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Volume 575 - Nice Boots, Bill

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 September 4, 2001 


 "Bush is doing the same thing to the nation he did to Texas, and in even less time.
   The same thing is, obviously, the endless Bush Jr. mantra:
   Tax cuts good, regulation bad; tax cuts good, regulation bad."
     --Texas politician

 From: abowen@jackelec.com

 Subject: Tax refund check

 Am sorry,  that instead of sending my tax relief check to Bartcop as a donation,
 I instead decided to send it to the Republican Party, to show them just how much
 I appreciate all they have done for the common man....the  check says it all.

 ...........IT WAS NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep up the good work!


If only you owned an oil company.
That check would've been for millions...

    The Record; Bergen County, N.J.; Aug 30, 2001;

  Click  Here

 The difference in the way the Clinton/Condit cases are being handled,
 and the way the Giordano/Scarborough cases are being handled
 is proof positive that the "Great Liberal Media Conspiracy"
 much touted by the right is in fact a myth, and indeed,
 the media now shows a decided rightward slant.

 Fox News Channel's motto is "We Report, You Decide."
 But their practice is  "We Report What We Decide."
 Information is power, and the American people are being fed
 very selective information and believing it's true because
 the messenger has the word news in its name.

From: mengelcp@jmu.edu

Subject: Stop going after the Democrats!
Note: Edited for length

Republicans stick together even when they disagree,
but we Democrats can't seem to stop criticizing each other.
You would do well to remember a phrase coined by Red-ink Reagan:
"Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow party member."

And as for all those pink tutu things, you would do well to remember that most
of Clinton's appointments (at least in his cabinet) were not stonewalled by the GOP,
despite their reputation for such skullduggery.

Who are these Democrats with reputations for "skullduggery?"
I don't recall Clinton stacking his team with people who needed pardons to
escape jail when the truth of their actions was about to come out.

Besides, Clinton won two elections, fair and square, and he appointed centrists.
You didn't see Barney Frank or Ted Kennedy given quick affirmation at Justice.

I mean shit, they didn't even object to Bill Daley.  You didn't see conservative
columnists raving about the "pink tutu GOP bending over for Clinton," did you?

"Even Bill Daley?"
The only Daley crime I'm familiar with is his giving up in Florida.
Where are you getting your "facts?"

That's cause conservatives know better than to rail against one of their own.
I refuse to criticize the Democrats; they're all we have left.  There's no reason to
break up the party over a few crappy appointments.

I'm not trying to break up the party. I'm trying to get them to earn their paychecks
and be a little bit loyal to those who elected them. They weren't elected by Bush.

And like I've said before, it's pretty damn rare when someone doesn't
get confirmed unless they've committed murder.

Stop it!
Bush lost the popular vote but he's nominating right-wing, racist tobacco whores
like he won all 50 states in a landslide. The majority of Americans DO NOT want
to go the direction Bush wants to go, and the Senate Demosheep don't seem to realize that.

You're turning into a Green radical.
Remember, politics is about compromise.


Yes, politics is about compromise.
 It's not about giving the unelected Boy King everything he wants.

 Clinton's are a big hit in conservative upstate New York

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    Bill & Hillary wave to fans
   as they arrive in Geneva, NY

 "Nice boots, Bill," a girl shouted.

 "Thanks, I got these boots in Australia. I also have some from Texas," he said
  in a reference to President Weak & Stupid, pausing while the audience laughed,
 " ... where I once took a very brief vacation."

 Football Mistake?

 From: Doc

 Subject: Florida State is NOT ranked ahead of Oklahoma - UF is!

 I'm a big FSU fan - and I'm not sure we deserve #5 even.
 But PLEASE don't confuse FSU with those lizards from Gainesville!

 From: Brian

 I would never abandon  bartcop.com  because of some politically incorrect thing that you
 might say, but when you confuse my Florida Gators with the scummy Florida State Criminals,
 that is hitting a little to close to home. That's like confusing Chinaco with a store brand

 I intentionally switched the names of Florida and Florida State to attempt to gauge
 the level of passion concerning the two second-tier Florida college football teams.

 The experiment was a success

 Only the Wind
   by Carol Schiffler

  Click  Here

 Will we find that ugly and unspeakable things happened during Election 2000?
 Will we learn the truth about Dick Cheney’s closed-door meetings on energy and social security?
 Will we like what we discover?
 Will we finally glimpse the master plan behind Star Wars and FCC deregulatory rulings?
 Or have we all simply become so used to the Latin-speaking, disembodied head that we invite it
 to go bowling instead of demanding that it return to the dark place from whence it came?
 George Santayana once said those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.
 The house of democracy has been haunted by evil spirits in the past.

From:  rb.ham@home.com

Subject: Issue #14 of The Narco News Bulletin


Why did Colin Powell make secret trips to Panama last week?
Why did he sneak off to Colombia?
Why doesn't the American press know about this?

Bush-style secret diplomacy is back.
Making deals behind the scenes.
Monies and weapons changing hands in shady ways.
Innocent workers and farmers to pay the price.


Name that Publication

 Was this story run by the New York Times?
 Or was it run by The Globe tabloid?

 ...answer this issue.


"We do not need to be deploying unproven technology.
"I don't think Saddam Hussein is going to say, 'Let's put a beacon in our missile.' "
   --The next president of the United States, Senator Clinton

  Isaac attends a KKK rally
   by Isaac Peterson

   Click  Here

 Dubya’s Recession could cause Florida to rent
 an Oil Truck to carry Red Ink to Tallahassee.
Bad Winter for JEB and Florida
  by William Sterner

 Click  Here

 Tourist Season is still a couple months off. With Dubya’s Oil Friends
 looking gleefully at this winters heating oil market, added to Dubya’s Recession,
 this could mean a very very poor Florida Tourist Season.

 If the Recession deepens and more and more people are out of work up North,
 people will start cutting back on their vacation plans. Bad news for Florida.

 Nasty politics poisons State Fair rodeo Lynnell Mickelsen
  by Lynnell Mickelsen

  Click  Here

  If it's so nasty I wouldn't do it - ...that's pretty nasty.

 Did Oklahoma Execute and Innocent Man?
  Memo disputes chemist's findings about executed man

  Click  Here

 The July 31 memo by a fellow lab scientist for the OKCity Police Department refers to the case
 of Malcolm R Johnson, who was executed on Jan. 6, 2000, after being convicted in 1982 of rape
 and murder.   Johnson, who had served time for two previous rapes, insisted he was innocent.

 At Johnson's trial, Gilchrist testified that six samples taken from the victim's bedroom showed
 semen consistent with his blood type. But a July 30 re-examination of those slides showed
 "spermatozoa is not present,"  says the memo signed by chemist Laura Schile.

 Name that Publication

 Who ran that untrue Clinton story?

 If you guessed The Globe - you were right!
 If you guessed The New York Times - you're also right.

The NY Times just used slightly less color on their front page.
Others who ran with this lie include the New York Post, The New York Daily News,
The Washington Times, The Boston Herald and Washington Weekly.

 Recounts could have given Gore the edge
   Broward, Palm Beach checked

 Click  Here

 In Broward, where the official hand recount added 567 votes to Gore's county lead over Bush,
 a Herald-sponsored ballot review found that Gore's margin could have been 1,475, if every mark
 had been counted as a valid vote. In Palm Beach, where the official  hand recount added a net gain
 of 174 votes to Gore's tally, the Herald-sponsored review found a potential Gore net gain of 1,081.

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