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Volume 570 - Strike Back!

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 August 28, 2001
 The Surprise     Click  Here           The Statement       Click  Here


"Bush is taking a month-long "working vacation" in Texas. You can tell Bush doesn't
   want to be disturbed. The instructions on his Oval Office answering machine say,
  'I'm out of town for a month but, if this is an emergency, you can dial Exxon directly.' "
     --  Bill Maher


Subject: The Raygun memorial


A couple of months back you asked people if they would write emails to those fools trying to get an
idea of how we should honor ole RedInk.  Well just as a goof I sent them an email that said just that.
The Reagan Memorial should be a big bottle of Red Ink since his policies totally destroyed our
country with his borrow and spend trickle down economics (read piss on the working man).

I  said that the memorial should be a big bottle of RedInk.  Well about a month after I got an email
thanking me for my suggestion and that they would pass it on to be considered by the commitee.
I was suggestion was there in all it's glory.

Thank you for your suggestion of the Bottle of RedInk for the Reagan memorial.


ha ha

 Leahy Rubberstamps Another Fascist

 Click  Here

 Can we put a dead hooker in Leahy's car or something?
 We might as well have Scalia representing us on the Senator Judiciary committee.

 No matter what evidence comes up, Leahy votes to confirm.
 Why does Senator Rubberstamp need an office or a staff,
  if all he's going to do is vote "yes" on every whim that comes from Smirk?

"I can't believe that Wooten would lie to the Judiciary Committee,'' Leahy said, adding,
"He will be a good judge.''


Subject:  Thoughts on Julie Hiatt Steele

        Although I feel that Julie Hiatt Steele was treated horribly, all blame does not lie on Ken Starr.
When Ms. Steele decided, of her own free will, to initially lie for Kathleen Willey, she opened a Pandora's box.
First of all, exactly did she think was going to come of the meeting she had with the reporter?  Why would a
reporter want to speak to her "off the record", in the first place, if not to gather a story against Clinton.
She was accountable for her actions.  It is like the old saying "Oh what a tangled web we weave".

Putting myself in her place, anyone who asked me to lie, on their behalf, against THE PRESIDENT OF
THE UNITED STATES, would receive the reply, "are you crazy!".  I don't care if it was my twin sister,
whom I am very close to.  I have only been on this planet for 22 years, but I do know right from wrong,
that all actions have consequences, and everyone has an ulterior motive.

Keep fighting the good fight.

Mary N.

I can't speak for her, but this is how I remember her story:

She was rushing to pick up her son from school when she got this call from Willey, who said,.
"A reporter from Newsweek is on his way to your house. Would you back me up and say
that I told you about the president groping me the day it happened?"

JHS said, "But that's not what happened and I don't want to get involved."

Willey said, "Please! He's going to be there any minute - I really need this favor - just talk to him
and get me through this, I'll explain everything after he leaves. Besides, it's off the record, anyway."

So JHS talked to that prick Isikoff (I don't respect him enough to look up the spelling) but she didn't
exactly back Willey up, she kinda shuffled her feet and said, "Uh-huh" to certain questions, trying to give
herself some space between the truth and her friend's desperate request.

I'm not an expert on the timing, but I'm pretty sure when this happened, there was no "Willey scandal."
It's not like the snowball was rolling down the hill, picking up steam and JHS thought she'd jump on for
some quick thrills and make some easy cash. She got a call out of the blue and had a few minutes to make
a decision and she made the wrong one. This wasn't a case of Willey and JHS sitting down one day on how
to scam the President,  or how to make some quick money by lying. This was a sudden, last-second request
by someone she considered a friend and she didn't have much of a chance to think about it.

BTW, your second paragraph suggests you've never made a mistake in your 22 years.
I wish I had your wisdom.

Yes, Julie made a mistake that day, and it cost her (this figure isn't from her) over a million dollars
because she made a quick decision when her desperate friend begged for an emergency favor.
Of course, she could've saved that million dollars and repeated Starr's lies for the Grand Jury,
but she had some time to think about that decision.

You say the blame isn't all on Hardon Kenny?
Maybe that's true, but I'd guess the blame is 98-2 on him.

 The Bush Tax Cut (The untold story!)

   Click  Here

 But wait, what about those few Democrats that crossed over and voted for the tax cut?
 Well, most of those folks are "red" state Democrats and they can simply say to their voters:
 "Hey, you guys voted for Bush.  You wanted his big tax cut.  I was just doing your bidding.".
 And there's not one damn thing the Bushies and the GOP can do about it.

 So the Democrats did it.  They horn-swoggled Bush and the arrogant GOP into giving the
 Democrats a unifying theme for 2002, while simultaneously getting the GOP to undercut their own credibility.

 Today's is loaded with stuff!
 Be sure to catch Michael Dare's 'Who's Going To Hell' this week?
 Plus, Evil Murdoch has his papers on Clinton for shopping in Las Vegas,

 and tons of news on  and other TV buzz.
 Be sure to get with Marty if you want to review the upcoming TV season.


Subject: Three issues

First issue: The crux of weak-and-stupid’s stem cell policy seems to be:

“We already killed these sixty embryos: we might as well use their leftover remains for the good of humanity…”

This could explain the media’s reluctance to report on Lori Klausutis’ death in Rep. Joe Scarborough’s office:
“She’s dead… nothing to see here, move along.”

Plus Scarborough chose to end his career rather than have this incident end it for him, ala Condit.
Joe Conason effectively used this argument in his excellent piece on why we should believe David Brock
(he admitted his lies, rather than being trapped in a lie).

However, none of this justifies murder or a cover-up or (perhaps worse) the media unloading on Condit,
while completely ignoring Scarborough and Phil Giordano of Waterbury, CT – Giordano, BTW just landed
a sweetheart deal with the city that went bankrupt during his tenure: they will let him keep his title and benefits
plus half his salary while living in custody, held without bail for arraigning  sex with minors (anywhere from 8 to
12 years old) using his city issued cell phone.   Click  Here

Second issue: Conservatives always pointed out how Bill Clinton was an embarrassment to us abroad
(specifically Europe). Now from where I sit, Clinton was always immensely popular throughout Europe
like some type of rock star, whereas Dumbya is a complete embarrassment in Europe, reneging on treaties
and bailing out of international agreements left and right. And what do the conservatives now say?
“I’ve always hated Europe!” and “I’m glad they don’t like him – that makes me like him more!”

HUH??? I’m reminded of the cartoon strip “They’ll do it everytime!”

Third issue:

This is a mirror of the page that the British had him remove.



All that was good.

 Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
   Movie Review by BartCop

 Click  Here

 Warning - language alert.
 Don't click and then complain about the language.

 You can disagree with my review (if you've seen the movie)
 but complaining about the language is a faux pax since you've been warned.

Congressional aide's death raises more questions
  Local newspaper denied access to autopsy reports

 Click  Here

 I wonder what they have to hide?
 Why does Jeb Bush (R-Thief) want this to remain buried?

 Happy Birthday to...

                Shania Twain is 36                                  Emma Samms is 41                    LeeAnne Rimes is 19

 Who Promised not to rape the Social Seurity Lockbox?
   That lying son of a dealer of illegal weapons to terrorists, that's who.

 Click  Here

 Let's see...

 The Bush Family Evil Empire already runs the American oil industry,
 They (with Barrick) recently cornered the market on the world's gold,
 (and shut down Greg Palast for asking questions about it)
 Enron bought up water rights in california,
 (Why does a crooked oil company needs water rights, besides to raise the price...?)
 Rupert Muroch is buying satellites and Direct TV to control the airwaves,
 (With Colin Powell's son greasing the skids, relaxing the rules)
 and now, the Wyly Brothers (remember what they did to Mccain for Smirk?)
 and trying to take over Computer Associates.

 At some point in the future, the Democrats will wake up and try to fight back,
 but will The Bush Family Evil Empire be too powerful by then?

 Like Hitler at Munich - the time to stand up is NOW.

 Top Ten Things You Can Do
   By James Carville

   Click  Here


Subject: Re: Statement of Julie Hiatt Steele

It made me sick to read Ms. Steele's statement.
This should not happen to an American.

Ken Starr and his accomplices should be rotting in a jail cell.
And every American should be outraged and know that the right wing was ultimately behind this.

Christian Bell

Remember the last words we heard on the last The West Wing?

Leo looked at the TV monitor and said, " this..."

In a very short while, I'm going to be saying the same thing.
Julie has a LOT to say and she is dynamite.


"There are lots of well-to-do Republicans who think she's a hero.
   Let the private sector help her. The government doesn't owe her a job."
     -- Luci the Bat, commenting on Linda Tripp

 Well it finally came in...

  My $600 Vegas hookers and cocaine check has arri...

 ...I mean advance on next year's tax return check has arrived.

 Go to Hell, Smirk!

 My price is a lot higher than $600.

 Celebrity in the Chat Room

 Has anybody run into Mike Malloy yet?

 If you're new to the chat room, it works real easy.
 Usually there's a crowd in there late evenings, maybe 9-midnight CST.

 Don't be surprised if you bump into sombody there.

 Death In Florida Congressman's Office

 Looks like no BartCop Radio this week.

 I'm having trouble communicating with Marty at the studio.

 Maybe next week?


Subject: the polygamy thing...

The last polygamist prosecuted in Utah for this tried to force his sixteen year old daughter to
marry her uncle. Polygamy as practiced in Utah is between old men and very, very young girls.

The girls marry their uncles, cousins and anyone their fathers tell them to. They are sexually
exploited at very young ages, kept from school where they can't learn that they are people
with rights and they are often beaten senseless.

The girl who wouldn't marry her uncle was beaten by her father half to death and
finally ran away in fear of her life.

Polygamy as practiced in Utah and Idaho and Mexico by these people is vicious, degrading,
depraved, spurned by the Mormon Church and destructive of the victims who don't even know
there is another life, the young girls that these wankers marry off to each other.

It isn't about him not getting marriage licenses or the government intruding on private lives.
These are not consenting relationships and it is about hurting children. He's a man using
religion to justify a pedophile lifestyle and he's doing it with our tax dollars.

You wouldn't say what you say, I think, if you knew more about it.
It's a very, very, very sad thing to be caught up in.


I see what you're saying, and I no fan of anyone named Tom Green,
but you can't say "the last guy did something, so let's blame Green for it."

Sex with minors is a crime.
Charge him with that, if that's what he did.

My whole point if this pick-and-choose prosecution.
David Koresh wanted to rape children.
Catholics want to drink wine.
Some Indians want to eat peyote.
Some Rastas want to smoke pot. we're going to let Karl Rove & Jim Inhofe decide which religions are real?

 Tax Cuts, Updated Version!
  August 27, 2001    2001 The Daily Brew

 Click  Here

 W Makes Fun of a Bald Guy
      by the always great Robert Parry
  (Don't ever skip a Robert Parry article)

 Click  Here

 The event of a president mocking someone for an appearance – in this case, thinning hair
 – might have seemed odd if it had come from any other national leader. Even during stressful
 times, other presidents have avoided such cheap shots in their public comments, apparently
 understanding how hurtful a personal insult from a president can be – and from a sense that
 such comments could diminish the office.


Subject: Gun Owners Felt Imposed On By Cheney Speech Restrictions

Some gun-packing citizens felt imposed upon by not being allowed to carry
their legal concealed weapons into a Cheney speech in Sandy, Utah.  The local
paper's article said that the Utah Gun Owners Alliance threatened to picket
the convention because of it.  Having a storage locker was a compromise.

Here's a version of the story I found on the web.

With 25 guns, two knives and a megaphone left outside, Utah's Republican Party delegates
heard Dick Cheney tout the administration's plans for missile defense and increased military spending.
The weapons, brought to the convention by Utah residents with concealed-weapon permits,
were stored in lockers outside. Gun owners complained earlier this week when it became clear
they couldn't bring their weapons into the convention hall during Cheney's speech.

True, ...true.

We started this in 1996, when "More guns for everyone" Bob Dole said they wouldn't
allow guns at the GOP convention, get this,  ...because somebody might get shot.


Christ, Bob, welcome to the 19th Century.

OF COURSE they can't have guns where Cheney's going to be, because you can
never tell when some ditto-monkey might spray the damn place with a Mac 10.

But the idiot Smirk who stole the White House?
He signed a bill into law that you could take your guns to church, to the Wal-Mart,
to the goddamn football game, cause everyone knows you need a gun at the game,

...but worst of all, and it always gets worse with President Weak & Stupid,
...he made guns in the courthouse legal.

So, when you're in court, where your bitch ex-wife to everything from you,
where your bitch ex-wife took your home and your car and your furniture,
where your bitch ex-wife took your children away from you, and lied to them
about what a no-good, no-working, drunk-off-your-ass loser you are...

...well, it's OK for Joe Fred to have a loaded Glock 37 when his wife ruins him.

Sure, that's a great time for a man to be armed, Smirk.
Whatever the NRA wants, they have an office at 1600 Pennsylvania now.

Chirst, ...and they say Clinton had no principles?

 Peace Love and Understanding, My Ass!
   by Elissa

 Click  Here

 Sex Scandal Deal Cut

 Waterbury, Conn -  Rocked by a child sex scandal involving Mayor Philip Giordano,
 legislators approved a deal last night that bars him from returning to office, but allows him
 to keep his title, benefits and half his pay.

 The Board of Aldermen voted for the settlement over calls to impeach the disgraced mayor.

 They said impeachment would be too expensive and would probably not conclude before
 Giordano's term expires Dec. 31.   Giordano, a married father of three, has been imprisoned
 since July 26 on federal charges of enticing a 9-year-old girl and a 10-year-old girl to have sex.
 He has refused to resign.

 The board voted 9-6 to accept the deal, which was negotiated with Giordano's lawyer.
 The pact will pay the mayor about $14,000 in the next four months. Acting Mayor Sam Caligiuri
 had asked for a unanimous vote, but some aldermen said they wanted more.

 If convicted, Giordano faces up to 10 years in prison and $250,000 in fines.
 He continues to collect his pay while in jail.

 Even tho this pervert was raping children, it didn't make much news because he's a Republican.
 Republicans won't buy a sex scandal about their own, so it's a non-story, like Scarborough.

 If you want to see a true sex scandal that affects every American,    Click  Here

From: Ed with the gubment job

Subject: If you hate the Dallas Cowboys,'re gonna LOVE this season.

    Having lived in Dallas all my life, I am and always will be
a lifelong Cowboy's fan. I make no apologies for that. Hell, I even cheered
for them when they had Barry Switzer (I know that I am treading very thin
ice here - I've accepted the fact that you root for OU. Down, boy.) But you
have to admit - Barry Switzer was to the Cowboys what Smirkie is to the US.

They both took over a team that had been led to greatness by their predecessors,
then proceeded to drive it into the into the side of a mountain.

    As for this year's team - I sadly predict 2-14. But you can't savor
the great times until you've suffered through the bad ones.

 Whoa, Nellie!
 Switzer has always been a defensive genius.
 He won those championships at OU by winning games 10-7 and 14-3.
 The problem was Acheman.

 When Switzer was his coach, he couldn't complete a damn screen pass
 to Emmitt Smith - and they blamed my man Barry for that?

 I'll tell you what happened with Jimmy Johnson -  he traded Hershel Walker
 for about 14 great draft choices and got 3-4 years worth of great players at once,
 so yeah, that one trade did some good.

 But c'mon, you or I could win a Super Bowl with
 Acheman, Smith, Deion Sanders & Michael (Snort) Irvin in their prime,

 ...if Emmitt would just catch a damn screen pass.

 I have to vent
  by Mike Lordi

 Click  Here


Subject: Klausitis/Levy

Dear Bartcop,

I'm glad that you've finally started taking a look at the Klausutis case. You're being had
by the "press" in the Condit/Levy matter. For an old hustler from the pool hall, I'm surprised
that you're buying the "press" story so easily. It's imperative that you go to Bob Somerby's great site

Look at the links to his examinations of the "press" coverage of Condit. I'm not crazy about Condit,
but he's not guilty. He was meeting with Cheney when Levy disappeared. Either Cheney was an accomplice,
or Condit didn't do it, and I've noticed that the "press" has refused to link Cheney in any way with this.
Condit passed the little polygraph test that the "press" shrieked for him to take. Two other young women
who physically resemble Levy have disappeared from her immediate neighborhood in the last year. There is
obviously a serial killer at work. The police don't consider Condit a suspect, and it's easy to see why when
you cut away from the "press coverage."

On the other hand, the "press" is doing a complete coverup for Scarborough. He is alleged to have had an
affair with her, and her dead body was found in his office. There has been the most cockamamie explanation for
this that I have ever heard, and the "press" won't cover the story. In addition, Scarborough has been identified as
the source of a story planted with the local papers in Florida that Klausutis was epileptic, a complete lie, and that
this caused her to fall, causing the wounds to her head that killed her. This apparent murder is the story that you
need to use space for. The shoe fits somebody, and Scarborough sure looks like Cinderella.

I loved the accounts of your time in Fayetteville. We must have known each other at least casually.
My brother and I used to guzzle gallons of beer at Ken's. I remember Pete, too. Those were the days.

Take care,

Conrad N. Sawyer

Conrad, if each day had 48 hours, I could cover twice the stories.
Did you not read my bear-in-the-river analogy?
I'm chewing as fast as I can - there's just no time.

...but I believe you when you say it looks like I'm being "had."

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