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Volume 569 - Puppet of Masters

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 August 27, 2001
 VCR Alert
Connie Chung on Letterman!    Plus I get to start hating the Dallas Cowboys tonight.
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By Request

A Death in the Congressman's Office
Does Anybody in the Press Care About Lori Klausutis?

 Statement of Julie Hiatt Steele
   Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law
   September 23, 1999

  (If you respect Julie Hiatt Steele now, wait until you read her statement)

   Click  Here

  My crime was standing up to Ken Starr. My crime was speaking out
  against him and his Gestapo tactics. My crime was telling the truth,
  the real truth, and not the "Ken Starr amended and revised" version
  of truth provided to me during the last-chance "secret" meeting I
  had with him on November 9, 1998. I left that meeting in tears
  because we learned that my failure to endorse their version of truth
  would result in my indictment.

  I was given several choices that day. I could say that the [Willey] grope was
  consensual or that it was non-consensual; or I could choose my own day, week,
  month, and year to claim that I had been told about the grope.
  I could confirm the grope or be indicted.
  I could not confirm the grope.
  I had no such information.
  I only had the truth.
  I went home and waited to be indicted.


Subject: RePugs Rob S.S. - no surprise to BC Readers

No Surprise. What has BC been saying sense before the election???

Feds May Tap Social Security
WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush's tax cut and the nation's economic downturn will force
the government to take $9 billion out of Social Security this year to pay for other operations,
breaking a bipartisan commitment in Congress, congressional analysts reported today.
Offering a more pessimistic view of the government's finances than the Bush administration did last
week, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office is estimating the total budget surplus for the
fiscal year that ends Sept. 30 at $153 billion - down $122 billion from its May estimate.

Those Nader voters knew Bush would rob Social Security to give the rich another tax cut,
but Nader told them Gore & Bush were the same, and they fell for it - how sad.

The GOP - they just want the old people to die.

From: B.Bax@big-time-fed-gov-job

Subject: Polygamy

As for that utah polygamist,  i say lock him up for 25 years, at least.  the man is a PERVERT!
he "married" each of those girls when they were in their mid teens (14-16), and he was in his mid-40s.
these were not equal relationships.  i won't get all psychological on you, but to me he sounds like a child molester.

and did you know that we was once married to the mother of one of his current wives, two of his wives are sisters,
and two are cousins?  you think that is normal?  i sure don't.  and that guy's "opinion" that men need several sex
partners (and women don't) is beyond ridiculous.  do you realize how much they defrauded from the utah welfare
department?  none of the women work outside the home.  they've all had at least five children before they are 22
years old.  none of those girls graduated from high school.  the children don't go to school (being home schooled
by a high school dropout does not count as schooling).  and i haven't even mentioned the irresponsibility of having
30 children in this world of limited resources, but i am sure someone else will.


Well, now, hold on a minute...
I don't know the ages of his wives, or their relationships with each other.
(There's a lot I don't know on a lot of subjects)
Someone else wrote to say he was down 40K on child support, too.

But he wasn't charged with not paying child support, and he wasn't charged,
as far as I could tell from the headlines, with child molesting.
The subject on the floor is polygamy.

I mean, if he was selling cars with rolled back speedometers,
we wouldn't charge him with polygamy, right?

And, if we support gay rights, don't we need to tread lightly when defining
what makes a "real" marriage and what doesn't?

Let's say he paid his child support and no wives are related,
since those weren't related to the charges against him.

Should the government be sending him to jail for having more than one wife?
It might've cost the state of Utah $50,000-$100,000 to have that trial.
Is society better off?
Is his family?
Is he?
Do we all feel safer that he's going to prison?
And when he gets out, he not allowed to live with his wives?

Is that America?

Tommy Lee can have sex with 30 women in 15 days,
but the Utah guy belongs in prison?

The government has no business in this,
unless those girls are underage or other laws are being broken.

...and would all the people who want more government regulatons
between consenting adults please write to me and explain yourselves?


"The Carnegie Library in Savannah, Georgia, voted to name a wing of their library after Clarence Thomas.
  They said it was a lot classier than just calling it 'The adult section.'"
     --Bill Maher


 Julie Hiatt Steele is not yet online.

 My best quess is that her e-mail will be
 but she isn't going to be online for at least ten days.

 When she posts her first column, you'll know - trust me.
 It'll be the biggest thing that's happened so far on
 even bigger than knowing Hardon Kenny knows who I am.

 So please wait until then to send any personal e-mail to Julie.

From: (withheld)

Subject: Quick question

Just a quick question from someone that just started reading your site.
When you use the word "Koresh" where most people would use "God", who are you referring to?

It's just a joke.

Koresh thought he was God, so did his people.
The Davidians thought so much of "God," they let him screw their wives and daughters.

So instead of God bless you, I use Koresh bless you to remind people that false gods are everywhere,
especially on the EIB and Fox networks.

 Hitler and Bush
  Stalin and Bush's Conservative Reform Movement;
  The GOP of 1936 and Today's Dirty Politics
     by Cheryl Seal

  I usually pass on Hitler comparisons, because they're so cheesy.
 Well, this one's more scary than cheesy.

 Click  Here

 No one expected Hitler to rise to power.
 He had failed at just about everything he had ever undertaken,
 until he discovered politics.

 ...sound familiar?


Subject: Scarborough-BC Chat-whadafuckbc?


Granted, Condirt is subhuman scum but you spend a lot of time on that
bastard and maybe two paragraphs on Lorie K.
What gives man?

There is a dead body, the dead body was a practiced athelete that
supoosedly died from a "heart ailment", an assistant coroner who can't
even practice medicine in Florida, a prosecutor and police department
that won't release any info, a republican right wing nazi congressman
and a corporate media that won't go near this story.
Whadafuck man?


(Following from BC Board)

"August 25 2001, 9:42 PM

Quite frankly, instead of going off on condit, I'm surprised BC has not mentioned this more.
Agreed - Condit's a scum, I'm ashamed he calls himself a Democrat. But whatever he's done
or may be concealing is a small stink compared to the way corporate media has focused on Chandra
Levy to the exclusion of all the other things - scarey things - that are happening every day.
The Condit scandal has been one of the best thing's to happen to this criminal administration.

Meanwhile - we know at least part of the fate of Republican Joe Scarborough's intern.
She wound up dead some how in his office. You know this only if you  get your news feed f
rom the web. The other outlet's haven't dared utter a peep - we all know why.

So I'm puzzled by BC's almost Fauxian hard on for Condit, when Scarborough's been more
than a footnote on this fine website. Huh?"

Apparently, someone thinks I know what I'm doing.
The stories you see here are like my mail problem.
I'm like a grizzly standing in the river.
Hundreds of salmon are flying past me and I grab what I can.

I know next to nothing about Scarborough.
Has there been a breakthru of some sort?

I know the coroner is on the take, and he ruled it "death while standing up,"
or some kind of horseshit  like that, but is there more to the story?
Meanwhile, the whole country is talking about Condit.
So if a salmon flies into my mouth, I start chewing.
Sure, I could reach for some salmon a few feet away, but there's just no time.

Anybody play chess?
Have you seen the guys who play 30-50 chess games at a time?
I feel like that guy - ...'cept I can't play chess.

If I had more time, I could explain better.

 Happy Birthday to...

 Tuesday Weld is 58                  Barbara (Mrs. Ringo) Bach is 54

 Pee Wee Herman is 49
 and LBJ was born in 1908

 The live Madonna concert was spectacular

 They've been saying it was hueeueueueuege, and they were right.
 As predicted here Friday, the girl knows how to work a stage and a camera.

 She opened with a slow song, which I thought at the time was a mistake, but somehow
 she timed the pacing to where it just kept gaining momentum and getting bigger.
 I'm not Madonna's biggest fan, so I didn't know most of the songs, but I know
 show business when I see it, and Madonna was all business last night.

 This was theater.
 This was drama.
 This was excitement.

 I can't imagine any performer who couldn't learn something from that show.
 Jimmy Page, Bono, Mick Jagger, Pink Floyd would all see something to admire.

 On top of that, all performers should watch that tape and learn - from street mimes to
 jugglers to actors to barbershop quartets - Madonna showed what a live show could be.

 Damn - she did this live?

 The kiddie bands should be forced to watch.
 Birtney and N-Sync and Backstreet Boys - they need a LOT of what Madonna has.
 She was willing to take the chance - to go out there without that net.

 Geez, the production was immense.
 Did you see her doing those Matrix dance moves?
 If you told me up front that she was going to fly around like that, I would've yawned
 and belittled it in advance, but damn if she didn't pull it off. If one bonehead had hit a button
 half a second too early or too late, it would've been a catastrophe, but it was flawless.
 At one point, she pulled out a shotgun and blasted some guy!

 Sure, there was some weird stuff, too - like a distracting contortionist, but there was
 so many things going on, it looked like Floyd doing Run like Hell.
 Madonna's been around for what, 17 years?
 And had what, fifty different looks?

 Between songs, during costume changes, the giant screens would flash half-second images
 of her from days passed. That, alone, was impressive. Who else had had fifty identities?
 Who else has played a camera so well for so many years?

 We planned to just watch the opening, then pop in & out while watching Regis
 (she looooves her Regis) but we just couldn't turn Madonna off.
 The whole night, I only knew three songs, but she keep my interest.
 Towards the end, when the crowd was already "on high," she did Isla Bonita,
 where she played her own guitar.

 Hey, go ahead and laugh, but name another performer who learned guitar after getting famous.
 I'll bet you can't.

 She finally did Holiday, which I think was her first hit ever.
 That ended the regular show, then she disappeared.
 By now, the Palace at Auburn Hills was totally ape-shit.

 You gotta remember - I'm old, I've seen them all.
 Christ, I saw Judy Garland, Satchmo, Jimmy Durante, Elvis, Frank, The Who,
 The Beatles, The Stones and countless others live on TV or tape.
 I've seen Zeppelin, Floyd, Guns n Roses, Yes, ELP, Aerosmith and dozens more live live.
 ...but I've never seen that many people, not just waving their arms, but jumping during the encore.
 This crowd was ready to walk on hot coals for Madonna.

 I don't think I've ever seen a performer work a crowd that well.
 You kids, and you "seasoned" performers - watch how it's supposed to be done.

 She came back with Music, one of her biggest hits ever, and that kicked it up another notch
 The show was flawless. HBO had twenty cameras working, and caught everything.
 I hope that Boston U2 show was taped as well as this live show.

 Some people hate Madonna as much as Clinton and Smirk are hated, but she delivers the goods.
 I'm sure it'll be on again, and even if you don't like her, you should catch this show.
 If you hate Madonna, try to catch the last hour.
 If you double-hate Madonna, try to catch the last half-hour.


Subject: tax refund bushit


The truth has been buried again.
Bush isn't responsible for the tax rebate checks, let me repeat that a little louder:

The rebate checks are the result of a compromise that was added to the Bush plan in order to
get enough democrats to sign on so it would pass.  Despite the bogus letter (which cost us taxpayers
millions of dollars to send) in which Bush claimed the credit, and despite his repeated acceptance of
thanks from rebate recipients, the fact is that if it were up to him they would have gotten NOTHING.

Please don't mention the tax rebate without telling the truth.



Re: Aaliyah Killed in Plane Crash


Gloria Knowles, who works for Abaco Air Ltd. at Marsh Harbour airport,
said baggage handlers reported the plane was overloaded with suitcases.

She said the handlers and the plane's pilot complained about the heavy load
but the passengers insisted on taking everything with them.

Full Story


 Less than a year ago, there was "the truth," ...and then there was "the White House spin."

 But now, "the truth" and "the White House spin" are the same damn thing.

 ...and that's fine by the good puppy press.

 The entire Washington Press Corp has become Karl Rove's toy box.
 He can do whatever he pleases with it.

 If it wasn't for the Internet, we'd have no free press at all.

 Follow Up

 When I did that "what's in Vegas" story the other day, it was off the top of my pointy head,
 and I missed so much I thought I'd add this little bit.  Such as - if you go to Mandalay Bay,
 you can just walk thru the lobby and see the sharks swimming in the giant aquarium.
 I forget what all stuff they have, but if they have sharks they have other stuff too.
 Last time we were there, they had scanti-clad babes with giant colorful birds that talked.

 Or, you can go to The Mirage and see the white tigers - again, for free.
 But call ahead, because the white tigers gets days off, swear to Koresh.
 All they do is lay there (when they're not performing) but they're only available
 for viewing 5 or 6 days a week.

 Plus, there's the hookers.
 The hookers in Vegas look like this.

 They're gorgeous!
 They're the best-looking hookers in the entire world.

 You don't have to partake, or pay them or anything.
 When you see them handing out flyers at the casinos, you just walk up
 and ask a few questions and let her think you're her next $500.
 You ask her what the rules are and how much a table dance costs.
 Don't mention sex, in case she's a cop, but name another town wher girls
 this good looking will even speak to your ugly ass.

 She'll put that charm on you and make you feel like King Kong, but it's only for 2-3 minutes.
 Once she gets the feeling you're penniless, she's on to the guy behind you. He's got money.
 Of course, he's a priest, and that's your collection plate money, but remember:
 They're men too, and those nutty celibacy rules are for squares, anyway.

 Then, there's the swimming pools.
 You go to the Rio or Mandalay Bay or the Hard Rock when it's 110 degrees
 and see what those young girls are wearing so as not to overheat.

 ...and that's just some of the free stuff.

 If you have some cash, there are several tequila bars in town.
 Remember that awful Gardino's with the worse-than-TV-dinner food?
 Well, they have 600 kinds of tequila at their crap restaurant.

 If you have a car, Death Valley is just a couple of hours away.

 It goes on and on, but I wanted to be sure and mention the sharks & the white tigers.
 You just can't be bored in Vegas unless you try.

 Maureen Dowd
 She hates everybody - today it's Gary Condit

 Click  Here

 Get this. After Connie got the get, I got the get, too.
 It wasn't that hard. I simply called Gary Condit and promised I would wear my little Harley outfit,
 leave all my identification at home and sign an affidavit swearing that even though he's been married
 for 34 years, isn't a perfect man and has made mistakes in his life, he still looks like Harrison Ford.

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 It had everything.

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