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Julie Hiatt Steele

Volume 620 - Shut your Mouth, Try not to Panic

 October 20-21, 2001


 "If there's one thing to be learned from this experience,
   it's that you don't fuck with New York."
     -- Mick, last night, at the Garden

 The Concert for New York opened with a whimper.
 David Bowie doing some song with "America" in the title that wasn't, I'm Afraid of Americans.
 But he got the crowd on their feet with We Can Be Heroes.
 The firemen & policemen were dancing and pumping their fists in the air.
 It was nice to see them with smiles on their faces.

 Billy Crystal was forgettable.
 How does he get that Oscar gig every year?
 Maybe he's related to Steinbrenner...

 Daschle came out and stayed a little too long, I thought.
 Poor Tom had a tough week - remind me to give him a break.

 Senator Clinton and her husband were there.
 If you want to get that crowd on their feet, let Big Dog say a few words.

 Bon Jovi started to disappoint with yet another Living on a Prayer,
 but they morphed it into Wanted - Dead or Alive.
 Hey Jon, why didn't you dedicate that song to Liceboy bin Laden?
 Maybe you did silently, but I think this crowd would've like to have heard that.
 They closed with It's My Life, which seems like a bigger song now than when it came out.

 The Goo-Goo Dolls did a short set that didn't suck.   ...and Billy Joel doesn't piss me off like he used to.
 There was a time in the late-70's and early-80's where all you could hear on the radio was Foreigner,
 Christopher Cross, Journey, Rod Stewart, Hall and Oates and Billy Joel.

 Anybody old enough to remember the King Biscuit Flower Hour in 1980 when Foreigner
 did the then-biggest broadcast in FM history, maybe the first ever world-wide live hookup.
 After they did I'll Get Even With You which ends with the lyric,

 I'll get even with you
 Oh, I'll get even with you
 You'll get what's comin' to you

 As the song ended, Lou Gramm said, "That one goes out to the Ayatollah - Let those people GO!"
 (Of course, we now know those hostages would be let go on the Reagan/Bush timetable.)
 I thought that was cool for the world's biggest broadcast.

 ...But when Joel does his New York State of Mind for the firemen, he's OK.

 Well, they've been promising surprises - haven't seen any yet, unless you count
 ABC News reporter Leo DeCaprio having the balls to get onstage with Robert DeNiro.

 Will Farrell did his best Smirk impression - adding cracks in the ice so we can get back
 to where's it's OK to criticize the illegal power grab by the Bush Family Evil Empire.

 Destiny's Child did a song - with long black skirts on.
 Hey, the firemen and cops wouldn't mind seeing a little leg, girls.

 Next up - Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy.
 They played the same Chicago Blues/Robert Johnson songs they've played for many decades.
 We're still hoping The Who and Mick Jagger will provide some spark.

 Opera Man has been the big hit of the night so far.

 Derek Jeter has such a pretty face-a,
 even Operaman let him get to second base-a

 bin Laden don't let women vote-a,
 his only love is from a Mountain Gote-a


 Melissa Etheridge just turned Cuervo into Chinaco!
 I'm not sure I've ever seen that before!

 Her mic went dead during her first song and her guitar was out of tune.
 She turned around several times hoping someone backstage would rescue her.

 They finally fixed the mic, they gave her a new guitar and I'll be goddamned if she didn't
 launch into the second-best version of Springsteen's Born to Run that I've ever heard.
 Melissa Ethridge is a pro!

 Melissa, a shot of Chinaco for you, Babe!

 You handled that really damn well.
 Of course, it may not be possible for a performer to stand in front of 5,000 firemen and be scared.

 Then a Ray Charles baseball video, ...not sure why, ...but Ray rules.

 Look, Honey, ...it's The Who!

 ha ha

 They're playing the Tally Briggs Theme Song, the one from C.S.I.,
 which is probably the last great song The Who did, right?
 Maybe they watched her Friday night on Providence?
 Go boys, rock the night!

 Next up - Baba O'Reilly
 Damn, look at 'em go...

 English groups are so good, ...even the bad groups don't suck.

 Next up - Behind Blue Eyes
 Mrs. BartCop is all animated.
 She always liked The Who more than me.

 The Who set is, ...imperfect, but I choose to look at the positive.

 Y'know, no matter who you are or where you're from, if you made in it New York, you never forget that.
 I don't have the details, but I'll bet The Who did some monster gigs in New York.

 BIG Closer

 Won't get Fooled Again

 "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss," sounds like they were talking about King George I and II

 Somewhere in this mix, Richard Gere was heavily booed for pushing Dove ideas.
 This crowd (and most of America) didn't want to hear Dove talk tonight.

 Next up - MICK & KEITH!

 Hell, a little Pink, a little Led, we could have ourselves a real concert....

 First Keith & Mick not a rocker.

 Second song Miss You, their second-last great hit.
 When was that, 1984?

 Damn, only two songs?
 I would've like to have heard more.

 Next up - Stern!
 That's a surprise.
 Stern at a fundraiser?

 Hillary came out and spoke her piece without taking a breath.
 I thought I heard some boos, which was surprising since Big Dog was treated with
 an ovation that seemed to indicate he was the biggest rock star on the stage this night.

 Janet Jackson won "finest babe of the night" awards.

 Billy Joel, Elton John, no surprises there.

 Then Jim Carrey came out and embarrassed the entire city and network by dry-hunching the air
 while the crowd failed to respond to his vulgar attempt at comedy.
 How embarrassing for every human being.

 Then they introduced former firefighter Steve Buscemi (I didn't know that) who is one of
 my all-time most favorite actors. Then a shocker - they said former fire-fighter Buscemi
 re-upped with the FD of NY and is back at his station.


 A shot of Chinaco for Steve Buscemi!

Then, finally Paul McCartney came out and did a Beatles rocker, I'm Down, before falling into some
self-promotion with some not-instant-favorites from his new CD, Please, Can I be the Walrus Again?

I was in a charitable mood all night (witness my kind words for The Who, Mick & Keith, Billy Joel etc)
but McCartney's new some Freedom fell on non-responsive ears.

All in all a triumph, but that would be due to The Who, Operaman, Steve Buscemi and Big Dog.

...and why is today's concert at RFK not on TV?

...because Michael Jackson didn't want to get booed in front of a nationwide audience?

That first Concert for the Heroes raised over $100 million because it was on TV.
Is Michael's ego worth more than giving $100M to the victims?

From: Arc427@aol.com

Subject: BC - Lay off the YANKEES

Come on BC - NYC has had enough without this - pls, as one of your BIGGEST SUPPORTERS
- lay off firemen - cops ems - I understand how most of everyone feels about them (the Yanks)
- but almost 6,000 folks died here !!

Give us (me) something to smile about --
I look to your page for comfort in these bushie / supreme theft times, and otherwise
-- you are the wind beneath my wings


Coop, I have no problem with The Yankees.
Did you know the first two recipients of the BartCop Lifetime Achievement Awards were Yankees?

First was Joe Dimaggio, who got off his deathbed to say, "Fuck the Press."
It was that remarkably-defiant feat that created the B.L.A.A. in the first place.

The second was awarded to the Yankess en masse for telling NBC's Jim Grey to go fuck himself
because of the way he tried to beat up Pete Rose in a live whore-ambush TV interview.

There is a cancer in baseball.

My problem is the system and competition by "Checkbook."
As long as New York is the center of the media world, its teams will always be the richest.
Steinbrenner won last year, so he bought a 20-game winner to grease this year.
After the Yankees win the World Series, Steinbrenner will buy Jason Giambi or Barry Bondage.
After the Yankees win the Series next year, Steinbrenner will purchase his competition like Bill Gates does.

That's not baseball.

Limbaugh: A virtuoso no longer in control of his art
  by Howard Reich

Click  Here

 And for at least a minute or two, it sounded as if a guest host were sitting in for America's most popular
 radio personality. The voice was too high-pitched, too shrill, too lacking in nuance and inflection and
 character to be even an ailing Limbaugh.

 But as a commercial break approached, Limbaugh identified himself, and at that moment it became apparent
 -- in retrospect -- how much control, technique and vocal prowess he once commanded. Others, too, have
 come to the realization that the identity Limbaugh long had established through sound no longer exists.

From 's Thursday edition

Peoria Finally Honors Native Son

'Richard Pryor Place'

Richard Pryor

It took eight months of struggle and a new city council, but Peoria's leaders have agreed to rename
a street for Richard Pryor, the native son whose childhood on the wrong side of the tracks shaped his comedy.

The 6-5 vote on Tuesday changes seven blocks of a street on the city's south side to ``Richard Pryor Place.''
It followed months of arguments about whether it's appropriate to honor the comedian considering the
often-raunchy nature of his material and his history of drug abuse and domestic violence.

Councilman Clyde Gulley Jr., who voted for the measure, said the city should make the most of Pryor's fame.
``I'm not focusing on all the bad - all the negative aspects - but the good things that Richard Pryor has done
for the city of Peoria,'' he said.

In the early 1970s, Pryor began mixing anger, humor and foul language to make fun of mainstream society
and racial issues in Grammy award-winning albums, concert films and as an actor.

The 60-year-old suffered near-fatal burns in a 1980 fire linked to cocaine free-basing. In 1991, he announced that
he has the degenerative nerve disease multiple sclerosis and now spends most of his time at home in California.

Richard Pryor Place

Here's a link to a biography of Richard Pryor, courtesy of the Kennedy Center Special Events, Mark Twain Honors

 War as an NBC Miniseries
    by Margaret Shemo

  Click  Here

  A friendly debates slips into ugliness.

From: saladoman@sprintmail.com

Subject: feedback

I spent 1 minute at the whatreallyhappened.com web site.
In a word, garbage!

Next thing you know they will tell me Vince Foster was murdered by the Clintons.

Sal, it's not that easy.

I'm not saying every word is true, but
We know the April Glaspie memo started the Gulf War - on Bush's orders
Most people accept the Gulf of Tonkin incident as a set up.   Do you dispute that?
Admiral Rickover (no liberal) determined The Maine blew itself up,
    and our government seized on that accident to start a war.

I know it's easy to dismiss it all as "garbage,"
but if half of the stories are true, how do you determine which half?

  By Steve Young

 Click  Here

 This week Rush Limbaugh called the U.S. bombing attempts during the ratings-building Clinton years "timid."
 Holy Bill Maher!

 I hurriedly keyed Alt-F1 on Word Perfect and my thesaurus (and best friend) brought up the word "cowardly."
 Did he mean that our military men and women were timid?
 Hokem smokem, that's got to be the end of Rush.

Subject: George "Herbert Herbert" Bush

Dear BartCop,

I know George Bush the elder's middle names are Herbert Walker, so why do you and others
call him George Herbert Herbert Bush?  Is it inspired by the episode of the original Star Trek in which
the hippies of the future think Capt. Kirk is a square and taunt him with chants of "Herbert, Herbert"?


It's a sign of disrespect.

Cat, Kittens Found Alive In WTC Rubble
  Vet: All Eating Well, Should Recover   October 18, 2001

 NEW YORK -- The World Trade Center recovery effort has brought plenty of
 sadness, and some extraordinary tales of survival, including one of a very resourceful cat.

 Beneath the rubble, in a forgotten basement of what was once a restaurant,
 rescuers found the blast survivor, curled up in a carton of napkins.
 The owner of the restaurant made the discovery about two weeks after the disaster.
 He immediately called rescuers.

 Dr. John Charros said that the cat had given birth to three beautiful kittens.

 "Mom was very emaciated, very thin and dehydrated. She's suffering from the flu. She's still getting
 over that now, and had a little secondary bacterial infection. The babies were in pretty good shape;
 they had been feeding well. I think mama weighed in at five pounds when she was first brought in.
 She should probably weigh somewhere between eight and 10 pounds," Charros said.

 Doctors immediately hospitalized the animals and predict a full recovery.
 Mom has been christened "Hope." The babies are being called "Freedom,"  "Amber" and "Flag."

 Shelter operators at Brooklyn's Center for Animal Care and Control said that they've found homes
 for the cat and kittens. They should be able to leave the hospital in November.

 from Wendyswords@yahoogroups.com

 Memo to Cokie Roberts...

 The last Head of State to have a 90% approval rating was named Adolf.

From: stomachmonkey84@hotmail.com

Subject: some  thoughts on whatreallyhappened.com

Hello.  I've been a fan of your's for a couple of years now and though I don't always agree with you,
I do think you have one of the better sites out there.  Anyway, you asked for our, your loyal readers,
opinions on the site whatreallyhappened.com.  Well, I first visited that site after you mentioned it in a
recent past issue and well, I hate to admit it, but it really got me thinking.  Now normally I find conspiracy
theories pretty silly, but something about this just seems, I don't know, too plausible to ignore.

Maybe it's because it's about Bush and I already don't like him or his fraudulant ascent to the top,
and it's easy to assume the worst about someone you don't like or trust.
Maybe it's because the events of September 11th are still too much for me to comprehend at times.
Not so much that it could happen, (Koresh knows that there are people out there who don't like us),
but that it did happen.  So I guess it's only natural to look for reasons why.  Nonetheless, this page
asks a lot of questions I don't know how to answer.  What about these reports about the U.S.
announcing it's plans to invade Afganistan this past summer or earlier?  I looked at the news stories
claiming such, but I still don't know.  I wish I could get a hard copy of them.  I'm not that trusting of
what I read on the web, (including your site).  I mean, these stories could have been written after the fact.

I have no way of knowing.  About this fact or anything on this site.
Of course the same is true about the offical story of what happened.
And that's what bothers me.  I don't want to be cast in that light of the Art Bell crowd,
(Clinton killed Vince Foster because he knew that aliens shot down our Mars probe),
but I don't feel that I can trust Bush.  It is indeed as you put it, "a fucked up world we live in".
So what do we do?  I don't think that bombing Afganistan is the answer (one of the spots we disagree on),
but if we do want a war in Afganistan I don't think that an air war is going to do it.  Bush seems to be doing
just what Clinton got bashed for, being too wishy-washy and wanting it both ways.  Wanting to wage a war,
but not wanting to send in ground troops and risk having our soldiers come home in body bags.  You say that
religion is always the problem, but if whatreallyhappened.com  is right, oil is the current problem, not religion.

And the information (or bullshit if you want to look at it that way) provided by whatreallyhappened.com has
helped send them all over. So in closing (if you've bothered to read this far) I think that whatreallyhappened.com
could very well be true, (and some of the offical line does not jive, and there seems to be every reason to have
the story be the way it is) what really happened is probably a lot more complicated than is out there (offical story
or whatreallyhappened.com's story).  Anyway, keep up the good work.
Also feel free to edit this if you should choose to post it (ha ha ha, fat chance of that happening).


P.S. I think that you're probably right about the anthrax scare being the work of a home grown nutso.
It doesn't seem flashy enough to be the work of "terrorist".
I mean eight people is hardly up to snuff with the events of the 9-11.
Of course maybe I'm just being cynical.

From: jeremiasd@earthlink.net

Subject: Blair and the 'evidence'

RE 'letter from a dove' on 10/19, you refer to Tony Blair's opinion of the evidence against bin Laden
as some indication of its possible trustworthiness, despite our general opinion of Bush Inc.:

well, I've been mulling that over myself, and the thought that keeps coming back to me is...
how do we know what Bush Inc. showed Blair?
And how do we know it's not just something Bush Inc. fabricated to make their case look good?

*WE* haven't even seen that much, so how can we trust that the delay between 9/11 and Blair's
declaration of support wasn't due to a CIA operative being stuck in the line at Kinko's to use the
self-serve computers to fake stuff up? If it's got to come down to bombing the crap out of somebody,
it would be nice to be able to have some independent audit of the evidence against them first.

Just because we're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get us... ;)

I think it would be tough for Bush to bullshit Blair.
England has their own intelligence, and they wouldn't let Blair buy a pack of Rove-fried horseshit
so Smirky and his Bush family Evil Empire can take over the world.
I feel a whole let better after hearing from Blair.

...he won his election.

 Worth a second look

 Click  Here

 "My fellow Americans," Bush said, "at long last, we have reached the end of the dark period in American history
 that will come to be known as the Clinton Era, eight long years characterized by unprecedented economic expansion,
 a sharp decrease in crime, and sustained peace overseas. The time has come to put all of that behind us."


 "They took a shot at us.  You can't DO that."
    -- President Bartlet, ten days ago.
        No pink tutu on him.

The Bushes are GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY!!!
  by Michael Stine

 Click  Here

"Thanks - we'll take it from here."

The healing of Rush
    by RB Ham

Click  Here

U.S. Froze $254 Million In Taliban Cash in 1999
State Dept. Opposes Using Assets for Terror Victims

 Click  Here

 Two years ago, President Bill Clinton signed an executive order freezing $254 million
 in Taliban assets in the United States, more than twice the amount linked to terrorist groups
 and seized worldwide since the Sept. 11 attacks.

 ...but if Clinton froze their assests in 1999,
 why was Bush giving them millions in 2001?

  aol attacks springsteen fans
  by Dave Marsh

 Click  Here

 Short issue today - working on that damn trip report.
 Clinton voice: "I'm working harder on it than I've ever worked on anything."
 It's not funny or interesting yet so I'm having to make stuff up.

 Wish me luck.

 ...and watch the big New York Concert tonight on VH-1.

 If you don't get VH-1, go to vh1.com

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