pastor Deacon Fred sings Dylan at Landover Baptist

 Click  Here  to download the MP3


Subject: The McGwire Uproar...

McGwire has always had the build of a brick shithouse.
So I doubt if he used it to bulk up.

That reminds me...
Yes, Mac is a power hitter, but drugs can't make you hit home runs.
Ask Michael Jordon how easy it is to hit a fastball out of the park.
If Mac was running or lifting, drugs might help, but there are no drugs
that locate that ball and tell your brain when and where to swing.

If you check the stats, he hit 49 home runs during his rookie year, a MLB record.
Was he on steriods way back then too?
Yes Bonds is an asshole, but he is a great player.
McGwire is more personable, and seems to get along with his teammates better.

Of course, we should all remember most reporters are lying bags of shit,
so I personally give Bonds a break on treating reporters like crap.
Mostly, they deserve it.

I'm the last guy on the planet to defend the whore press, but when they ask him about
making his run for the record, he screams "Did you go to deaf schol?"
They're not asking about his penis, or if he fathered a baby with a crack whore in Little Rock.
They're doing their jobs.

Remember what Rush and Drudge and the  said?
"Everyone who has seen the baby agrees it looks just like Clinton."

We expect that from Drudge and the vulgar Pigboy, but "fuck you" to the New York Whore Times
for taking a once-great paper and turning into a rag the National Enquirer can't respect.
The New York Whore Times is now the bedpan of bad journalism.

 Sing along with Rush

"You kill all the niggers, and you gas all the Jews,
  Kill a gypsy and a Commie, too.
  You just killed a kike, don't it feel right?
  Goodness gracious, Third Reich."

 When the GOP throws a concert, they love to sing that song.

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Subject: Bush never lived in Crawford- why does he keep calling it "home"?

Did you see this: Bush has never in his life lived in Crawford, the town he keeps calling "home".
He bought the ranch two years ago in the middle of the presidential campaign, when he lived in
the Governor's mansion. He has no connection to Crawford other than his use of it as a political showpiece.

By showcasing the Crawford ranch, the Bush spinmeisters hope to show voters that Bush had a life,
an identity, and a home before he entered the White House. But the third point, at least, is certainly untrue.
The Crawford ranch does not precede Bush's life on the national stage; it is a product of it. When Bush
was just governor of Texas, he didn't have the ranch--it was bought two years ago, with his presidential
campaign at full steam. Before then, he lived in the governor's mansion and spent vacations at a home
he owned at a members-only lakeside retreat in East Texas called the Rainbo Club, which caters to
the Dallas elite. His other holiday destinations were the Bush family compound in Kennebunkport,
which did so much to identify his father as an aloof preppy, and the Gasparilla Inn, a luxurious Florida
hideaway owned by an heir to the DuPonts, where the Bush family went after the Florida recount.
As one Texas newspaper noted back when Bush purchased his ranch,
"Mr. Bush has no roots in the area." But after seven trips there as president, Bush has most of the
national press convinced that he was practically born and bred in Crawford. It's a great political feat.

This is just another example of the whore media playing whatever tune Karl Rove requests.
He bought that ranch to try to make it appear like he wasn't a snot-nosed preppy,
but everyone knows he is, and the whore press is in charge of creating his false image.

 Nader go Round

 Click  Here


Subject: BartCop Parable?

Dear BC,
Was that story about the dead man and his dog penned by you?
It has to be one of the most heartwarming stories I've read in a long time,
fictional or not.  I would like to forward it to others (probably without the
rant that follows it,  that way I could send it to my eight year old nephew, too).

A very nice little parable indeed.
To whom should I credit it?
The rant afterward is spot- on, BTW.

Also, I plan on sending both $40 cash and a check (for the autograph) of $1
to Julie Hiatt Steele with a note of support.
She can wait on cashing the check as long as she might need to.
Thank you for keeping us abreast of this true American Hero's situation.

Keep on keepin' on!


Dominic, no, I didn't write it, but I re-wrote it because it had a lot of unnecessary words
in it that I thought jumbled up the message. No telling who the author is.   Rude Rich sent it.
It would be nice if Democrats didn't need to be told to stop stabbing their heroes in the back.

Also, be sure to ask Julie to sign the check, personally.
She may have a rubber stamp and wonder why you'd send a $1 check :)


Subject: Re: The Picture War

Dear Bart,

I just don't agree with Linda R's rant about your posting of "babe pictures".
As a woman, I think it's refreshing to have a woman-lovin', gun-ownin',
corn-on-the-cob eatin', Tulsa-livin' ,Tequila-drinkin' guy who just happens
to love democracy enough to refuse to turn his country over, bound hand and foot,
to the Fascist regime that is now running the show and threatening our freedoms.

Stay the way you are Bart.
That's an order.


Yes, Ma'am

Y'know, I can understand it not being everyone's favorite, just like some people
don't care to hear about Vegas, corn, Area 51, tequila and Jimmy Page stories.

Koresh, I don't know of any magazine or show where every topic is everyone's favorite,
but yes, Linda R got a little heated.   ...and shame on TIME for being a smut peddler.

 Happy Birthday to...

        Connie Chung is 55                              Kim Cattrall is 45
    Read The Fall of Connie Chung                         I wish I looked that good at 45

 Isaac Hayes (1946)
 Robert Plant (1948)
 Clarence Williams III (1939)

 ...I wonder if our Isaac was named after Isaac Hayes?

 Spit Drool Pablum

 Click  Here

 Bush is capable of competently reading a speech. He also seems to have enough
 mental functioning to memorize answers to questions and regurgitate them verbatim.
(He will often, in the midst of answering an unrehearsed question, veer off into one of
 his canned answers, however unrelated, just so he'll have words coming out of his mouth).


 Subject: Clinton Cards

 Just send a self addressed, stamped envelope to

 Hot Springs Convention Center
 Attn: Clinton Cards
 PO Box 6000
 Hot Springs, AR 71902

 We'll send 'em out as long as the supply lasts.
 Thanks for the inquiry!

 Leysa Robertson
 Personnel Director
 Hot Springs Advertising & Promotion Commission
 134 Convention Blvd.
 Hot Springs, AR 71901
 501-321-2027, ext. 6123

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 It had everything.

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