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Volume 619 - Untouchable

 October 19, 2001

 VCR Alert - TONIGHT - Tally Briggs on Providence
  Tally gives us the behind-the-scenes scoop of her appearance on tonight's Providence.   Click  Here

 Letter from a Dove

 Click  Here

 In this e-mail, the writer mentions http://www.narconews.com/goff1.html

 I think everyone should read that page (it's fast reading) and form an opinion.
 There are many questions raised that I don't have a clue how to answer.


"I have often said that when we're on the verge of an economic recession, slowdown,
  depression or whatever, 'Go ahead, folks. You have one, but I'm not going to participate.'"
     --Rush Limbaugh

 Yeah, Rush, it's nice to have $200M in the bank.
 Then you aren't hurt by the Bush Family Evil Empire's depressions.

'High Crimes' and misuse?
   by Alex Beam, Boston Globe

 Is this woman guilty of more than just clown abuse?

 Did Ann Coulter plagiarize her "I Hate the Clintons" book?

 Click  Here

The Latest Edition of...
More News You'll Never See on TV!
   by Tamara "Dervish" Baker at AMPOL

 Click  Here

From: derek@NTI4.com

Subject: You want the 'Doves' to give you options?

You seem to have a low tolerance for the peace lobby . Even worse, I get from you and maybe it's
just me that you want to shout them down. I don't think I have to remind you that this is America,
and amongst the things we fight for, when called on to fight, is freedom. Freedom of speech.
Freedom to think for ourselves without following the crowd in lockstep. Freedom to call liars liars.

Derek, I have a low tolerance for people who feel VERY strongly about something but can't explain
themselves without sending me a URL that was written by Ralph Nader or Michael Moore.
I don't want to shut them down - I want them to say something besides, "I don't have all the answers."

And why would you want to lecture me about freedom of speech?
I don't know of other web sites that allow the opposition a voice.
If you know of any, tell me so I can go there and argue with the owner.

The Bush administration said they had to gain air supremacy to be able to drop humanitarian air
to the starving people of Afghanistan (yes, they said that). They crowed that they sent TWO
cargo planes full of food to those people. Gee, two whole planes?

Doctors Without Borders called that propaganda. What do you call it?

I haven't heard that, but my wild guess is that it's bad reporting.
Cheney is smart enough to know he can't win a propaganda war with 2 planeloads of food.
America has hundred or thousands of silos full of surplus food.
Surely, we can drop food to the starving pretty cheaply.

As for my alternative options, lets see. The only news out of Afghanistan is from the Pentagon.
We are not allowed to see any intelligence data, and the data about terrorist investigations in the
US are classified.  Yeah, that's a fair question. Tell me how stupid I am because I don't have a
comprehensive plan to get these bastards. I'm just some idiot Dove .

We are in the dark. And it's going to get worse.
You want to cheer it on, go ahead, my friend.


I hope attacking me has enabled you to let off some steam.

Maybe this is a good time to remind everybody that the whole country is on edge.
I've lost more readers and gotten more hate mail from "friends" since September 11th
than I did concerning Napster, Casey Martin and the China spy plane fiasco combined.

People are hitting "send" a little quicker these days, and my "friends" are using more words
that start with "m" and "f" than ever before, so I think it would be a good idea if the whole country
had a few stiff drinks and when we all sober up let's remember that we're on the same side in this war.

 This Just In...

 More information coming in on the 2002 World Series that the Yankees will win.
 Roger Clemens is scheduled to throw a one-hitter to open the series at home.


From: dennisc@cpcug.net

Subject: Bush Flip Flops on China

Wanna know what Bush is giving to China in exchange for our spy plane?  TAIWAN!

Since he was just a little evil prince in waiting he has been pro-independence for Taiwan.
As late as April he was pledging to defend Taiwan against Chinese agression
Click  Here

But on his first trip to China his priority is now a "one China" policy
Click Here

"I think the first priority is, of course, for Jiang Zemin to look me in the eye,
 take the measure of the American president," Bush said.

Yep, lying, backstabbing, pussy - just ask the Taiwanese...

The nation's last anthrax scare
No one paid much attention when abortion providers received
letters supposedly tainted with anthrax in 1998 and 1999.
Everyone's paying attention now.

Click  Here

 Help Wanted

 I need a tech person.
 Must know graphics (Photoshop experience a plus)
 Once things are set up and rocking it might only require an hour a week,
 but it might be time-intensive to get things started.

 It pays nothing, but when the I.P.O. comes thru it could be like Microsoft stock.
 Also, it must be a regular, since you'll have the keys to the lockbox.
 (Yankee fans welcome to apply, too)

 ...and if someone else is picked don't take it personal, OK?


 "Dave, you know what bin Laden is going to be for Halloween? -  Dead"
    -- Senator John McCain, last night on Letterman

 The What-If's of Sept. 11
   by Robert Parry

  Click  Here

 No need for an excerpt.
 Everything Robert Parry writes is solid gold.
 He is the most important writer on the www.

    Click to buy his book.

 The Yankees won again - according to the script written by FOX Sports.

 I'm so old, I remember when baseball results weren't known until the game was over.
 You younger kids should've seen the game back then, back when either team could win.

 Watching baseball these days is like watching Andy Griffith reruns.
 Still fun to watch, but you know how it'll end...

From: editor@way2muchsense.com

Subject: Ted Rall

I love your way with words.  Although I usually see pretty much eye to eye with Mr. Rall, I found myself
scratching my head over his last column.  He starts with the assertion that we don't have enough evidence
to indict bin Laden.  Huh?  Where did he get that horseshit?

Just yesterday, I read a translated transcript of a recent bin Laden address where he all but takes credit for 9/11,
threatens Americans, and promises those "never-been-laid swipes of shit" some nebulous concept of martyrdom
and immortality in heaven in exchange for throwing their worthless lives away doing his dirty work for him.

If you want a REAL laugh, go to http://www.rall.com and read some of the columns Yahoo! News did NOT deem
fit for publication.  This guy has gone off the deep end.  He reminds me of some of the people over at
Democratic Underground's 9/11 forum.  More than a few of them are all "stop the bombing" and no alternate solutions.

Keep spreading the truth, man!


David, for the record, I like Ted Rall, I think he's a comedy genius, but yes- he's a fringe left-winger.
I heard a rumor he has a pathological hatred of Clinton. I'd like to get stuck on a plane with him
for a few hours and see who could change the other's mind before we landed.

 What does India think of President Weak & Stupid?


From: (withheld)

Subject: Pataki


Before any points out that Pataki's office got an anthrax letter and tries to use that as an example
of bin Ladin going after Repubs, they should remember that Pataki is pro-choice and it was one
of the things that got him bounced from VP consideration.


Eric, I'm not certain I know who's sending the anthrax letters but my money's on
the local Taliban, the Jerry Falwell-inspired "Grenade Hurlers for Christ."

Those "pro-lifers" enjoy murdering those who disagree.
They can't help it.
They are insane with religion.
Religion is always the problem.

 I need to borrow some room - anybody got any room?

 I need to post about ten sound files - about 300K each.
 So I was hoping those of you with web pages might be able to post a file for me to link to.

 I doubt you'll get a lot of hits, but Murphy's Law says if I post all ten, they'll get popular
 and Perkel will have to kill me. This would be a one-time thing, maybe you could keep them
 up for a week or so. It's part of my Trip Report that should be finished this weekend.

 If you have some room, and aren't charged extra for a spike in traffic,
 (and you know how to FTP a file up to your site) please let me know.

 In times like these...

 it's hard to tell what's a conspiracy story and what's not. I started reading this web site,
 (below) and parts of it seem to crazy to be true, but then parts of it I know to be true.

 One article is called "The Road to War" and it explains how The Maine blowing up in Cuba
 put the Phillipines and Hawaii in America's pocket. Nevermind that The Maine probably blew up
 because they stored the coal next to the ship's magazines (idiots) and some coal dust ignited.

 There's a plank in the BartCop Doctrine that says
 "When a 'mistake' causes someone to turn a huge profit,
   expect that 'mistake' to occur again and again."

 (Example: When an oil refinery has a fire, the oil companies make billions more with price hikes,
  so, therefore, you need to expect refinery fires at regular intervals - which we have.)

 They look at Hitler causing a crime wave, then offering to "stop the criminals" if he is granted
 the kind of powers that President Weak & Stupid says he'll need to stop bin Laden.

 They look at the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which was fabricated to get us into Vietnam.
 They look at the April Glaspie memo, which is how George Herbert Herbert Bush got us into Desert Storm.
 Bush INVITED Saddam to take Kuwait, then feigned outrage when he did.
 This happened while I was paying attention so I know it's true.

 U.S. Ambassador Glaspie - We have no opinion on your Arab - Arab conflicts, such as your dispute
 with Kuwait. Secretary (of State James) Baker has directed me to emphasize the instruction, first given
 to Iraq in the 1960's, that the Kuwait issue is not associated with America. (Saddam smiles)

 When that war was over, the Bush Family Evil Empire controlled all the oil from Bahrain.
 Was that war staged so the Bush Family Evil Empire could have unlimited wealth?

 Since then, the Bush Family Evil Empire has taken control of the world's gold supply,
 and the government of the United States with a stolen election - no small feats

 So, ... this page has some interesting reading...

 So spend a minute or two here, and send me your thoughts - I will publish the best ones,
 but send me YOUR thoughts, not some long-ass URL somebody else wrote.


 Thanks to M/J Dennis

How to Cover a War
    by Marvin Kalb (He's the sane Kalb, Bernard is the clueless moron)

 Click  Here

 In 1996, between assignments, Colin Powell revealed his true attitude toward the press when he told reporter Barrie
 Dunsmore that if the United States had been losing a battle and the press had published the story, thus informing the enemy,
 "I'd have locked all of you up . . . and the American people would have stripped your skin off."
 One reason the Pentagon relishes its new relationship with Uzbekistan is that in a closed society it is
 harder for the media to observe its maneuvers. As one Air Force officer noted: "We can put aircraft there
 where CNN can't film them taking off."

Republican-controlled Carlyle Group poses serious
Ethical Questions for Bush Presidents
     by Alice Cherbonnier

 Click  Here

AN IMPORTANT TENET of journalism is that you should always ask, “Who benefits?”

In the case of a war, the answers to this question become of paramount importance.
Suppose, for example, that profits from military contracting were to go in the pockets of
a former U.S.  President whose son (and a presumed future heir) is now President?
Suppose further that such profits escalate in times of conflict.
Wouldn’t this be of concern to the public? Wouldn’t you expect the media to be all over
such an important ethical (not to mention moral, and maybe legal) angle?

The Bush Family Evil Empire will do anything to get more money and more control.
I just read an article that the children of Gulf War vets have 2-3 times the birth defects of
veterans who did not go to Kuwait.

That's a small price to pay for the Bush Family Evil Empire to acquire more wealth and power, right?
I mean,  the American people don't mind if tens of thousands of deformed children have no future
because at least Bill Clinton is not having semi-sorta sex with an interm, right?

Koresh, this is a fucked up world we live in.

From: purevil@singapore.com

If you repost this, PLEASE do not write commentary of your own.
Just allow readers to see what the Islamic world thinks and feels.


I'd like to apologize for any previous comments I've made on the news...

  bartcop.com exclusive 

 This Just In...

 George Steinbrenner has just signed a deal with FOX Sports for the Yankees to win the 2002 World Series.

 Just for fun, Steinbrenner and FOX have agreed to let the Dodgers in and lose the series,
 so they can get that lucrative LA money on board, too.

 Plans call for a sizzling NLCS with the Dodgers beating the Chicago Cubs in a cliffhanger,
 and a run-of-the-mill Yankee sweep of - get this - Detroit in the ALCS.

 Steinbrenner and FOX have agreed to go ahead and play the regular season because, as George said,
"The fans don't realize it's fixed, and besides, ...and I have $8 hot dogs to sell."

 From: billsterner@earthlink.net

 Subject: Nixon could've prevented 9/11
 Excerpted from Bob Greene's column October 17, 2001 Chicago Tribune

"Bulletproof Cockpit Doors Asked to Thwart Hijackers."

The story, written by the Copley News Service, had a Washington dateline.
Remember, this was 1970.   It began:

"Airline pilots have demanded bulletproof cockpit doors and bulkheads to thwart would-be aerial hijackers."

The story reported that Charles Ruby, president of the Airline Pilots Association, had written to the Federal Aviation Administration asking for "action now" to protect passengers and flight crews. He said what was needed were bulletproof partitions separating the cockpits from the cabins, bulletproof doors with electromagnetic locks, bulletproof windows,
and a sliding panel in the cockpit doors so pilots could use defensive devices.

The news story said that "almost every incident of air violence has seen a demand to enter the flight deck and to confer
with the captain." By making it impossible, or at least extremely difficult, for a hijacker to get into the cockpit, the story
quoted the pilots' official as saying, the FAA and the airlines could avoid situations in which violence toward the cockpit
crew could lead to tragedy."

 If I had a staff, I'd put my best guy on this story full time.

Mystery of terror 'insider dealers'

 Click  Here

 One of the biggest occupants of the World Trade Centre was Morgan Stanley, the investment bank.
 In the first week of September, an average of 27 put option contracts was bought each day in its shares.
 The total for the three days before the attacks was 2,157.

 Merrill Lynch, anotherWTC tenant, saw 12,215 put options bought in the four days before the attacks,
 when the previous days had seen averages of 252 contracts a day.

From: Politicalstrikes.com

Subject: Who's Responsible For The Anthrax Mailings?

As of today...
Who has been targeted for the mailings so far?
A liberal tabloid newspaper.
A liberal news commentator.
And a liberal high ranking democrat.

What do all those have in common?

Now, who has a bone to pick with the "liberal" media and liberal politicians?
Think hard but let's narrow our focus a bit.
Who has a gripe against the liberal media and liberal politicians...
...and has a history of committing terrorist attacks...?
...like murder and bombings...?
...like the murder of doctors that perform legal operations...
 and bombings of Planned Parenthood clinics...
and sending contaminated envelopes to Planned Parenthood?

Tell me it doesn't all fit to you.
Religio-crazy terrorists attacked NY and DC in the name of an insanely distorted view of their religion.
And domestically, religio-crazy Christians regularly target and attack doctors and nurses and Planned Parenthood...
all in the name of THEIR insanely distorted view of their religion.

These groups are so paranoid of the 'liberal' media and liberal, pro-choice politicians that 'murder babies' in their eyes.
They been proven to commit terrorist attacks on doctors and nurses and buildings in the past.
They actually sent terrorist threats of Anthrax thru the mail...

I remember people jumping to conclusions when the Federal building in OK was bombed.
I remember listening to hate talk radio talking about those dark-skinned, towel wearing Arab terrorists being responsible.
("Surely no American would do that to his own country"- they thought.
And it ended up being a white, clean cut, Christian American)

And now people are jumping to the same conclusion that Muslim terrorists are responsible for the Anthrax mailings.
("Because they were responsible for the previous terrorist attack"- they think.
But an ENTIRELY different type of terrorist attack.
Are they making the same mistake jumping to the wrong conclusion?)

There's a lot of unanswered questions that need to be answered.
And thanks to our chicken media, a lot of unasked questions that need to be asked.

What do you think, Bart?
Given what we know so far, do you think I’m totally off base?

Religion is always the problem.
The illogical belief that the invisble ghosts must be appeased has killed billions over the centuries.

If only mankind would embrace science and logic and let go of the ghosts...

Why we Should Kill Everyone
  by  Terry Torkildson

 Click  Here

 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

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